How fast does a 150cc dirt bike go? Make It Faster

Dirt bikes. They are small, fast, powerful, and on the right terrain in the hands of a skilled rider, these fantastic machines can pull bike tricks and are fun to ride.  But how fast can they go?

On average, a 150cc dirt bike can pull speeds of up to 60 miles an hour. Of course, some factors will affect the speed of a motorcycle. 

Achieving the top speed

Every rider needs to get accustomed to their bike on their first ride, and this is true with a 150cc dirt bike. So, don’t expect to feel the speed and power if it’s your first time to hop on one. It is a learning process, and it will take a few rides before you get comfortable with it. If you’ve previously ridden dirt motorcycles, you’ll be able to get used to them more quickly.

The Engine 

Its powerhouse – the engine – determines the speed achieved by a dirt bike. Here are the variants and what speeds you can expect from them:

  • Four-stroke single-cylinder engine – average top speed is 65 mph; quick to reach 60 mph.
  • Four-stroke twin-cylinder engine -average top speed is 75 mph; sluggish at take off but showcases power as the engine gains momentum.
  • Two-stroke engine –  can go at an average of 90mph; reaches 60 mph in roughly 8 seconds. That’s much power in a small motor and almost comparable to a 250 cc.  

Reaching The Top Speed

You can follow a few tips and tricks to achieve top speed on your dirt bike. 

  • Clean the air filter regularly – The air filter protects your engine. When it is clean, it lets more oxygen reach the engine, resulting in more power. This power translates to raw speeds. Therefore, invest in a quality air filter. Sure, they are expensive, but you will feel the difference when you’re riding on the dirt. 
  • Religiously observe bike maintenance – a regularly maintained bike is vital in achieving top speed. As such, get your bike’s parts evaluated regularly to check the overall condition. Pay attention to changing fluids filter replacement, and you can be sure your bike will have a long life and outstanding performance. Also, the quality of your engine oil helps tremendously in the performance of your motorcycle. Aside from changing it regularly, ensure that you’re using ONLY the best oil for your dirt bike. 
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The Rider’s Skill and Mastery

A dirt bike is just a machine when not in use, but the equation is complete when a skilled rider is on it. As such, your skill development, mastery, and confidence is essential in achieving top speed. 

A dirt bike is only as good as its rider, so to do tricks and tackles and experience adrenalin rush, a rider has to master riding on the dirt. It takes a while, a few falls, cuts, and bruises, but so long as you get up and ride, that mastery becomes second nature. 

Part of this master is to get to know the bike completely, its acceleration, clutch characteristics, braking efficiency, throttle play, suspension travel, and many more. Getting to know your bike well not only plays well in experiencing a great ride, but it helps in maximizing overall performance without damaging the bike (or yourself). 

What about customization? 

Customization for efficiency is highly recommended for optimum performance. An example of this is getting a bigger-sized piston, better sprocket, best quality tires, etc. However, customization for the sake of being different can significantly affect your dirt bike’s performance. So, be sure to check with an expert before you make changes. Remember, by design, your dirt bike is already efficient, so if you have performance in mind, be very picky with how you customize your bike. 

Why should I choose a 150cc dirt bike? 

It all comes down to personal choice, riding style, the category you want to ride in, and terrain.

150cc bikes are considered powerful, at least, compared to their siblings with a lower engine output. On average, it can pull 39 horsepower, and on the dirt, in the hands of a skilled rider, this translates to speed. 

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Track Layout

Dirt bikes are efficient on the dirt. Generally, you can expect the motorcycle to be faster on flat terrains and slower on the mountain. You can rest assured that with a 150cc dirt bike, you’ll be able to manage obstacles quickly and efficiently.

1. Honda is an easily recognizable brand, and they made the CRF 150, a beast of a dirt bike that, depending on the terrain, can reach top speeds of up to 60 mph. It has a 38 HP pulling power in a 4-stroke engine and 5-speed transmission. Best of all, it’s beginner-friendly. 

 2. Apollo is made in China. As such, enthusiasts berate their bikes for having poor quality. However, Apollo motorcycles are a bang for the buck. They are very passionate about adventure bikes, and their products are pretty tough. Case in point: The Mini Cross Apollo RFZ. It packs 39 HP, 6-speed transmission, and can hit 60 mph on flat dirt. 

3. KTM’s slogan – READY TO RACE – is not just a byword; their bikes prove this to be true. Take a look at the KTM 150SX. It’s lightweight, dynamic, and powerful. It has a 39 horsepower engine, 6-speed transmission, compact 2-stroke, and adjustable suspension. 

4. Husqvarna is a classic and trendy name. One of the early dirt bikes that made a name in the American dirt bike riding scene. One of its iterations, the Husqvarna TC150, is a testament to its legacy. It’s a high-end race dirt bike powered by a 2-stroke MX engine and puts out 39 horsepower that resulting in a 55 mph top speed.  

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5. Kawasaki is a motorcycle manufacturing giant, and their bikes a well-made and perfect for competition. A clear example of this is the KX150. This 150cc dirt bike comes with a 2-stroke engine, 4-speed transmission, and a top speed of 50 mph. In the world of dirt racing, that’s tops!

6. Suzuki may be last on this list, but they aren’t certainly the least. The Suzuki RM150 is an easy-shifting dirt bike powered by a  liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine that can hit speeds of up to 50mph.


Dirt bikes are one of the most fun motorcycles on the planet. They’re also incredibly versatile; they are perfect for trails, road courses, and race tracks.

Some factors will determine the speed of a 150cc dirt bike, such as the quality of the engine, the track layout, the personal demography, and the brand type. You should expect the speed to range between 45 and 60 mph in an ideal setting.

It’s not hard to pick the perfect bike if you know what you want. There are many options in the 150cc category, but you have to consider your riding experience, weight, and height. If you’re a beginner who wants to test your skills on the dirt, I would recommend starting with a 110cc, but if you’re confident with your riding skills, a 150cc or higher is your next best bet.

Dirt bikes are not for the faint of heart, but they are for anyone who wants to ride the fastest, dirtiest, and most exhilarating motorcycles in the world.