How Fast is a 110cc Dirt Bike? Top Speeds & Power

It’s your kid’s birthday, and he wants a dirt bike. He wants to go out with his friends and explore a nearby trail. But you’re not sure what the right bike is for him. How do you choose the right bike? Where do you begin? 

Here is a suggestion: a 100cc dirt bike. 

Why? If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly dirt bike that can reach top speeds of 45 to 65 mph, is not too high, not too heavy, and not too hard to maneuver, then a 110cc dirt bike is a good option. No matter what your skill level, you can learn to ride a 110cc dirt bike and enjoy the thrill of dirt biking. 

A 110cc bike is perfect for kids 9 to 14 years old and some adults who prefer a smaller motorcycle. Despite this small stature, a 110 cc dirt bike is a powerful machine and needs proper respect. Therefore, if it’s your kid’s first time riding a dirt bike, adequate training and orientation are necessary to prepare him and avoid injuries to him and others. 

The specs

A 110 cc dirt bike features either a 4-stroke or a 2-stroke engine. Whichever is installed, it will impact the bike’s speed. In general, a 4-stroke engine promotes a smoother ride because it can output more than enough power for a jerk-free crank movement. This vibration-free ride helps develop proper balance and technique for a kid rider in training. 

While a 2-stroke engine can be a smoother ride, it also offers more power for a quicker start. A 2-stroke engine can produce a higher RPM than a 4-stroke engine, which means the bike will start faster; this is perfect for a kid looking to get out there and go. 

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When it comes to size, a 100cc dirt bike will range from 25 to 30 inches. If you have a larger child who will grow into a bigger frame, you may need to consider a larger bike.


As mentioned earlier, the average speed achieved by a 110 cc dirt bike is 45 to 60 mph. THAT IS FAST, especially if your child is new to riding; this is also great for adults who are just learning to ride.

The Needed Skill

Learning how to ride a bike when you’re by yourself is one thing, but when you’re out on the dirt and riding with others, skill, mastery, discipline, and experience come into play. 

For a kid, the challenge is not the size of the bike but rather the skills required to ride it. A kid can learn to ride a 110cc dirt bike in a week or less. 

The Training

Training for a kid is different from training for an adult. The kid’s attention span and energy level are higher, so the training should be shorter. 

Before you take your child out to ride, you need to teach them how to ride a dirt bike. This means teaching them how to maintain a safe distance between themselves and the vehicle, brake and steer, and properly get on and off the bike. 

Again, a 110cc dirt bike is a powerful machine; that’s why it’s essential to take your time and teach your kid how to ride a dirt bike.

Top Speed And Performance

It’s one thing to rely on the stock power of a 110cc dirt bike. It’s another to know what you can do to beef up the efficiency level and achieve better speeds and performance, especially in a competition. So, what can you do to improve its performance?

  • Better Fuel. The quality of your gas helps improve engine performance. Use a higher octane gasoline (82 and above) as they are known to enhance the engine performance and speed. 
  • Lubrication – a well-lubricated engine performs well, translating to better speed. 
  • Better Tires – Tires are all about quality and the right PSI. For muddy roads, 6 PSI front and 8 PSI rear are advisable. For dry roads, 12 and 14 PSI, respectively. 
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What’s the best brand of a 100cc dirt bike? 

1. The Honda CRF 110F ($2,499 USD)-the perfect bike for kids 8 to 14 years of age. It has a seat height of 26.8″ and weighs 163 lbs. It’s equipped with an electric and a kick starter idles well and is very durable. It’s a competent bike and can hit gravel and steep hills without problems. 

2. The Yamaha TT-R110E ($2,299) is a capable bike, especially over rocky hills and steep climbs. It has a seat height of 26.4″, a ground clearance of 7.1″, and weighs 159 lbs. 

3. The Kawasaki KLX110 ($2,299): Kawasaki’s lime green color is popular with kids. It has a seat height of 26.8″ and weighs 167 lbs. 

So, which one is better? 

The truth is, the difference between these bikes is negligible. However, if you’re thinking about saving money, the Honda CRF 110 is cheaper by $50 and has a bigger gas tank too!  

Gearing Up For Safety

Promoting rider safety is paramount no matter the age. So, what better way to teach new riders about safety than now? Therefore, part of the purchase you need to make, along with the dirt bike, is full riding gear. It starts from a quality, snug fit helmet, gloves, boots, and protective riding pants. 

For a kid, a helmet is essential. It’s the only way to protect them from a fall. A helmet is not a “fashion accessory,” and it’s vital to get a helmet that fits correctly. If you’re unsure what size you need, you can always ask the salesperson. 


The best thing about a dirt bike is that it’s affordable and fun to ride. However, a kid dirt bike is a powerful machine capable of doing more than just going around the block. 

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With the proper training, the right bike, and the right gear, you can take your kid out to the dirt and have a great time!

In the end, all you want is for your kid to have fun and have a safe experience.

Thanks for reading. Please comment below and let me know if you have any questions!