Can You Wash Leather Motorcycle Gloves? [How to Clean]

can you wash leather motorcycle gloves


Motorcycle gloves are a part of a motorcycle rider’s life. It protects you from the biting wind and debris and saves you from being scratched by the road. But, as with everything, it also needs to be cared for. Like anything used outdoors, it gets dirty and smelly. 

Motorcycle gloves are made up of two main parts: leather and the lining. The leather is the outer part of the glove and is what you see on the outside. The lining is the inner part of the glove and is what you touch. Leather gloves are more durable than linings because they are thicker and have a higher tensile strength. Linings are usually made out of cotton or synthetic fibers and are thinner.

But can you wash leather motorcycle gloves? You can’t and shouldn’t wash leather gloves for motorcycles. In this article, I’ll give you the basic steps to cleaning your leather motorcycle gloves without washing them.

The Logic Behind Washing Your Gloves

Your gloves are an investment, just like your helmet, boots, jacket, and riding pants. You must make extra effort to prolong their life. You should invest in riding gloves made of high-quality materials. Quality riding leather gloves are a hand saver if you find yourself in a slip-and-slide situation.

How Do You Wash Your Motorcycle Gloves?

how to wash leather motorcycle gloves

There are motorcycle gloves that are better than others. Some of them are made of fabric or textile material, while others are made from leather or leather-like material. How a motorcycle glove is washed differs because of this.

Leather is sensitive. As such, it must be treated differently than fabric. Compared to leather, gloves made from fabric is less delicate and can be washed as often as necessary using soap and water. Follow the steps below to keep your motorcycle leather gloves in tip-top shape:

1. Choose the Right Soap

As mentioned above, leather is sensitive, so make sure that the soap is not composed of harsh chemicals. These will wash out the natural oils in the leather. Removing the natural oils can damage the leather and shorten its lifespan. When cleaning leather, an oil-based mild soap is highly recommended. 

2. Clean the Surface of Dust and Debris

You should never soak leather gloves in water. They are made from treated animal hide, which makes them incompatible with water.

As it dries, water can harm the leather and render it worthless. Lay your gloves down on a flat surface, and use a cloth to rub a small amount of oil-based soap on the leather surface. If the leather has spots or stains, simply put a small amount of soap. Lather and rub in a circular motion.

3. Drying the Gloves

Direct sunlight or any direct heat source will damage the animal hide and result in cracks. Take the gloves to a well-ventilated area and air-dry them to dry leather gloves.

4. Condition Them

Once the gloves are completely dried, apply a leather conditioner to them. Leather conditioner helps replace the oils that might have been removed during the washing.

Leather conditioners have restorative properties that help maintain the natural color and protection of the leather. You can buy leather conditioners at most motorcycle shops or online. 

Leather conditions are easy to apply. Use a clean, soft cloth to rub on the gloves. Just make sure the entire surface is covered (front and back). Pay attention to the seams and stitches because that’s where the damage would start if these areas were ignored.

Once you are done applying, continue to air-dry the gloves and let the conditioner work into the leather. 

Cleaning the Inside of Your Leather Gloves

how to wash your leather motorcycle gloves

The inside of your leather gloves is frequently lined with materials such as silk, cashmere, and wool, which is difficult to clean because immersing your leather gloves in water is not suggested. One way to clean the inside of your gloves is to send them to a professional dry cleaner.

However, follow the steps outlined below if you’re looking to do it yourself:

  1. Spray the inside with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. This will eliminate any microorganisms on the fabric. It will not, however, remove any deeply embedded filth.
  2. Use a foaming helmet spray. A foaming rush is an effective way to clean the inside of your gloves. It will remove dirt and grease without damaging the leather, and it will leave the inside of your gloves smelling great and clean. 
  3. Sprinkle some baking soda. Baking soda is excellent for removing odor from the inside of your leather gloves. If you want to make sure that each glove finger gets an amount of baking soda, you have to put 1 or 2 cups of baking soda in your glove.

8 Tips for Taking Care of Your Leather Motorcycle Gloves

washing leather motorcycle gloves

1. Wear Your Gloves Regularly

You’re going to want to keep your motorcycle gloves on as long as possible. The longer they stay on, the more comfortable they’ll be, and they’ll fit better.

2. Get a Good Fit

Wearing a glove is only half of the battle. The other half is getting them to fit correctly. It’s essential to get a good fit. If you don’t, you’ll have blisters and be uncomfortable.

3. Check Your Gloves Regularly

You should check your gloves before you ride and after every time you stop. Check them before you leave for the day and when you’re riding in the rain as well.

4. Use a Good Pair of Gloves

Your motorcycle gloves need to be comfortable, and they should be designed to fit correctly. You don’t want to be fiddling with your gloves as you ride.

5. Keep Your Motorcycle Gloves Clean

It’s essential to keep your motorcycle gloves clean. You should keep them clean by washing them regularly.

6. Store Your Motorcycle Gloves Correctly

You should store your motorcycle gloves in a dry place. Put the pair of gloves in a plastic bag and store them in a cabinet.

7. Wipe the Excess Moisture Before Air-Drying Your Leather Gloves

Failure to dry the gloves completely will make them susceptible to moisture damage, staining, and mold, especially if you live and use the gloves in a humid climate. 

8. Vinegar Does the Trick

If your leather gloves have stains, dip a soft cloth in vinegar and rub the leather’s surface gently in a circular fashion until the stain comes off. 

Conclusion – Cleaning Leather Motorcycle Gloves

In this article, we discussed how to clean your leather gloves. We went over the different ways to clean your leather gloves and what each method is best for. We also talked about some tips to keep in mind while cleaning your leather gloves.

I hope that you found this article helpful. Please leave a comment and share this article with your friends if you did. 

Thanks for reading.