Protect Motorcycle Paint From Damage [Do This] Long Lasting

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Paint is an integral part of a motorcycle. It enhances its beauty and lets riders ride with elegance. Unfortunately, the paint on a motorcycle’s tank and frame can wear out over time. Riding bikes over long kilometers under the harsh sun can also make the paint fade and wear out, exposing bare metal components of your bike. But with the right guide, you can limit how fast the paint fades. This article will answer all your questions regarding the protection of your motorcycle paint? Read on!

Simple Ways To Protect Your Motorcycle Paint

If you are lucky, your motorcycle paint may only look old. However, most people aren’t that lucky, and their bike paint will begin to look worn out and unpleasant. Knowing simple ways to protect your motorcycle paint can indicate how long your motorcycle paint will last. Here is how you can protect your motorcycle paint from wear and tear;

Avoid Direct Sunlight

It is impossible to avoid direct sunlight when you ride your bike. But, you can avoid direct sunlight when your motorcycle is parked. Harsh sun rays will eat away your bike’s paint, and the protective coating will wear out over time. This would often make your paint begin to look flat and old. If you succeed in avoiding direct sunlight, there is a massive chance of your motorcycle paint lasting very long.
You can avoid direct sunlight on your bike by parking it inside a shed or using a tarpaulin cover.

Frequent Waxing And Washing

Frequently wash and wax your motorcycle paint using good towels. Do not use a cotton or polyester towel. Cotton and polyester towels are usually hard and cause scratches to appear on your motorcycle’s paint. The best towels to use are clean micro-fiber towels for cleaning. Then, you can use a chamois towel for drying.

It is essential to keep the towels clean when wiping your motorcycle. This would help to keep dirty swirl marks away from your paint job. For your waxes and soap, it is advisable to purchase them from reputable car care producers. Do not use waxes and soaps meant for washing dishes or clothes on your motorcycle because they are counterproductive to the act of protecting your car paint.

A good car shampoo will clean off all the dirt on your paint. They will also clean off dirt found on the plastic components of your motorcycle. On the other hand, a wax will ensure that your paint will stay protected until you re-apply. It is best to read the instructions of whatever product you choose to buy before using it on your motorcycle.

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Always be Mindful of Your Motorcycle Paint

One attribute of a good bike owner is the ability to notice changes in the paint of their bike. You must be mindful of the paint of your motorcycle and its current condition. Wash your bike often. If your bike hasn’t been cleaned for some time, this might be the best time to wash it properly. Do not leave oil fluid stains to remain on your bike for too long. The moment you notice an oil stain on your bike, clean it off. Also, look for a shaded spot and park your bike.

Treat Your Bike Paint With Sealant

Paint sealant protects your motorcycle paint because it adds an extra layer of protection. It is advisable to treat your bike paint with a sealant once or twice a year. Before you treat, ensure that the bonding agent is mixed with the sealant. The ratio has to be strictly one tablespoon of whatever agent you’re using to half a cup of sealant. When applying, ensure that it is done in a circular motion and apply one paint section per time. Treating your bike paint using a sealant is sure to increase your bike paint life.

Do Not Write On Your Bike Surface With Your Fingers

This might sound like a no-brainer, but you will be surprised that many people do it either consciously or unconsciously. Do not put finger marks on your bike, especially when dirty. Your finger acts like sandpaper when rubbed against a dirty paint surface. The dust on the paint will leave unsightly dirt marks on your paint, which may pose a problem when you wish to remove them.

Why You Need To Protect Your Bike With Paint Protection Film

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Paint protection film(PPF) is a great way to get your motorcycle paint lasting longer. PPF’s task is to protect the paint surface. It would also preserve any material it is applied to. The paint protection film is a polyurethane-based substance usually clear and transparent. So, you may be wondering if it’s a good idea to use PPF on your new bike? Absolutely! The best time to apply PPF is when your bike is new, as this would make your paint lasts for a very long time.

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The primary purpose of the paint protection film is to maintain the condition of whatever is underneath from chemical, ultraviolet exposure, toxins, grime, and light scratches. If you want to use PPF on your bike, you should seek expert hands for the installation. There are also times when PPF may not be recommended for your motorcycle paint. Let us explore some advantages of applying PPF to your motorcycle.

Advantages Of Applying Paint Protection Film

It is best to use PPF if your motorcycle paint is in mint condition. Here are some other advantages to consider when investing in PPF:

● It Produces an Enhanced Finish

Most PPF will improve the shine of your motorcycle, while others will give it a gloss and matte finish. You can also use high gloss paint and a matte PPF to create a beautifully customized exterior.

● It Reduces the Lack of Glue Marks

Paint jobs will usually leave glue marks after the installation. However, if you use a suitable PPF, it will not leave the glue marks and reduce the orange peel finish.

● It Provides Excellent Protection Against Chemicals and Corrosion

Excellent paint protection film will give instant healing because they are infused with four layers of protection. The different layers will protect blocks against contaminants as they try to penetrate. A suitable PPF will also provide strong stain resistance and reduce the damage your paint may sustain as a result of stone chips.

● It Heals Minor Scratches Quickly

Quality PPF brands usually have self-healing properties. If your bike paint sustains minor scratches, they can be easily fixed using a detailer. Some PPF brands also use nanotechnology to fill minor scratches instantly.

● It is Resistant to High Temperatures

Using the same nanotechnology, PPF aids in providing a heat shield. The heat shield helps block ultraviolet and IR radiation from penetrating your bike’s surface. This would also keep your headlights from foggy, invariably increasing road visibility.

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What To Consider Before Purchasing Paint Protection Film

Like other products that come in grades, paint protection film comes in different levels of quality. Some are better and superior to others. Keeping that in mind, there are other factors to consider as you seek answers to the question: how do I protect my motorcycle paint using paint protection film?

● Do Proper Research

Do not just take our word for it; do your research. Before you ask any professional to apply PPF to your motorcycle, read up and ask for opinions from other bikers. While there are many good paint protection films, some will cause more harm than good.

● Weigh Your Options

You can decide to use nano-ceramic coating or PPF. Many nano-ceramic coatings will provide good protection for years. However, the nano-ceramic coating isn’t as effective as PPF in protecting against large road debris and rock chips. You must consult a PPF expert so that they guide you to the right product for your motorcycle.

● How Long do You Want to Keep Your Motorcycle?

If you are not going to keep your bike for long, you don’t need to apply PPF to all parts of your bike. However, if you’re purchasing your motorcycle for the long haul, it is a good idea to make a full-body application of PPF.

Things That Can Affect Your Motorcycle Paint

● Stone chips
● Scratches
● Scuffs
● Road tar
● Dirt
● Sun damage
● Keying
● Road debris
● Winter salt
● Bugs


A clean bike tells more about you than you know. If you want to make an impression with your motorcycle, you should strive to keep your paint looking shiny, clean, and glossy for as long as possible. Having your bike re-painted can be a money-guzzling venture.

Therefore, it is best to maintain your existing paint. Simple things such as covering your bike and waxing can be the thin line between a great-looking bike and a worn-out-looking bike. with the tips given in this article, you no longer have to worry about “how do I protect my motorcycle paint?” All you need to do is start implementing them.