Motorcycle Handlebar Grips – Are They Universal? [Tips]

are motorcycle handlebar grips universal

Are you looking to buy new grips for your bike and wondering if motorcycle handle grips are universal? In this article, I’ll discuss the types of grip you need and the things you need to know before buying.

Motorcycle handlebar grips are one of the most customizable pieces on motorcycles. And for the most part, they are the same, whether they’re for speed or distance. However, motorcycle grips are not created equal. They come in different diameters and throttle attachments. These grips are usually made to fit specific bike types, and you only need to get a few measurements to determine the right size for your motorcycle.

Read on as we will give you a brief guide about everything you need to know about these handle grips, including their different types, what you should keep in mind when buying them, and how to look after them. These guidelines will help you make the most out of your purchase.

What Grips Do You Need?

Aftermarket solutions are present if you need to change your handlebar grips. You might ask, are motorcycle handlebar grips universal? Yes, you can switch in between these grips, but you need to measure a few things to make sure you get the grips that fit your bike: 

Grip Diameter

Learning about your grip and its size/diameter will save you from a lot of trouble. Most grips have one inch or 7/8 inch. So when you shop, knowing these exact specifics will help you filter through the results and save both your time and money. 

Throttle Connection

Throttle connection is another thing you should look out for. There are two types of throttle connections: dual cable and throttle by wire. Learn the difference between them and see which one your bike has.

Once you have taken care of these, the only thing you should worry about is the fitting phase.

Here’s a video showing how to properly remove and install a motorcycle handlebar grip:

Why Should You Buy Aftermarket Motorcycle Grips?

Most manufacturers producing aftermarket grips don’t focus on improving the quality of replaceable grips. Instead, they focus on performance, which is why the user might face discomfort. These grips would work for racing but not for daily use. Having said that, here are a few reasons why you should get handlebar grips:


If you travel thousands of miles using your bike every year, then you will need grips that will help with aching. The extra padding or added comfort will let you ride comfortably for extended periods of time. There are comfortable options available, so do an upgrade for the sake of your hand’s well-being. 


Companies use rugged rubber grips. While rubber is durable and withstands elements and impacts, the grip can be bulky and might disturb the look you are going for. Some grips are made from carbon fiber, which is light, but still offers style and protection. 


Aftermarket motorcycle grips focus on styling, and this is another reason why bike owners look for aftermarket solutions. But if you need color-matched grips, or those with LEDs, which are high-end options, they are unfortunately limited. If your bikes have a theme, your handlebar grips need to be an extension for that. 


The price for aftermarket solutions is another thing you should look for. Sometimes, the price can be an issue, so you better look for economical options. You don’t need something very expensive and fancy.

How to Select an Aftermarket Grip for Your Bike?

We have already discussed the diameter and throttle connection, so it’s high time we discuss the other things you should look for when buying an aftermarket pair of handlebar grips.

Diameter Is Usually Universal

Are motorcycle handlebar grips universal? Yes, in most cases, these grips are universal in size and diameter. Most grips are 22.2 mm in diameter, so you should check your bike’s requirements before you go shopping.

Handlebar Length

Check the length of the handlebar — some grips are slightly longer, but they are quite rare. Once you measure the handlebars, you can easily find aftermarket solutions. Don’t worry. You just need some measuring tape to do it.

Right Thickness

This is something you need to pay attention to. If your hands are small, get thinner grips. If your hands are large, then get thick grips. Thick grips offer better comfort, but your hands should be able to wrap around them with your index and thumb touching each other. This gives you enough length to grip the brakes. 

If the handlebar is too thick, and push your hands slightly back, then your fingers won’t be able to grab the brake. This can be dangerous because it will keep you from reacting in time and stop your vehicle to prevent an accident.


If your handlebar grips are not durable, then you will have to buy them again every month. This will get expensive real quick. So, make sure the grips you are going to buy are durable and will last you a few months.


There are two types of Grip-Lock, and these are slide and lock. Lock grips are designed to be locked on the handlebars; you just need to tighten a bolt at one or both ends of the grip.

Slide grips are a bit small in diameter; you can install them by just forcing them on handlebars. They are a bit tricky to install compared to lock-on grips and can roll if you apply a bit of force. If your bike’s weight is not an issue, then you don’t need to worry about lock-on grips. They are heavier compared to slide-on grips.


Dirt, dust, and water will get trapped and stuck under or in-between grips, causing wear and tear. Therefore, you need to regularly clean these grips to ensure everything is in perfect shape. Moisture sabotages a product’s longevity, so make sure your grips are dry.

Also, when fitting a grip, clean the handlebar, and make sure there is no moisture or debris before you install a new grip. You can either slide the grip or unscrew other parts so it can fit properly.


Are motorcycle handlebar grips universal? No, they don’t have a universal fitting. So if you are shopping for new grips, keep these points in mind because they will help you make the most out of your purchase and ensure that your new handlebar grips will last you a while.