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Do You Need Heated Motorcycle Gloves? Types + Pros & Cons

do you need heated motorcycle gloves

Are you looking for a way to stay warm while riding your motorcycle? Wearing heated gloves is the solution. They will keep your fingers from freezing off.

Do you need heated summer motorcycle gloves? Yes, you need heated winter motorcycle gloves, especially on rides during the cold or winter season.

There are two main types of heated motorcycle gloves: battery-powered or plugin-powered. Battery-powered models have a small battery that charges when plugged into a wall outlet. The power to run the heater comes from the battery.

What Makes Heated Motorcycle Gloves So Effective?

Not everyone can afford motorcycles that come with heated grips. Like most riders, you probably don’t have the money to invest in heated grips. If you’re riding in cold weather, you can keep your hands warm with heated motorcycle gloves. Heated gloves keep your hands warm by running a small electric heater inside your gloves.

You can buy heated motorcycle gloves in a variety of styles and sizes. Some gloves have a heater built into the palm of the glove. In frigid conditions, heated gloves will make your ride more comfortable. 

Which Is Better: Wire-Heated Motorcycle Gloves or Battery-Powered Gloves?

The most common type of heated motorcycle gloves uses a battery pack held on the back of the hand and connected by wires to the glove. They can be bulky and slightly heavy, and they don’t have much flexibility. The other type of heated glove has a connection built into the motorcycle itself.

Battery Powered

Battery-powered heated motorcycle gloves are ideal for motorcycle riders who want to keep their hands warm. They are perfect for winter riding because you can put them on before leaving your house. However, make sure they are fully charged before you take off. If your motorcycle does not have a charging port, you should consider carrying a power bank.

Wired Powered 

Wired heated motorcycle gloves are potentially better gloves. Although they work just like battery-powered ones, they work longer and better. The motorcycle’s battery directly powers this heated glove. Depending on the model, they come with an auto-shutoff feature, so there is no risk of overheating.

Which Is Better?

Battery-powered and wired heated gloves are great when heating your hands during cold rides. However, as their battery capacity is limited, battery-powered heated gloves are a perfect option for short rides around the city. The wired heated gloves will work better for you if you go on a long ride during the winter.

The battery-powered gloves are better if we talk about convenience and versatility. It’s not limited to motorcycle use. You can also use it while skiing and doing other activities in the cold weather since it’s rechargeable.

Will My Bike Work with Wired Heated Motorcycle Gloves?

The best way to attach heated gloves to a motorcycle is to use a battery-powered unit that plugs into the bike’s electrical system. It has a built-in voltage regulator that controls the amount of power in the glove units. This prevents any damage to the bike’s electrical system or the gloves themselves.

When you first turn on your motorcycle, it will deliver a full charge to all of the electrical components on your bike. Your battery will gradually get charged as you ride along, giving it enough juice to power all electrical parts, including your heated gloves. So, you don’t really need to worry about a dead battery.

How Do You Connect Wired Heated Gloves to Your Bike?

If you are looking to install heated motorcycle gloves, there are several different ways:

12V Adapter

Your first option is to use a twelve-volt adapter, which you can purchase from most motorcycle accessory stores.

Wiring Harness

The second option is to use a wiring harness, which is a much better option as it will not interfere with your bike’s electrical system. I recommend the latter as it is safer and will not require much work.

Fused Wiring Harness

You can get a harness kit from any auto parts store, but if you’re going to install the harness yourself, you’ll need some special tools. The first tool you’ll need is a pair of pliers with a screwdriver attachment. You can also use a small hand saw to cut the wires and a couple of needle-nose pliers to crimp the cables. The last thing you’ll need is a fuse block.

A typical amp rating is based on a bike’s current draw and how the battery is wired. This is an example of the recent interest in a standard bicycle.

When buying accessories, ensure you know the maximum wattage the bike will allow before you buy them. If you’re planning to use the heated gloves or any other heated accessory, ensure that you don’t overload the bike. If you do, the bike will not have enough power to run the accessories you want to use.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Heated Gloves?


1. They Work 

You can use heated gloves if you’re riding in colder weather and your fingers start to get out. I’ve used heated gloves for many years, and they work well.

2. They Maintain a Suitable Temperature for Your Hands

Heated gloves provide insulation for your hands and keep your fingers warm, so you won’t be as cold when riding your motorcycle in cold weather.

Heat grips and heated handlebars can make the difference between a good and a great ride. When it comes to hand protection, nothing can compare to heated gloves. They’re so effective that they should be the standard feature on all bikes.


1. They Are Expensive

Heated motorcycle gloves are a better investment than regular ones because they keep your hands warm on cold days and are very comfortable. It’s essential to choose a pair with all the features you want. You’ll need to check to ensure that the heated gloves have good battery life and are comfortable to wear. The best heated gloves are made of quality leather and have good insulation.

2. They Are Thinner 

Although bulkier, heated gloves have less padding compared to regular motorcycle gloves. These can also be used as motorcycle rain gloves and keep your hands dry while riding in the rain. They have less padding to give way to the battery and the heating elements. As such, they feel slightly different from the regular gloves. Wearing heated gloves takes a little getting used to. 

3. They Are Risky

Reports show that wearing heated motorcycle gloves can give you a first-degree burn. Like a thermostat, these gloves come with temperature control. So, if you do not set the temperature correctly, you get a burn.

4. Battery Life Is Short

As mentioned earlier, battery-powered heated gloves are great for city or short rides. If your ride will last several hours to a full day, the last thing you want is to get caught in the cold. In this case, it’s better to use wired heated gloves. It’s a little cumbersome to install and use, but you are assured that your digits are free from the cold.

Conclusion – Heated Motorcycle Gloves: Do You Need It?

If you plan to ride in cold weather, it is highly recommended that you invest in heated gloves, such as the Scorpion EXO SGS MK II Gloves. These gloves are specifically designed to provide warmth and comfort, ensuring that your hands stay protected and functional even in chilly conditions.. They protect your ride by keeping your hands warm and comfortable.

I hope the article gave you enough reasons to use either wired or battery-powered heated gloves. Thanks for taking the time to read our post today, and ride safe!