Are Trikes Safer Than Motorcycles? Safety Facts

Are Trikes Safer Than Motorcycles

Let’s face it. Trikes are cool. They’re fun. And they’re relatively easy to ride. But the question is, Are Trikes Safer Than Motorcycles?

Motorcycles are a popular means of transportation, but many people are still concerned about the safety of riding them. Trikes are a new option for people who want to ride but don’t risk their safety by riding a motorcycle.   There’s no denying that trikes are entertaining. They’re also fast and maneuverable, and they’re great for getting around town or during a long ride.  

What are trikes? 

In the world of motorcycles, trikes are three-wheeled vehicles that are specifically designed for a single rider (but can also accommodate a pillion). There are three wheels instead of four on this vehicle, and it is similar to a motorcycle in that it has no roof or walls to protect the rider. Depending on the model, the two wheels may be located at the rear or the front.

An important consideration when purchasing a trike is the overall dimensions. Stability, maneuverability, and control are significantly improved with a larger trike. For instance, the trike Yamaha Niken GT’s handlebar is 6 inches longer than the average length of a motorcycle handlebar. The size difference between a standard motorbike and The Niken GT is a bonus. The latter has a longer wheelbase and a lower center of gravity, which results in a more stable riding experience.

The greatest trikes are lightweight, high-quality materials that provide a steady and comfortable ride. Some trikes are also built to be highly maneuverable, with their large turning radius.

Here are some samples of a trike: 

  • Yamaha Tricity (scooter)
  • Piaggio MP3 300 or 400 hpe (scooter)
  • Harley Davison CVO Tri-glide, Tri-Glide Ultra, and Freewheeler
  • Arcimoto FUV Evergreen
  • Yamaha Niken and Niken GT
  • Can-AM Spyder, Ryker, F3-S Special Series
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A trike, like a motorcycle, can be deadly, regardless of the brand and type. For example, a Niken GT can achieve a 45-degree angle during a turn. This steep turn could tip the trike over at the slightest miscalculation, resulting in a crash.

To establish the relative safety of a trike and a motorbike, let’s look at a few different criteria.


When looking at safety, the first thing we need to consider is stability. Trikes are often seen as being more stable than motorcycles. The difference? That one extra tire.

Stability isn’t the only thing that matters. Motorcycles also have a higher ground clearance and, in most circumstances, a smaller turning radius. Trikes, unlike motorbikes, cannot turn on the fly. A trike can only make a sharp turn if its wheels are always in contact with the ground.

Furthermore, a tricycle’s larger wheels and tires provide a smoother ride: the larger the wheel, the more stable the ride on a trike.


Trikes are easier to stop than motorcycles because there are three brakes to stop a trike instead of just two. There are two front brakes and one rear brake (or vice versa). 


Being bigger, wider, and with an attention-grabbing exterior, other drivers can quickly spot them, thereby avoiding an accident. 

On the other hand, motorcycle riders are more likely to be involved in accidents because they are more difficult to spot, especially when weaving around automobiles or riding at night or on poorly lighted roads.

Is Riding a Trike Different than a Motorcycle?

Yes, riding most trikes is vastly different from riding a motorcycle. Many say that riding a regular trike is more like riding an ATV than a bike. But it’s also good to know that you can find some reverse trikes on the market that feature two tiltable front wheels.

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These trikes are designed to give the rider a similar riding experience as a motorcycle. They are especially suited for riders who enjoy the speed of a motorcycle and the ease of a trike.

Safety Concerns When Riding a Trike

Three-wheelers have many advantages over their two-wheeled cousins. They are less expensive, easier to ride, and safer. They also have many advantages over their four-wheeled counterparts.

The only way to reduce the risk of a collision injury is to avoid collisions altogether.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by drivers who fail to pay attention or are distracted by their mobile devices. This can be avoided if you take care when driving. You should never use your mobile phone while you’re going and should always wear a helmet.

Driving defensively is the same for both (motorcycle or trike): stay within the speed limit, wear protective gear, and remain alert at all times.

Considering the above factors, are trikes safer than motorcycles? 

Let’s face it: whether you’re riding a motorcycle or a trike, if you’re not careful or don’t have the discipline or skill to ride, safety is tossed out the window. However, if the rider is careful and compliant to safe riding, a trike is safer than a motorcycle.


Motorcycles are less stable and comfortable than trikes. Because of their bigger size, they are more noticeable in traffic; this improves their security. Trikes are simple to ride since they provide a feeling similar to that of a four-wheeled vehicle. They are also suggested for both beginners and the elderly. If you’re new to trikes, it’s critical to remember to be safe. It is mandatory to wear a helmet and appropriate riding gear to achieve a safer ride.

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Thank you for reading and ride safe.