Bigger Wheels on a Motorcycle – Is It Better? [Video + Tips]

are bigger wheels better on a motorcycle

A difference in the size of the motorcycle wheels may make you wonder, what’s the deal? You will often notice that the front wheel is small or thinner while the rear one is larger in diameter or wider in appearance. You may also notice a motorcycle with small rear tires and large front tires. Again, it’s rare but possible. 

You may not realize it yet, but a lot goes behind the engineering of motorcycles. In any case, the goal here is to offer you a smooth ride. Read on for more information. 

What Happens If Your Motorcycle Wheels Are Bigger?

benefits of larger motorcycle wheels

If someone says a motorcycle has bigger front wheels, it simply means a bigger diameter. If your front wheel is larger in diameter, it’s better for the functionality of your motorbike. Also, it needs to be thinner to give you a better riding experience. You will enjoy a better steering experience if the front wheel of your motorbike is thinner but bigger. 

What Happens If Wheels of Your Motorbike Are Wider?

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The rear wheel of your motorbike will tell a different story. It’s the opposite of your front wheel, i.e., shorter but wider. The goal of making it wider is to increase the surface area of the wheel for the road as it provides better traction. The result is that you can handle the motorbike and enjoy a better grip. 

Another advantage of a wider tire is that you will be able to ride your motorbike confidently on wet roads, but it doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe. Of course, you need to follow the safety rules of the road during harsh weather conditions, but it’s great to be on the safe side. 

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Another advantage of wider rear wheels is that your ride would be smooth. The wide surface area would absorb the bumps on the road. A wider rear wheel is the way to go when you want your motorbike to turn heads and look great! 

Is It Okay to Consider Other Wheel Sizes for Your Motorbike?

It’s best to follow your manufacturer’s recommendations when you don’t want to ruin the looks of your bike. You must follow what the manufacturer suggests rather than switching the tires or trying new sizes.

Smaller wheels have a shorter diameter. Also, you will notice that the rear wheels are wider in appearance than the front wheels. The power of the motorcycle engine goes to the back wheel, which helps it move. In addition, more traction is possible because of more surface area of the wider wheel in contact with the road. There is more weight on the back wheel of the motorcycle. It helps in providing stability. 

Can I Modify the Look of My Motorcycle?

motorcycle tire size

The front wheel of a motorcycle takes the impact and steers the motorbike. So, if the front wheel is tall and skinny, you can expect better functionality of your motorbike.

When you want your motorcycle to be more sensitive while turning, it’s best to opt for a skinnier and bigger front tire. When the front tire of your motorbike is bigger, you can expect it to take a better impact and be more stable. Therefore, it would be easy for you to manage your motorcycle during harsh weather conditions. So always follow what’s best and safe for yourself and your motorcycle. 

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It’s also best to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. You have to be aware of the safety rules and regulations. Not following the manufacturer’s suggestions means you can ruin the look of your motorcycle. For example, if the tires are too small, they may not bear the weight and can burst. Bigger tires can affect the frame of your motorcycle. So, always check the suggestions of your manufacturer. 

Do You Need to Change Both Tires of Your Motorcycle?

Let’s say you want to change one of your motorcycle tires as it appears worn out or it’s not performing the way you expect. If that’s the case, it’s time to focus on what’s best for your motorcycle. You can change one tire if the other seems fine. 

Tips to Keep In Mind for Motorcycle Wheels 

tips to keep in mind for motorcycle wheels

According to Harley Davidson Forums, the wider tire will give a heavier steering feel, while the skinnier tire will suit lighter steering. When the front wheels are large and thinner, it’s better for the steering experience. However, when the rear wheels are short and wider, it helps with a smooth and stable ride. 

Keep the following tips in mind for your motorcycle’s wheels. A lot goes into the style and engineering that you may not realize yet. Consider the following: 

  • Make sure you get the right size of wheels. 
  • The front wheels are more about steering and impact. The back wheels are about power and handling. So bear this in mind when changing the tires. 
  • You will notice different tread patterns on your motorbike’s front and rear wheels. The reason is that the tread on the front wheel repels water. 
  • If you are storing your motorcycle, make sure to move it a few inches every week. You don’t want the tires to be brittle. 
  • It’s best to check the tires’ pressure each week to ensure that it’s in good condition.
  • Large wheels are better for grip and braking. However, upsizing the wheel is not for everyone as it may not support the overall system of your motorcycle.
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Make sure you are taking care of your motorcycle. If there are more tips that you know, share them in the comments. 

Wrapping It Up 

The front wheels are bigger in diameter but skinnier as it helps with a better steering experience. Your motorbike will move better with such a front wheel. For better traction, the rear wheels are short and wide. On the other hand, it looks cool, and you’ll be better able to control your motorbike. The force comes from here as well.

Thus, bigger wheels on the front wheels seem a viable option. So, what is your favorite look on the motorcycle? Do you prefer bigger wheels? Share in the comments.