Women’s Motorcycle Jacket – Top 11 Jackets for Women

In the dynamic and fast-paced world we are in today, motorcycle jackets have become trendy and are often an essential part of every bike rider or enthusiast’s closet. Also called biker jackets, they have become the new symbol of pop culture all around the world.

 Every woman who owns a motorcycle deserves a high-quality jacket to go with it. Just in case you are not aware, the motorcycle jacket is different from the usual basic jacket. It is designed to help you as a motorcycle rider to withstand the harsh conditions you experience while speeding through on your bike. Motorcycle jackets ensure the rider is protected while on the move. This protection is significant because the life of the rider may depend on it.

 Furthermore, motorcycle jackets come in different sizes, types, and target customers. Therefore, we are going to consider the top 11 motorcycle jackets for women.

Starting off the list with a very stylish, iconic jacket that has an asymmetrical main zipper that gives it a unique look. 

In addition to the amazing look, the Erin jacket uses CE level 1 Seesmart armor at the elbows and shoulders with the option to add in Seesoft CE level 2 back protection ensuring maximum protection. 

And last but not least, the jacket is available in so many sizes to ensure that you will find a one that fits you. However, it is only available in black color.



This is another excellent motorcycle jacket for women. The REV’IT! Eclipse Women’s Jacket comprises a high-quality polyester 600D that ensures you get your money’s worth. This motorcycle jacket is famous for its strength and durability without compromising its primary role of offering its users maximum protection, and has an amazing mix of Lightweight and protection.

Furthermore, the jacket meets the requirements for ventilation, storage, and armor. Manufactured from CE-approved armor, the REV’IT! Eclipse Jacket provides its users enough protection, resistance to abrasion, water, and wind.

It achieves an understated Euro style without commanding the typical premium European price, the REV’IT! Eclipse Jacket is an incredible value for the female rider seeking fashionable warm weather protection.



Probably named after Wonder Woman herself, the Alpinestars Gal Women’s Jacket uses full-grain leather with a soft finish to protect against abrasion while still feeling luxurious.

The designs and details on the jacket are so perfect, and it really makes anybody wearing it feels so stylish. This motorcycle jacket has excellent features and provides for ventilation and storage space, as well as the aesthetics required of a fashion jacket.

The jacket is also relatively easy to wash and does not require too much effort in maintenance or care. The primary setback is that it is quite costly compared to other top motorcycle jackets for women. However, it is a perfect fit if you are interested in functionality, durability, and aesthetics.



Another note-worthy motorcycle jacket for women is The Cat Outta Hell Women’s Armored Hoodie jacket. It features CE shoulder, elbow and back protector inside a comfortable cotton-poly chassis allowing you to be able wear stylish hoodie while feeling protected if any unplanned thing happened. 

Due to its ergonomic design, the  Cat Outta Hell Women’s Armored Hoodie Women’s embroidered jacket is a favorite for many of its buyers, it has many different colors & sizes that can attract many buyers. 

This jacket is the right choice for buyers looking for a jacket to hangout with and to feel safe on your motorcycle. 



Ronald Sands Riot Women’s Jacket comes at a very expensive price with amazing features and a stylish look. 

The jacket comes with off-centered zipper that makes it very stylish & allows you to hit the highroad in the middle of the night with an outstanding look.

One of the drawbacks that it doesn’t have many air flows which can cause overheating in burning sun. 

In addition, the Viking Cycle Motorcycle Jacket has Velcro straps at the cuffs and waist that are adjustable to suit the taste of the biker. Therefore, this jacket is suitable for various body sizes and types. 



If you are looking for the jacket on most women’s wish list, you just found it! The Highway 21 Women’s Motorcycle Jacket is perfect for women interested in a lightweight jacket that offers maximum protection without sacrificing style. It comes with CE armor, shoulder and elbows padding, all of which can be removed depending on what is suitable for the rider.

Furthermore, the Highway 21 Women’s Motorcycle Jacket possesses a removable hydra-guard feature that offers resistance against water and wind.

However, no product is 100% flawless, and the Highway 21 Women’s Motorcycle Jacket is no exception. The jacket is said to contain reflective piping, but the piping is not as reflective as you would expect.


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Irrespective of this flaw, the jacket is superb with respect to quality and price, if you are in search of some of the best motorbike jackets for women.



As the name implies, this jacket will serve you excellently in all weather conditions. The jacket has removable back, elbow and shoulder armor that can really fit you in all weather conditions. 

An exciting feature that makes this jacket one of a kind is its thermal removability. It also has an insulated vest liner that can keep the temperature stable in all weather conditions. 


The Icon Overlord SB2 Stealth Jacket is recommended if you are searching for a snug-fitting jacket made from high-quality materials. You can’t go wrong with it!



Are you searching for a cozy and cost-effective motorcycle jacket, then the Olympia Janis jacket is perfect for you. This CE Level 2 armored Jacket has flexible armor at the shoulder, elbow, and back to guarantee effortless movement and maximum protection.

The jacket has an outer shell constructed in 1.1mm-1.2mm top grain cowhide with Lux waxed finish. When it comes to having a smooth ride, the Olympia Janis Motorcycle Jacket got you covered whether in the rain or under the sun.

It has two storage pockets to allow you for some extra storage as well as full sleep zip out Insulex thermal layer. 



The first Joe Rocket’s Jacket on our list that’s made of drum dyed leather tailored for a relaxed feminine fit and features pockets for optional armor at the shoulders, elbows & back. 

The jacket is very comfortable, courtesy of a fully-functional zipper at the front. The jacket also has buckled adjustment points at the waist and snap adjustments at the cuffs add to the overall comfort of the Vintage

The Joe Rocket’s Vintage jacket is washing machine friendly. This is another attractive feature of the jacket because it makes cleaning and maintenance easy and cheap. If you want to get great value for your money, this might be your best choice. 



If you are looking for a jacket that can weather through a heavy downpour, then this jacket is for you. It has remarkable features such as removable elbow, shoulder, and spine liners and is one of the best CE approved armor jackets.

The jacket is one of the best choices for the rainy season as it is equipped with a removable waterproof liner. It also comes with a reflective strip and a zipper to give you the best riding experience.


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The Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 Women’s Riding Jacket is available in various colors. Some come in a single color, and others are a harmonious blend of two or more colors that contributes to its aesthetic appeal. This jacket is also suitable for all body types and sizes, ranging from small to large. This jacket meets all the requirements at an excellent price if you are searching for a mixture of comfort, style, ventilation, and high-quality women’s motorcycle jackets.



The Sexy Biker Women’s Jacket, as the name suggests is totally stylish and comfortable. The Sheep Diamond used in the manufacture process of this jacket will allow you to wear it comfortable in hot days without sweating. It also absorbs all the sweat on long rides.

With two spacious pockets in the front, The Sexy Biker Women’s Jacket has enough storage capacity for the biker. The jacket comes in more than 5 different sizes, thereby making it suitable for all body sizes. However, unfortunately, it is only available in one color, black which might not be your preferred choice. 

The Sexy Biker Women’s Jacket is a perfect fit for hiking, traveling, or even driving. The disadvantage of this product is that it is only available in one color and doesn’t have any CE armor and might not be the safest choice. However, the thermal liner is removable so it can be worn in summer or winter comfortably. 



Things to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Jackets

Before buying a women’s motorcycle jacket, it is essential to consider certain things to ensure you purchase the best jacket available on the market. It is vital you consider comfort, durability, cost, and protection. Therefore, below are some essential factors you should consider when buying a motorcycle jacket for women.

1. Material Composition

The central part of finding the best women’s motorcycle jacket is taking into consideration the material used to make the jacket. It is important you select a jacket designed with high-quality materials such as textile, leather, polyester, and so forth.

 In this day and age, most motorcycle jackets are made of leather. This is because premium leather jackets offer better protection when riding. In any case, there are models of jackets that are made of cotton and other materials, which do provide quality and durability.

 Nonetheless, note that whichever material you pick ought to be the best in terms of quality and should provide the best value for your money.

2. Capacity

Every rider deserves to effortless carry essential accessories during a ride. That is why you should not overlook the type and quantity of storage a motorcycle jacket has. Carrying rucksacks and bags can hinder an ideal, smooth trip, so you must factor in your convenience when making a choice. Subsequently, it is vital to your comfort to have extra rooms in your bike jacket.

 It is critical to ensure sufficient pocket size and space to slip everyday necessities. The upside of this is that things don’t get lost and are consistently secure and accessible when required.

3. Breathability

Motorbikes jackets should offer solace and protection simultaneously. Accordingly, it is essential to consider buying a jacket that has adequate ventilation.

 As the best ladies’ bike jackets are made out of thick layers, it is essential to buy a jacket with excellent breathability space. Hence, air can stream openly through the jacket, keeping you cool or warm depending on the climate conditions.

 An exemplary illustration of adequate ventilation is network inner parts. These give sufficient air flow all through the jacket.

4. Security and Protection

The next significant factor to search for when buying the best bike jacket for ladies is protection. When dealing with motorbike jackets, safety features could be in the form of armor.

 In many motorcycle jackets, protection is given in the sensitive portion of the human body, for example, the spine, elbows, and so forth. Further, when discussing the best motorcycle jacket for ladies, it is essential to buy a jacket that is CE approved. Nowadays, CE endorsed jackets are accessible in leather and a variety of other materials.

5. Reflectors

When buying your motorcycle jacket, guaranteeing that your jacket has some reflective component is generally significant. This is critical, particularly for night visibility.

 Individuals need to see reflective pimping along the creases of the jackets. The fundamental motivation behind them is to mirror the light on them in a more splendid way. Instances of this incorporate the conspicuous utilization of neon colors, particularly oranges and yellows.

 Consequently, reflectors’ primary reason is to alert different drivers of the biker’s presence on the streets.

6. Fitting

Among all the variables to be considered while buying the best motorcycle jacket for women, getting one that fits well is essential. The absence of appropriate fitting will be awkward and uncomfortable for the rider and consequently lead to a rough ride.

 In this manner, it is critical to consider your height and size when buying a jacket. A supportive tip to finding the ideal fit is to wear the jacket and move your arms to comprehend whether the jacket is tight, free, or the right fit. However, if you are making a purchase online, you can follow the manufacturer’s size guide to ensure you get the best fit.

 Remember that the best ladies’ bike jacket should be the right size and fit easily around the rider’s body.

7. Lining

When selecting a motorcycle jacket for ladies, it is imperative to search for liners and padding. These affect the quality and unbending nature of the jacket. Padding and lining, in less complicated terms, reinforce the jacket. They make it extra stable and provides protection during your ride.

 In the present world, many motorcycle jacket makers have included removable liners. These can be added or detached according to the preference of the biker.

 An exemplary illustration of this is during winter, when padding can be added to give adequate warmth while riding.

8. Collar

The last but not the least factor is the collar. A motorcycle jacket’s neckline assumes an indispensable part in making the jacket fashionable, comfortable, and fit for the ride. The neckline is that component of the jacket that comes in close contact with the neck.

Along these lines, the collar ought to be smooth to forestall tingling or bruises. In other words, they ought to be delicate and comfortable for the rider. 

Types of Motorcycle Jackets

Bike jackets available on the market today are grouped into the following classes:

1. Leather Jackets

These sorts of jackets are the most well-known in this day and age. Leather is very famous when designing motorcycle jackets because it provides protection, durability, and resistance without sacrificing style. 

2. Textile Jackets

When talking about motorcycle jackets, leather has been leading the business for a long time. Nonetheless, due to new advancements and eco-friendly concerns, textile jackets are gaining attention. They are a significant staple piece for some riders. 

3. ADV Jackets

These types of jackets are renowned for their breathability,  durability, and functionality. ADV jackets are utilized for riding and other off-riding purposes. Subsequently, they are versatile while allowing adequate airflow. 

4. Cruiser Jackets

These jackets lean more towards the comfort angle as opposed to the stylish components. So, these jackets emphasize the popular saying that there is sophistication in simplicity and convenience. 

5. Touring Jackets

These sorts of coats are explicitly intended for open street ventures and are perfect for exotic trips. They are designed to protect the rider through harsh weather conditions. They are primarily available in two designs for the customers, i.e., 3/4 and waist cut. 

6. Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

This jacket is an ideal pick for hot days, thanks to its perforated mesh structure. Having style and class isn’t worth it if you lack adequate airflow to ensure your comfort. A mesh motorcycle jacket is designed from mesh and leather or mesh and textile. It is extremely breathable, lightweight, and built to last.

Wrap up

In general, there are a lot of brands that claim to offer excellent motorcycle jackets for women. However, you must look beyond their ads and focus on the factors discussed above when purchasing your jacket. This is to ensure you get the best product with respect to value for money and quality.

The list of products mentioned above is some of the top motorcycle jackets for women. Therefore, it is paramount to note all aspects of the products to find the best one suitable for you.