Wind Deflector for Motorcycles – Does It Work? [Pros & Cons]

do motorcycle wind deflectors work

Drivers of motorcycles will often battle pressure from the wind and occasional collisions with insects. For long distant riders, the absence of wind deflectors equals contending with chilly gusts, precipitation, and flying gravel. Wind deflectors are introduced to aid your comfort while driving by deflecting the wind, dirt, and rain above your head. A well-fitted windscreen generates an air cushion to keep you warm, redirect rain, and protect you from flying debris.

What Is a Wind Deflector?

When most people think of motorcycle wind deflectors, they see an enormous, bulky piece of transparent glass on the front of the motorbike. Although we may discover wind deflectors like those mentioned above, some can seem nice and fashionable. Some of them are rather small, measuring about 20 centimeters in length. They may not be as effective as larger ones, but they can still give protection.

A wind deflector is a small acrylic glass mounted at the top of the motorcycle to deflect the direction of the wind moving towards a rider’s face. The wind deflectors act as buffers to prevent the air pressure from buffeting the rider. Apart from deflecting air pressure, wind deflectors also prevent debris and sand from entering the eyes of the rider, thereby making riding a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Do Wind Deflectors Work?

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Wind deflectors work for most motorcycles. They are an excellent way to shield riders against sand, wind pressure, and lightweight bugs on the road, especially for long distant rides. Wind deflectors help change the direction of the air and move them above the rider’s head.

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Apart from helping to reduce the wind pressure, wind defectors/shield also helps reduce noise and turbulence and, above all, improve the overall riding experience. Additionally, it aids in making sure your helmet and clothes remain clean since dirt is deflected. Deflectors also decrease air resistance, helping you ride in the most comfortable posture possible.

While wind deflectors work in most scenarios, if you are not accustomed to riding with them, it will take time for you to get accustomed to them. They are not always effective, and their effectiveness is determined by the sort of motorbike you ride. If you are a considerable distance away from the windshield, the air will wrap around it and create a vacuum.

Generally, a motorcycle windshield will protect the rider from wind turbulence if properly configured. However, some factory-fitted windshields have proven to be just mere decorative addition to the motorbike.

Advantages of Wind Deflectors

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  • Wind deflectors help improve the aerodynamics of motorcycles by directing winds above the driver’s head.
  • It keeps our clothes clean — using the wind deflector on your bike will relieve the stress of washing your shirt after every ride.
  • Wind deflectors help to improve riding comfort. Specks of dust, wind, and insects are some of the greatest agents of distraction for riders. With wind deflectors, this will not be an issue anymore.
  • It reduces pains in the body. The most stressed part of the body when riding a motorcycle are the neck, back, and shoulders. Using wind deflectors will reduce the thrust caused against these organs by the pressure of the wind.
  • Wind deflectors help increase focus, conserve energy and improve vision when riding during rainy times. Riding when the rain is dropping is a great challenge for drivers, especially if the rain is accompanied by wind. For drivers, who find pleasure in riding in the rain, wind deflectors will help protect them from droplets of rain, reduce the air thrust on the driver’s body, and conserve the rider’s energy.
  • Wind deflectors protect pricey navigation systems or cell phones from rain. Windshields are also a fantastic option or location to install gadgets while riding. GPS, for instance, may be put at eye level, increasing driving safety while reading directions.
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Disadvantages of Wind Deflectors

  • Wind deflectors may obstruct vision. If the windshield model is too high, there is a chance that dirt residue on the body of the deflector will eventually obstruct the rider. Another scenario is when rain is falling, the deflector may become blurry.
  • They can get scratched. Minor dents and scratches will mount up over time if the wind deflectors are not properly maintained. Also, cleaning the wind deflectors using an abrasive sponge can lead to a scratched look. A safer cleaning method is using a wet, soap-covered towel or wet cotton.
  • It may direct the wind to your head. A harsh wind deflector that is not at the same level as your nose means the pressure of the wind will direct the wind to your face, causing fatigue and stress in the course of riding.

Care and Maintenance of Wind Deflectors

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Since wind deflectors are subject to damage due to the action of dirt, rain, and wind pressure, there is a need to care for and maintain them routinely. You can maintain and care for the wind deflectors in the following ways:


We discussed above that scratches may impair your vision while using a deflector. Most of the scratches occur while cleaning. The safe way to clean the wind deflector is by using a soft towel and or wet cotton with a detergent. Pour water to wet the deflector first, then wet the towel in soapy water and clean gently.

Suppose the dirt is much: wet cloth in warm soapy water and put it on the glass for a few minutes to soften it. When the dirt has softened, gently wipe it away. Many individuals use too much power to remove debris from their windshields — keep in mind that the windshield should be cleaned softly.

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Scratches on wind deflectors impair vision; however, the scratches are not something that we cannot remove. To polish the wind deflector, use sandpaper and water. However, it would help if you exercised caution. If in doubt, please hire the services of a professional.