What is the oldest helmet brand? History Facts

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Helmets are crucial for safety in various sports and activities. They have advanced in design, comfort, and effectiveness over time. Among the many helmet brands, Lazer Helmets stands out for its innovation, quality, and historical legacy.

Founded in 1919, Lazer Helmets is the oldest active helmet brand, with over a century of commitment to head protection. This article explores the intriguing history of Lazer Helmets, tracing its transformation from leather caps to modern safety helmets.

The Evolution of Helmet Design

Helmets have evolved alongside technology and the understanding of rider safety. Early designs were basic and lacked effective shock absorption. Over time, materials and techniques improved, leading to reinforced shells and better impact protection.

Comfort and shock absorption was enhanced with inner linings and padding. Aerodynamics played a role, with streamlined shapes and ventilation systems improving rider comfort and stability.

Advancements like CAD and EPS foam have made helmets lighter and more protective. The progress in helmet design reflects a commitment to safety and the pursuit of improvements. The oldest helmet brand showcases the remarkable transformation from simple coverings to advanced protective gear.

Lazer Helmets

Introduction to Lazer Helmets

Lazer Helmets, founded in 1919, holds the distinction of being one of the oldest helmet manufacturers in continuous operation worldwide. Originating from Belgium, Lazer began by specializing in the production of leather caps for motorcycle racing, a common protective headgear in the early days of the sport.

With the advent of technological innovations and a better understanding of safety requirements in high-risk sports over the years, Lazer transitioned into manufacturing a diverse range of helmets. These include designs for cycling, motocross, downhill mountain biking, and other recreational and professional sporting activities.

Lazer’s longevity in the industry is a testament to its commitment to safety, quality, and innovation. Over the years, they have continuously introduced helmets with features that enhance comfort, fit, aerodynamics, and above all, safety. Notably, Lazer pioneered the Rollsys® system, a unique method of adjusting fit that evenly distributes pressure around the head, avoiding hotspots and discomfort.

From its early days producing leather caps to modern, technologically-advanced safety helmets, Lazer has a storied history spanning more than a century. As the brand has evolved, it has consistently prioritized the user’s safety, comfort, and performance, making it a trusted name in helmet manufacturing across multiple disciplines.

Evolution of Lazer Helmets

The course of Lazer’s history has been characterized by an ongoing commitment to innovation and adaptation. In response to a rapidly growing and diversifying sports world, Lazer transitioned from its original leather caps to an extensive range of helmets designed to cater to the unique needs of different sports. Each helmet design born out of Lazer’s production line is a testament to their understanding of sports, safety, and the desire to enhance the user’s overall experience.

One standout advancement Lazer introduced is the Rollsys® system. This unique fit system represented a substantial innovation in helmet design, allowing for precise and even adjustments. By distributing pressure uniformly around the head, the Rollsys® system drastically improved comfort and fit while avoiding the creation of hotspots, a common problem with traditional adjustment methods.

Lazer Helmets in the Contemporary Helmet Industry

Even as the helmet industry has grown exponentially with new entrants, Lazer has managed to retain its position as a significant player. Thanks to a century-long commitment to safety, innovation, and quality, Lazer Helmets today stands as a global leader in helmet technology.

Their most recent offerings continue to reflect this legacy. By focusing on the modern user’s needs, Lazer has successfully created helmets that not only provide excellent protection but also offer comfort, practicality, and style, maintaining their status as a trusted brand among professionals and recreational users alike.

Key Features of Lazer Helmets

  • Rollsys® Fit System: A standout feature in many Lazer helmets is the patented Rollsys® fit system. This innovative feature allows for precise and even adjustments, distributing pressure uniformly around the head to drastically improve comfort and fit while avoiding the creation of hotspots.
  • Superior Safety: Lazer helmets are designed with safety as the paramount concern. Many models feature MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology that offers enhanced protection against the rotational forces often encountered in crashes.
  • Lightweight Design: Lazer’s helmets are constructed to be lightweight without compromising durability or safety, making them comfortable for extended use.
  • Ventilation: Superior ventilation is a hallmark of Lazer Helmets. Their helmets are designed with strategic vent placements to ensure good airflow, keeping the wearer cool during their activities.
  • Aerodynamic Efficiency: Lazer places a strong focus on aerodynamics, especially in their road cycling helmets. These helmets are designed to minimize air resistance, allowing for improved performance.
  • Versatility: Lazer produces helmets for a wide range of sports and activities, from cycling and motocross to skiing and horse riding. This shows their ability to adapt their designs to meet the specific safety and comfort needs of different sports.
  • Stylish Designs: Lazer believes that safety doesn’t have to be boring. Their helmets come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes, allowing individuals to express their personal style while staying safe.
  • Advanced Features: Many Lazer helmets come with advanced features like integrated LED lights for visibility, compatibility with the Aeroshell for weather protection and aerodynamics, and the LifeBEAM heart rate monitor or inclination sensor for added functionality.

Here’s a summarized version of the key features of Lazer Helmets in a table format:

Pros and Cons of Lazer Helmets:

Pros of Lazer Helmets

  • Longevity and Reputation: With over a century in the helmet industry, Lazer has a well-established reputation for producing high-quality, safe, and reliable helmets.
  • Innovation: Lazer consistently introduces innovative features in their helmets, such as the Rollsys® fit system and the use of MIPS technology for increased safety.
  • Versatility: Lazer offers a wide variety of helmet designs suitable for different sports and activities, meeting diverse needs.
  • Comfort: Thanks to features like the Rollsys® fit system and superior ventilation, Lazer helmets are comfortable even for extended periods of use.
  • Style: Lazer helmets come in a variety of colors and designs, providing style along with safety.

Cons of Lazer Helmets

  • Price: Lazer helmets, especially the high-end models with advanced features, can be more expensive compared to some other brands on the market. However, many users believe the quality and features justify the price.
  • Availability: Depending on the region, some customers may find that not all models or sizes of Lazer helmets are readily available.
  • Weight: While many Lazer helmets are designed to be lightweight, some models (particularly those offering maximum protection or additional features) may be heavier compared to equivalent models from other brands.
  • Size Variations: Some users have reported that sizing can vary between different models, which might require trying on several sizes to find the perfect fit.

Remember that the pros and cons can vary based on individual preferences and specific helmet models. It’s always a good idea to research and try on helmets before purchasing them to ensure they meet your specific needs and fit correctly.

Importance of Lazer Helmets’ Longevity in the Industry:

Lazer Helmets’ long history establishes its reputation and trustworthiness. Their resilience and adaptability over a century signify a commitment to quality and innovation, earning the trust of users. Lessons from past designs and user feedback shape their current products, ensuring continuous improvement.

Lazer’s enduring presence sets high standards, driving the industry towards better designs. This centennial brand’s journey exemplifies how dedication to safety and customer satisfaction leads to lasting success in the competitive helmet industry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is a FAQs section in table format:

What year was Lazer Helmets founded?Lazer Helmets was founded in 1919.
Where is Lazer Helmets based?Lazer Helmets is based in Belgium.
What types of helmets does Lazer produce?Lazer produces helmets for a range of sports including cycling, motocross, downhill mountain biking, and more.
What is the Rollsys® fit system?The Rollsys® fit system is a unique fit adjustment mechanism developed by Lazer that allows for precise and even fit adjustments around the head, improving comfort.
Are Lazer helmets expensive?The price of Lazer helmets can vary depending on the specific model and features. Some high-end models may be more expensive compared to other brands, but many users find the quality and features justify the price.
Are Lazer helmets safe?Yes, Lazer helmets are designed with safety as the top priority. Many models feature MIPS technology for enhanced protection and meet or exceed safety standards.
How do I know what size Lazer helmet to buy?Lazer provides a sizing guide. You should measure your head circumference and compare it to the sizing guide for the specific model you’re interested in. Because sizing can vary between models, it’s often best to try on the helmet if possible.


Lazer Helmets has thrived in the competitive helmet industry for over a century, prioritizing safety, comfort, and performance. Starting as a local manufacturer in Belgium, they are now a global leader, setting new industry standards. Their Rollsys® fit system, lightweight design, and safety features like MIPS highlight their commitment to user well-being.

Lazer caters to various sports, showcasing adaptability and understanding of diverse needs. While occasional challenges exist, Lazer maintains a positive reputation for trustworthiness and quality. Their legacy demonstrates dedication to excellence, influencing the industry and enhancing the safety and enjoyment of sports enthusiasts worldwide. We anticipate continued innovation from Lazer Helmets in the future.