You Need These Accessories For Your Motorcycle [ List ]

motorcycle gear accessories

Motorcycles have been around for over a century, and they have evolved over the years. Many advancements have been made in various areas. However, riders still require accessories to take their riding experience to the next level. Since accessories are vital to every motorcycle rider, companies have set out to create the necessary accessories for bikes. Keep reading to learn about the accessories you will need for your motorcycle.

Why Are These Accessories Important?

The job of motorcycle accessories is to ensure the safety and comfort of motorcycle riders. These accessories solve a lot of problems for riders. However, there are so many of these accessories on the market. The availability of many motorcycle accessories has made it challenging for riders to determine the right accessories they need. We know that riders want a convenient and enjoyable ride with their motorcycle. So we have taken the time to do some research to help you understand the right accessories that are good for your motorcycle.


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The AGvisor is a face shield that has an electro-chromatic LCD lens incorporated into it. This accessory enables riders to switch between a dark tint and a light tint. The batteries of the AGvisor help power the e-tint crystal film for as long as 12 hours. Should the battery of this accessory rundown, it automatically switches to the light tint. The tech used to develop this face shield for motorcycles is the same used to create the helmet of jet fighters. The AGvisor is made from cutting-edge tech. It comes with a HUD and in-built cameras.

Motorcycle Helmets

The list is never complete without a motorcycle helmet when talking about motorcycle accessories. Whenever you’re riding a motorcycle, you need protective gear in place. The reason is to protect yourself in case a crash occurs. One of the vital aspects of your body that needs maximum protection is your head. Motorcycle helmets are very effective in protecting riders from head injury and death in the event of an accident. So you can see why helmets can make a significant impact in the life of every motorcycle rider if you want your head and face to be protected when riding.

Motorcycle Jacket

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Motorcycle jackets are vital accessories for a biker. It’s not like any common jacket you wear. A motorcycle jacket should come with high-quality features. Though top-quality motorcycle jackets can be expensive, they also play a valuable role, like the helmet. They protect the motorcycle rider while riding. Wearing a motorcycle jacket and a motorcycle helmet effectively reduces crash injuries. It is vital for professional bikers always to have their motorcycle jackets on when riding. When you want to buy your motorcycle jacket, ensure that the jacket’s material is tear-resistant and durable. They should also have water-resistant capabilities.

Motorcycle Boot

Another protective measure you need to take as a motorcycle rider is to ensure you have durable motorcycle boots. Having a top-quality motorcycle boot amongst your accessories keeps your foot well balanced when you ride. Ensure that the boots you want to buy are the types that offer ankle support. Wearing motorcycle boots keeps you safe from foot injuries riders experience.

Staying safe when riding should be a top priority for all bikers. So having a motorcycle boot is having the right accessory for your motorcycle. One of the fascinating things about motorcycle boots is that they provide perfect traction for you when walking on a slippery surface. It is because top-quality motorcycle boots are oil resistant. While you have them on, they’ll work perfectly with your brakes, pegs, and gear shifters.

Tool Kits

Some individuals feel that they do not need a tool kit, probably because they ride brand new motorcycles. However, it’s not only when you need a tool kit that you go for one. Riders should know that having a tool kit is vital for all motorcycles. You don’t need to have all the tools required for maintaining a motorcycle.

All you need are some basic tools you can utilize for a maintenance issue. With a tool kit as part of your accessories, you can efficiently perform a maintenance procedure when necessary. It would be advisable to buy a small tool kit when buying yours. However, ensure it contains basic tools like tie wraps, wrenches, electric tape, pliers, cement potty, hex keys, and t-bars. You can make provision for the tool kit under the seat of your motorcycle or anywhere suitable.

Motorcycle Communication Systems

Motorcycle communication systems should be available for riders to enjoy their biking experience. The motorcycle communication systems enable riders to connect to their smart devices. So when you are on the move, you can use this device to connect to your music and hear your favorite playlist. You can also use it for communicating with your biker friends when you’re close to them.

The motorcycle communication system does much more than communicate with friends and play music. It also has loads of other essential features. The motorcycle communication systems have GPS and Bluetooth connectivity for your smart device. It also has a built-in radio, HD speakers, and a voice activation feature to pick calls and select music. This accessory will be a great asset to your motorcycle, especially when making your riding experience exciting.


There is so much noise that the ear is exposed to when a motorcycle is in motion. Some of these noises come from your helmet shaking when you’re at high speed. However, it could be the excess wind blowing into your ear or your bike’s engine making noise in most cases. When you keep experiencing noise in excesses, it could lead to a form of ear damage over time. It is why riders should have the necessary accessory that will help them protect their ears when riding. It is in this area that the earplugs come in.

The purpose of earplugs is to help reduce the noise your ear is exposed to. In addition, the earplug will reduce the noise to a comfortable level for your ear. So when you are riding on the highway with so much wind blowing into your ear, consider getting an earplug. Earplugs are easy to wear and remove, so you should have no problems. Earplugs come in two different types. The ones meant to block out noise totally and those that block out noise minimally. There are also reusable and disposable options. You can buy a pair of earplugs according to your preference.

Phone Mount

Bikers want to operate their phones by hand when riding, which can sometimes be risky. However, there could be an emergency call that could make you want to go for your phone while riding. However, doing so is extremely dangerous. Answering a call on one hand and riding with the other could cause the rider to lose focus, leading to a crash. In most cases, bikers tend to keep their phones in their back pocket when driving.

The risk there is your phone can easily slip out when driving. The best way for this is to get a phone mount that holds your phone securely while you ride. When you’re using a phone mount, preferably mounted at the front of your motorcycle, you can easily see your phone while riding without getting distracted. If you are the type of rider who uses GPS for directions, a phone mount makes it easy for you while riding. A phone mount makes it easy for you to answer calls via hands-free mode when riding.

Tire Pressure Gauge

A Tire Pressure gauge is a vital accessory that you should make available for your motorcycle. You can’t guarantee that your tire will always remain the way it is. It can drop low when you least expect it, which could be on the highway in the middle of nowhere. So you need to check your tire pressure regularly. Having a pressure gauge at your disposal is very necessary for your motorcycle.

Without a tire pressure gauge to check your tire, you wouldn’t know when it is low. If your motorcycle tire is low, it will affect the handling of your motorcycle when it is in motion. So we recommend you make a pressure gauge part of your motorcycle accessories. The fascinating thing about tire pressure gauges is that they are handy. So you can always fit it into your pocket or your toolbox.

Motorcycle Lock

It wouldn’t be ideal to leave your motorcycle packed in an area that doesn’t feel safe without any security. One of the best accessories you can use to safeguard your motorcycle is a motorcycle Lock. Motorcycle locks come in various kinds. There is one that comes in a heavyweight chain and a padlock. In comparison, the other one is a simplistic disc lock. T

he essence of this accessory is to ensure that your motorcycle doesn’t get stolen. When you want to make your preference, you should choose one that you feel excels more in terms of security. The chain of the motorcycle lock is 1.2 meters, and it can fit through the tires of larger bikes.

Flat Tire Repair Kit

Motorcycle tires produced in this modern era usually come with a perfect grip. So you might not be worried when riding in wet or dry terrain. However, the solid grip of your motorcycle tire doesn’t guarantee that it won’t experience a puncture. You can’t know when you will experience a flat so you should always be prepared. Having a flat tire repair kit is the best way to get prepared. With an essential flat tire repair kit at your disposal, you can easily get back on the road in no time. Having a flat on the road without this kit could be a disaster. It would help if you made the Flat tire repair kit a vital accessory for your motorcycle.

GPS Navigator

If you are planning to take a long trip, there are chances that you might encounter difficulty with locating a place or area. It wouldn’t be an excellent idea to get lost on your trip, so you should get a GPS Navigator. A GPS Navigator is an essential accessory that influences your riding experience. This tool aims to guide you throughout your trip, ensuring you stay on the right track to your destination.

A GPS Navigator also lets you know new routes and locations, which could be an exciting experience. Feel free to travel to the most remote locations knowing that this device will guide you through safely. It will make a great addition to your motorcycle accessories.

Rear Camera

Have you thought about being able to see what’s behind you when riding? The rear camera makes it possible for you to do so. Having a rear camera means you can see everything happening around you, which feels safe. You can attach it to the bumper of your motorcycle to get a precise rearview. This camera will give you more control when you are riding. You’ll need this accessory for your motorcycle to make riding more convenient for you.

Motorcycle Gloves

One essential accessory that is vital for protecting your hands is motorcycle gloves. When it comes to gloves, you should know the various options available. Your criteria for choosing one should be comfortability, warmness, water resistance capability, and durability. For a better riding experience, it would be preferable to go for a light glove that covers up to your knuckles. Such gloves can be referred to as hard knuckles gloves because they are suitable for protecting your wrists.

Final Thoughts

The motorcycle accessories mentioned in this article are accessories we believe are best for all motorcycle riders. These accessories are very critical to your safety, so you should make it a priority to get them for your motorcycle. It’s one thing to have a motorcycle, but it’s another to have the right accessories to keep it in good shape. We hope this article has enlightened you on the right accessories you need for your motorcycle. Feel free to drop a comment below on the subject matter.