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Uncomfortable Motorcycle Seats [Causes and How to Fix]

how can I make my motorcycle seat more comfortable

No matter how good your motorcycle seat is initially, a time will eventually come when it will start getting uncomfortable. When this happens, what should be done? What alternatives are there? This article will provide some useful tips that will help you.

What Are the Causes of Motorcycle Seats Becoming Uncomfortable?

how to improve motorcycle seat comfort

Before we go into tips to help you resolve the challenges of uncomfortable motorcycle seats, we first need to know the factors that account for them. These factors are:

Too Firm Seat

This might not be noticed if you do not travel on long journeys on your motorcycle. However, when you travel on it for a long time, it may feel rather unpleasant, and If you encounter bumps on the road, it will feel even more terrible.

Wrong Positioning of Seat

This is another factor that causes discomfort. You need to know the shape that fits your body. If you are chubby or slim, you need to consider this first. There are different types for different bodies, such as too thick, wide, narrow, thin, and the one that is suitable for all body sizes. Wrong positioning is also a factor because, in the end, your body will suffer it.

Bad Body Positioning

The way you sit on a motorcycle also accounts for many things. If you are traveling on a long journey, you need to shift your weight constantly. This is important to make sure that you feel no discomfort while riding.

When There Is No Rear Suspension or the Rear Suspension Is Too Rigid

If the motorcycle has no soft frame, it might not be good for your butt. Every little road discomfort, such as pebbles or bumps, will be felt faster from your seat and lower back. If you have a rear suspension that is too rigid or the one that was made for a heavier rider, or more than one suspension, it might cause you trouble.

Medical Challenges

This is one of the things we rarely pay attention to when it comes to the use of motorcycles. As patience of hemorrhoids, poor circulation of blood, or other health-related issues, you are prone to feeling discomfort or slight pains.

How Can I Make My Motorcycle Seat More Comfortable?

how to make motorcycle seats more comfortable

In case you have noticed any of the challenges listed above, the solution to them includes changing your seat, getting a gel pad installed, installing wood massage beads, and getting an air cushion.

Change Your Seat

This is one of the best solutions to it. However, as easy as it sounds, it will cost you some money. Changing the seat will allow you to choose the one that suits your body and shape. Before changing it, it is best to research and get the best type that will save you from experiencing the same problem.

To make it easier after research, you can go to where the one you like is and sit on the motorcycle for a while to try it on your body. This will give you first-hand experience of the choice you’re making.

Get a Gel Pad Installed

This is another cost-efficient and reliable way to deal with discomfort on a motorcycle seat. Sometimes, you need to get a good-shaped surface that provides the needed comfort for your butt. A gel pad is the best solution for this.

Install Wood Massage Beads

This solution is just as perfect for your seat discomfort. One thing about it is that it is cheap to do. This means that you should have no excuse not to choose this option if you experience discomfort. It helps to improve the airflow and its circulation. By using this, you can sit for long hours riding to any distance of your choice.

Get an Air Cushion

This is another trick to prevent both butt sores and pains while riding for a long period. Though it is a bit costly, it is one certified solution. If you want to cut down your cost, you can go for a custom tooled leather seat. It is a brand made from hand-reared organic free-range Kobe beef cows.

What Are the Other Things You Can Do to Be More Comfortable on Your Motorcycle Seats?

These are simple solutions you can implement without spending anything. They are the free changes you can make to improve your seats. If strictly followed, they can remove all discomfort you might be experiencing completely.

Ensure You Stand on the Pengs After Some Time

If you have spent some time on your motorcycle riding, it is good to stand up on the pengs to help stretch your back, feet, hands, and butt. By doing this, you will be able to keep discomfort at bay all through your riding. However, this might not be easy for you without practice.

Practice Weight Shifting

This costs nothing. If you usually feel discomfort after or during riding, you need to master shifting your weight. Keeping the weight fixed in a static position while riding is one of the ways to feel intense discomfort. To prevent this, it is better to keep shifting your weight to enjoy every bit of your riding.

Try Checking Your Gear

It might be as simple as checking your gear. Maybe it fits in the right way. Always check it to be sure you are safe from pain while riding.

Take Some Breaks

It is not always advisable to be on a motorcycle for hours. Take a little time to rest to prevent you from having discomfort.

Ensure You Check Your Suspension

This is important because you might not enjoy riding if your suspension is wrongly fixed. If it is too soft, the butt will suffer from it. Also, if it is too rigid, it is another problem you will have to contend with while riding. For this reason, it is best to check the fixing to make sure your butt is safe when you encounter pebbles, bumps, or other things.

Change Your Pants or Jeans

Too tightly fitted pants or jeans can cause intense butt discomfort while riding. To enjoy a better ride experience, get more comfortable pants and jeans. Too tight jeans and pants will prevent even distribution of blood around the body, and this will cause pains and soreness on your butt in no distant time. You can keep your butts clean, stay warm (especially if you are riding during winter or cold weather), and always shift your legs while riding.


You can always enjoy a discomfort-free ride on your motorcycle seat if you have the best knowledge on how to deal with any discomfort you discover. Take any available opportunity to fix any of the problems you notice. Your body will thank you for it.