Top 12 Motorcycle Backpacks- Waterproof and Non-waterproof

Riding is fun, adventurous, thrilling, and always gives you the feeling of freedom when you’re scaling through rough hills and landslides. You can almost feel one with the wind and weightless. It’s great to take on steep hills or mountains on your bike. Still, every adventurer should consider safety and comfortability before climbing on their motorcycle. Having a motorcycle backpack is one safety precaution riders should take.

A motorcycle backpack is a must-have for every rider who puts safety first and loves a bit of convenience. Motorcycle backpacks can serve as a store for supplies while going on road trips and adventures. They all help reduce luggage hassles and can house other personal items.

Although there are different motorcycle backpacks to choose from, it’s safer and recommended to get a specialized backpack rather than a typical bag. A backpack suitable for motorcycle rides provides a strap for the helmet; it is lightweight, comes in the highest quality material, and durable nylon.

You’ve learned the requirements to help you choose the right backpack that can ease your riding/biking experience.

With many motorcycle backpacks on the market, we compiled a list of popular and trusted motorcycle backpacks to suit your needs.

The roll-top Givi GRT718 Saddlebags use high-frequency welding to ensure a seamless build quality that achieves an IPX5 water-resistance rating. It offers excellent balance with multiple lashing points that keep the bags held tightly to your bike for maintaining an optimum center of gravity when out on the trails.

This product is built to last and features a double TPU coated 840D nylon that will hang tough for years to come. It also comes with roll-up closure belts for attachment to the motorcycle frame, rapid attachment straps at the top and base of the bag. The rapid attachment straps are to mount the GRT707 bag or other compatible loads.

Its materials include Ballistic fabric/TPU—IP 65 waterproof rating, resistance to heavy rain, and extreme conditions.

Measurement: 38cm L x 18cm W x 32cm H (15″ L x 7.1″ W x 12.6″ H).

Dimensions: 15″L x 6.3″W x 12.6″H

Volume: 15 Liter, 30 total.



The Nelson Rigg Mountable Cooler Bag is waterproof with an inner lining. You are sure to be the most famous person on the ride when you show up with your Nelson Rigg Portable Cooler. It features a zipper storage compartment that is durable and can accommodate a variety of items. It is designed with high-density insulation that can keep ice longer and contents cooler.

The mountable cooler bag has a  4-point, quick-release tie-down system that holds the cooler in place over the roughest terrain coupled with a unique adjustable securing panel that helps holds contents in place while in motion. Its waterproof liner is removable for easy cleaning or replacement with reverse coil zippers to help keep out dust and dirt.

12-pack dimensions: 12″ L x 7″ W x 14″ D

24-pack dimensions: 18″ L x 7″ W x 15.5″ D



The Burly Brand roll-top Voyager backpack is available in only Dark Oak or Black, with each color having leather panel support materials that will age and show character as time goes. It has a fully padded interior with a partition for a 15″ laptop, auxiliary port, Burly flannel straps, and adequate road trip luggage storage. High-quality mobile-supporting speed buckles and zippers with metal burly embossed button snaps and accents as well as an “Anti-Flail Snap System” keep everything right where you want it when moving at high speed.

This burly voyage backpack is excellent due to its large front zipper pockets, which provide adequate storage for loose items. This is most rider’s go-to bag when traveling if they need to carry a 15″ laptop on their journey.

Capacity: 15L



The Velomacchi Roll-Top Backpack 28L is a premium moto luggage. The 28-liter capacity Roll-Top Backpack is a bomb-proof motorcycle-specific pack with a waterproof main compartment in its simplest form. A closer look reveals this backpack is far from modest with a shoulder harness system that freely features rotational elements to accommodate all sides of riders without restrictions due to its tire pressure gauge elastic sleeve.

It features a pending 3-point rotating harness system, including a right chest integrated strap harness strap made of a plastic surface for mounting action camera hardware. It is also designed with safety support, a quick access side pocket, emergency contact info, key pocket, size adjustment cam lock system for the torso, and gripping side stabilizing pads. This Velomocchi bag supports hydration bladders (which they do not come with) and a centrally mounted aluminum carabiner for tethering your helmet.

Capacity: 28L.



The Oxford Aqua V12 BackPack is designed for safety in wet conditions. The welded seam construction and roll-top closure protect your luggage, while emblazoned graphics and reflective accents reflect the style.

With a capacity of 12L, the waterproof backpack has a water-resistant zippered external pocket with easy-to-grab handles, a waterproof and webbed loop for tail light attachment, and an adjustable waist and chest strap.



The Klim Nac Pak Hydrapak Backpack is a medium-sized backpack, perfect for those day and overnight stays. It features an outstanding large laptop and tools compartment that provides versatility and comfort. Additionally, the included 3L Hydrapak Shape-Shift bladder keeps you hydrated. Its water bladder is entirely reversible with a Shape-Shift top that opens wide, so it’s quickly filled. Klim Nac Pak is built with ultra-durable, abrasion resistant TPU & RF-welded seams for superior durability and elasticity.

The Klim Hydrapak Shape-Shift also can be frozen so that you can get a cool sip out on the hot trails. Like hot drinks on a snowy ride? The Shape-Shift can hold up liquids to 140° F. Its plug-n-play connect system allows you to quickly disconnect the drink tube, which has an auto-shutoff valve that prevents leaking and remove the reservoir from your pack for convenience. It is also available in a snowpack and has a place for an emergency shovel and probe (both sold separately).

Materials: thermoplastic polyurethane, HDPE, silicone, 3M Scotchlite reflective material.

Capacity: 3 liters- 100 fl oz unlocked; 2.5 L / 84 fl oz locked



The USWE Prime Backpack stores a mid-sized load of 26 liters. It is recommended due to the fact it provides balance for the rider while out on the bike. A spacious laptop compartment fits a 15″ laptop, and its tablet pocket is big enough to fit tablets with a total width of 19cm (7.5″). The backpack features a main chest harness and an upper auxiliary chest harness to prevent your load from shifting.

A height-adjustable backplate ensures it can be adjusted to suit riders of all sizes. Should the weather turn for the worse, a rain cover is included with an integrated laptop sleeve that protects your gadgets from rain. The USWE prime offers low-back support and has integrated chest straps.



The Point 65 – Boblbee 25L GT Backpack is so far Boblbee’s best all-around choice. This 25L GT Backpack is equipped with Boblbee’s Generation 3 harnesses that provide lumbar support and comfort for everyday use. The Boblbee versatile executive Backpack has two pockets on the lid to carry all your smaller accessories, provides easy access to them, as well as a phone pocket on the shoulder strap. It also features a compartment for up-to-15″ laptop along with other accessory pockets.

Its unique combination of materials and shapes reducing stress and increases comfortability. This backpack offers action-balance and stabilizing features for you while in motion. The S-design with the Lumbar Support System separates the upper “load area” from the lower lumbar area, providing excellent weight distribution and reducing stress on your back. In combination with the harness, it gives you the comfort of “a second skin.” It also protects your electronics and can survive your worst wipeout, cycle crash, and its hard exterior can withstand being driven over by a car, leaving your laptop safe and without a scratch.

Dimensions: 22″ L x 12″ W x 6″ D

Weight: 4 lbs



The Dainese D-Gambit Backpack is designed to be a perfect city bag with enough pockets to carry your essentials, including a crush-proof Tech Vault, padded tablet, laptop sleeves, and it has a total capacity of 33.6L. D-Gambit backpack has integrated foam panels that keep your electronics and other valuables protected with an added iPad/tablet/e-reader pocket for reader-bikers. A dedicated top-loading laptop compartment fits most 15″ laptops.

It comes with fully adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps with a molded protection zone and increased shoulder strap foam padding to increase comfortability. Also, It features a touch padded neoprene grab handle.



The OGIO Rev RSS Backpack’s laptop compartment features the innovative RSS (reactive suspension system), which protects your laptop from any damage if your bag drops. Its shoulder straps are adjustable and designed to make you comfortable. With its many internal and external pockets, you may run out of items to store in them before you run out of pockets.

The OGIO Rev has two zippered side utility pockets and an additional mouse/digital camera pocket.



The AltRider 38L Synch Dry Duffle Bag is designed in different modules. They feature multiple lashing points, so they can be strapped anywhere on your bike or onto each other with their custom stacking straps (for connecting to other bags and gear).

They have super-durable 14oz vinyl-coated fabric that creates a waterproof barrier against rain. Its military-spec neoprene on all anchor patches gives off a classic vibe.

Dimensions: 24″ L x 14″ W x 11.5″ H



The Icon Speedform Backpack is a motorcycle-specific, feature-rich backpack. Its aerodynamic hardshell chassis has a 20L capacity with an adjustable sternum and shoulder straps that allows for a comfortable and secure fit while in the riding position. The shoulder straps detach, make it easy to remove or put on the bag while riding. Quick access exterior pocket is fleece-lined to protect your sunglasses or electronics, and a YKK Aquaguard zipper keeps the main compartment water-tight.

Internally, its form is compatible with hydration-systems and features a padded 15″ laptop compartment. The helmet cradle is integrated to secure your helmet outside of the bag and makes the Speedform ready for whatever route your motorcycle takes.

Overall dimensions: 21″ H x 15″ W x 6″ D.



Riding doesn’t offer much comfort when it comes to carrying luggage, but you can reduce the number of inconveniences you’re bound to experience by getting an excellent specialized motorcycle backpack.

There are a few things to look for when choosing a motorcycle backpack.


Luggage Capacity/Stability

You need a few things as a rider, and you must get a backpack that can accommodate them. When heading out for a ride or a road trip on your motorcycle, your backpack is necessary to have a more enjoyable ride. When choosing a motorcycle backpack, checking for products with enough compartments to provide much luggage space and sizes is essential. Select a compact, aerodynamic design that will help reduce drag and keep the load close to your body.

A sternum strap and waist belt will help stabilize the pack, assist with weight distribution and prevent shifting from side to side. Choosing a suitable motorcycle backpack requires some precautions as the last thing you want is to be thrown off balance by a shifting load at high speeds or when leaning into turns.


Comfort And Freedom of Movement

Choose a backpack with a harness that enables freedom of movement. Especially one that allows you to be able to steer your arms quickly. Get one that fits the shape of your body excellently. When it comes to comfort, you’ll appreciate well-padded shoulder straps and a ventilated, padded back panel.


Weather Protection/Water-Proof And Resistance

As a rider, you’re exposed to the elements. So if you happen to be commuting in wet weather or carrying items you don’t want to get wet (such as tech gadgets), you’ll want a good backpack that protects your personal belongings from the weather. If you’re navigating through the occasional rain, a water-resistant backpack should be sufficient, with perhaps added protection such as water-resistant zippers or storm flaps to protect exterior pockets.

But if you experience a lot of rain or snow on your commute, you’d want a pack that can double for downtime adventures in wet, muddy settings); a waterproof backpack might better suit your needs. In that case, look for features such as welded seams, waterproof liners, and roll-top closures to help keep the elements at bay.


Durability And Appearance (Work Appropriate Aesthetics)

There’s more to getting a backpack than just picking one from the store. You might want to consider its quality and ability to last long. Life on a bike isn’t always easy, both for you and your backpack. So you want to make sure it’s tough enough to handle regular use. Keep an eye out for durable bags! But if you want that downtime adventure adaptability, you’ll want to invest in something a little more rugged. It will likely cost more and probably weigh more too, but you won’t have to worry about how it will hold up when the going gets tough.

Still, If you’re sticking to cruising on city streets, you might want to stick to the fancy, more affluent option that best suits your workspace. The appearance of a backpack should also be put into consideration. Your workspace requirements and environment should influence your decision.  If it’s a little more formal, you’ll want to stick to cleaner, understated designs with muted colorways.


Work-Ready Organization And Ease

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If your work requires a lot of accessories, you’d need to consider the size and structure of your backpack. For instance, if you need to carry a laptop in your backpack, keep an eye out for padded tech protection. What about lots of smaller items? You might want to consider getting a bag with multiple pockets to prevent rummaging. Check out its ability to carry bulky and weighty items. Extra pockets and expandable spaces are also a necessity depending on your commute.

Your ease must be guaranteed by features such as excess strap management, glove-friendly harness buckles, and easily accessible main compartments. This will add to the overall user-friendly experience.



If you’re considering getting just a backpack for the city streets and the off-road trails, you have to decide how versatile you want your pack to be. Consider a hydration bladder and maybe an adjustable volume that would help travel needs, and bear this in mind when deciding whether a bag is suitable for you and what features you want it to possess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a backpack?

Backpacks are a necessity to every biker. Their usefulness cannot be overemphasized as they can store supplies that one may need while on the road. But one thing that makes a specialized backpack better than a typical bag is that it has a strap for the helmet.

Does my motorcycle backpack need to be aerodynamic?

No, it doesn’t! This is one of the most frequently asked questions about motorcycle backpacks. Suppose you’re out for economic convenience and still not comfortable with the idea of a motorcycle pack. In that case, you can use a variety of luggage options from tank bags to tail bags and everything in between.

But if you want the “best” and take safety seriously, then the simple answer to the question of whether or not your motorcycle backpack needs to be aerodynamic is most likely, “no.” While there are a few top motorcycle packs with tout sleek lines and cut-through-the-air designs (like the OGIO No Drag Mach 5 backpack), you may likely not notice the difference.

How do I attach a helmet to my backpack?

Different brands come with differing installation set up. Some are built to house a helmet and will come with the appropriate attachments. For helmets that don’t have a specific helmet carrier, a simple rider hack is to loop a carabiner through the DD rings and buckle it to one of the straps.

What size of motorcycle backpack do I need?

It honestly all comes down to what you are comfortable with and what you need to carry. Different backpacks come in different sizes and compartments. Sizes can range from sub-10-liter packs to relatively large 40-liter packs and beyond.

How should a motorcycle backpack fit?

Comfortable but not restrictive. When trying on a motorcycle backpack, you should do so while wearing your full motorcycle gear and riding position. One common issue riders run into is that an improperly fitting backpack can ride up, pushing on the back of your helmet and generally making you uncomfortable.

Will a motorcycle backpack improve my riding?

Yee, it can improve your riding. But this can be controlled to an extent by how you pack it, how comfortable you are in it, and how accustomed you are to riding with it.

Are motorcycle backpacks safe?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. On the one hand, many will argue against them as safety features, as they could theoretically catch onto obstacles in the event of a slide. However, some options will come with the ability to add a back protector insert or act as a back protector in their own right, as with the Boblbee GTX 25L Backpack, which offers a 94 percent reduction in impact force.


Every motorcycle Backpack has its cons, and it is almost impossible to find the perfect one. But it is best to get a motorcycle backpack that fits you just right to make your ride comfortable and enjoyable.