These Are Moped Scooters That Look Like Motorcycles

black and silver motorcycle parked on sidewalk during daytime

Are There Scooters That Look Like Motorcycles?

Absolutely! Many scooters look like motorcycles. They are called maxi-scooters. They are big, comfortable, fuel-efficient, and great to look at. Depending on the specs, they can be as expensive as an actual motorcycle. So, if you’re in the market for a scooter that looks and performs like a motorcycle, read on.

There is a considerable benefit to gain when buying a maxi-scooter, but before we talk about these benefits, let me mention a few brands and models:

1. The Yamaha T-Max 560 

The Yamaha T-Max 560 is a radical maxi scooter inspired by supersport motorcycles. Because of its size and specs, I hesitate to call it a compact scooter. The Yamaha T-Max is a joy to ride thanks to its linked multi-display 7-inch full-color TFT screen, smartphone connectivity, and full-map Garmin Navigation, among other amenities. It also has updated wheels and suspension that deliver an unmatched sporty handling performance. The TECHMAX is another variant of the T-Max. It has a heated seat, improved temp control, heated grips, an electrically adjustable windshield, cruise control, backlit fluorescent handlebars, and center switches, adjustable rear suspension, and a premium quality interior. 

2. Suzuki Burgman 650

This scooter has a twin-cylinder engine, CVT auto-transmission (manual and sports mode), and is considered a high-performance vehicle in the maxi-scooter class. It boasts luxury features like ABS, electric folding mirrors, adjustable screen, heated grips and seat, immobilizer, and other creature comforts. Fuel consumption is above par at 59 miles per gallon.

3. Honda Integra 750 

It’s big and expensive, but it’s worth every penny. It’s a Honda! It has a super-efficient dual-clutch transmission (DCT), enclosed bodywork, a conventional chain drive (which needs adjusting and lubing every now and then), full-size 17-inch wheels that give better grip and stability, and large brakes with a 320 mm disc at the front. And its engine is considered “half a Jazz car engine,” very fuel-efficient, and loaded with high-tech features (full LCD panel, three sport modes, preload adjustable suspension, etc.). 

4. Kymco AK 550

If you’re used to seeing small Kymco scooters, the AK550 will undoubtedly change your opinion about Kymco. This maxi-scooter has a full-bore parallel-twin engine that can put out 53 bhp, mounted on an aluminum-framed chassis, and it screams premium from the headlight to the tail. It has an adjustable windscreen-colored LCD dashboard with advanced connectivity via the Noodoe app. The company also offers firmware updates to the maxi-scoot’s ECU that can be done by the owner via their smartphone. 

5. BMW C650 GT

BMW is relatively new to the maxi-scoot market but did a fantastic job with the C650. As you would expect from BMW, the C650 comes fully equipped with a 60-bhp 647cc twin-cylinder engine. This modern engine is wrapped in a well-designed chassis, offering sporty handling and an extremely comfortable ride. The frame itself is a combination of steel tubes and aluminum that combines lightness and stiffness where it is needed. It has twin front brake discs, BMW’s trademark ABS, and a traction control system, assuring you that it is a safe ride. It also comes with luggage, heated grips and seat, chrome accents, an integrated satnav feature, and a superbike-style tachometer shown on a huge LCD panel.

Why get a maxi-scooter instead of a motorcycle? 

1. Quicker Learning Curve

Scooters are easy to use, hence “twist and go.” Their gear system is automatic; therefore, if you’re a new rider, all you need to learn is how to balance it. If you know how to balance a bicycle, you will balance a scooter. Although, since we are talking about scooters that are almost motorcycles in weight and size, you need to get accustomed to the heft.

2. Power And Acceleration

Remember, the bigger the engine, the more powerful the motor, the faster the acceleration. Once you learn how to handle a maxi-scooter, you must be mindful of how powerful the initial take-off is. Many new riders who fail to consider this power tend to crash their scooter shortly after leaving the dealership. 

3. Tires And Wheelbase

The two differences between maxi-scooters and motorcycles are tire size and wheelbase; bikes are more stable at high speeds than motorcycles, and the distance between the wheels is larger than on motorcycles.

4. Storage

Most motor scooters are equipped with engines placed right in front of the rear wheel; this creates a sizeable storage space over the wheel, which is not common with motorcycles.

Advantage of a maxi-scooter

Time Savings

A scooter is a perfect way to travel short distances. No matter where you live or what rush hour you encounter, traveling by scooter can help you reduce your commuting time.


Scooters are relatively affordable to buy. So, they’re accessible to most people. This makes them popular, especially among young adults.

Cost Savings

Compared to a motorcycle or a car, a maxi-scooter is a cost-saving way of going places. They are also more affordable, fuel-efficient, and easier to maintain compared to a car or a motorcycle. With a maxi-scooter, you’ll be able to save thousands of dollars a year.


Scooters are incredibly adaptable, which means you should be able to use them wherever. They are easy to park, too! You can use your scooter anywhere, so long as you can access a paved or dirt path. You can also use it in the city, but you’ll have to be careful about the traffic.


Suppose you’re looking for a good scooter, one that’s environmentally friendly. In that case, you need to opt for a scooter that’s made to be both efficient and economical.


Unlike motorcycles, scooters are relatively affordable. That means most people can afford them, which is one of the reasons why the demand for scooters is skyrocketing. Of course, this depends on the unit’s specs you are buying. As stated above, the price of a maxi-scooter is close to a motorcycle. 


If you’re looking to buy a new maxi-scooter, you can find some great models out there. Most of them are lighter than a motorcycle, so you can easily store and ride them around with ease.  Some of the models also have adjustable seats, which you can adjust to your liking. Almost all of the scooters you’ll buy will have impressive shock absorbers. They’ll improve the acceleration and braking of the scooter, which is excellent.

Stylish and Luxurious

Most, if not all, of these maxi-scooters are not only built to be efficient and comfortable, but they also have a superb design, high quality, and attract much attention.


So, there you have it, a brief overview of the difference between a motorcycle and a maxi-scooter. Hopefully, this article helped you understand more about maxi-scooters and why you should consider them if you’re looking for an urban riding machine. 

We’d love to hear from you. What maxi-scooter are you considering buying?