The Best Motorcycle Jackets With Hood – [ 5 Top Picks ]

motorcycle jackets with hood

Hoodies are not only limited to sweatshirts. They also come in different types, including leather jackets and motorcycle jackets. While they look very different, they almost have the same use.

Many motorcyclists have long struggled with going for a ride and not standing out too much in their riding gear. Fortunately, motorcycle gear companies have noticed the demand, and hoods are now entering the race. These motorcycle jackets with hoods are still somewhat new compared to traditional leather jackets. 

In this article, we’ll discuss why you need these motorcycle rain jackets with hoods and share our top 5 hoodie jacket picks:

1. HIJEWE Hooded Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket

2. Chouyatou Vintage Hooded Motorcycle Jacket

3. Wantdo Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Removable Hood

4. Crysully Vintage Motorcycle Biker Jacket with Removable Hood

5. Flavor Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Removable Hood

Why Should You Buy a Motorcycle Hoodie?

Motorcycle jackets with hood do look better than simple jackets. With these hoodies, you get a contemporary urban look with a relaxed outlook. But is that all? No! These hoodies also offer some other benefits besides just making you look stunning, and we are going to explain them below:


A leather hoodie will protect you against rain. No need for an umbrella or a helmet if you are going out on a cloudy day. So when it starts to rain, just pull the hoodie over your head. Sure, rain won’t be an issue if you wear a helmet. But in case you forget it, then the hoodie will keep you from drenching your head in the rain.

These jackets are not necessarily waterproof, as they absorb moisture like most fabrics. However, it still provides a layer of protection against rain — something you can’t expect from a regular motorcycle jacket and works like a motorcycle rain suit

Keeps You Warm

If you are not too fond of leather jackets and prefer cotton or wool over leather any day, then motorcycle jackets with hoods are for you. These motorcycle rain gears keep you warm during rain and cold weather. And if it gets too windy, just put the hood over your head. Regular jackets only cover your body, while a hoodie will cover both your body and head, making your ride warmer and more comfortable. 

Adjustable Tightness

Motorcycle jackets with hood have adjustable tightness. When you wear the hood over your head, you can adjust the tightness with the drawstring. Pull it to make the hood fit your head. This adjustment adds a new level of comfort and versatility to hoodie jackets.

Statement Piece

Motorcycle jackets with hoodies do make a statement piece. They come in various styles, including bomber and aviation jackets. Motorcycle jackets have been around for quite some time and never lost their charm. They have retained their popularity because the styling possibilities are endless. 

Our Top 5 Recommendations

bike jacket with hoodie

We have 5 motorcycle jackets with hood picked out for you. We chose these jackets because they can survive in warm or cold weather in style and help protect you in case of an accident. Take your time to review them and see if they fit your requirements. 

1. HIJEWE Hooded Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Apart from all the features you expect from any decent jacket, the HIJEWE Hooded Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket stands out because it is sleek and of high quality. This brand offers bespoke options where customers can make any changes they want to their jacket, even though the jackets are ready to wear. 

HIJEWE motorcycle jackets with hoods are fitted with breathable fabric and feature CE protection on the shoulder, backside, and chest. These motorcycle jackets for tall riders are good for tall and heavyweight riders. It gives off a casual look, both on and off the bike, without compromising protection or functionality. 

2. Chouyatou Vintage Hooded Motorcycle Jacket

The Chouyatou Vintage Hooded Jacket is made from premium faux leather with polyester lining. The waist length offers full closure with zipper closure on the front. Cuffs have zippers as well, and you will find there is no shortage of pockets. There are two pockets on the bottom side, with one pocket inside. 

It has long sleeves and a two-way zipper. The fabric is all-natural and breathable. If you are interested in rocking an awesome-looking leather jacket without breaking your bank account, then you can consider some best budget motorcycle jackets available in the market. It’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t lack any protection, looks, or craftsmanship. 

3. Wantdo Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Removable Hood

This Wantdo Jacket only weighs 4 pounds and is made with faux leather (cowhide and other leather material. The jacket is made while keeping comfort and ease in mind. It is best suited for cold weather. 

Wantdo’s hooded jacket design philosophy combines function and form. It has elastic features in the rib area. Overall, the jacket feels soft on the skin. Moreover, this jacket has several pockets to help you stay organized.

4. Crysully Vintage Motorcycle Biker Jacket with Removable Hood

Summertime is the season for bikers to get together and enjoy long trips. As you ride, you will need a jacket that will offer you excellent protection, abrasion resistance, zippered air vents, and much more. In this jacket, you get two side-entry pockets with an additional pocket on the inside. 

The PU leather is ideal for daily use and outdoor activities. With this jacket, you get a full-length zipper closure, a knitted rib cuff, a stand collar, and a removable hood. The Crysully Hood Motorcycle Jacket pulls off the perfect combination of urban causal wear and a vintage classic leather look.

5. Flavor Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Removable Hood

This one is on the premium end. It’s made of a high-quality leather exterior, while the insides are 100% cotton. We recommend Flavor’s Hooded Jacket for Winter if you want to look modern. There is no ventilation in this leather jacket. There is no cooling effect, so it’s perfect for winter.

The sizing and fitting are great, and the cuff adjustment is excellent. The ribbed collar and the hood are removable as well. The lining is made of polyester and features double stitches. It has both rain and wind resistance too. Still, we recommend it for short trips, not long or adventurous ones.


Motorcycle jackets with hoods are born out of convenience. These types of jackets are meant for short trips, despite how good or bad the weather is. If you ride short distances, like within city limits, and want to keep a relaxed, casual look, one of our recommended motorcycle jackets with hoodies paired with ice-blue denim will be the perfect combo for you! Just don’t forget to put on your helmet.