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The Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves – [ Our 5 Top Picks! ]

what are the best heated motorcycle gloves

Motorcycle riding can be one of the most freeing and exhilarating experiences you can have. Unfortunately, it’s a year-round pursuit, which means you’ll likely face some cold weather on your bike at some point. No matter how much gear you wear, sometimes there’s no way to escape the freezing temperatures in colder climates. That’s why I recommend investing in heated motorcycle gloves.

In this article, you’ll learn the types of heated motorcycle gloves, discuss why you need them, and share our top 5 picks:

1. Highway 21 7V Radiant Heated Gloves

2. Alpinestars HT-5 Heat Tech Drystar Gloves

3. Hotwired 12V Heated Gloves

4. Gerbing 12V Vanguard

5. Joe Rocket Burner Lite

Heated gloves are specifically designed for motorcyclists who spend hours on their bikes and need to stay warm during long rides. Many options are available — but not all of them are made equal. Some simply keep their hands from getting too cold, while others will actually keep them fairly warm.

The best heated motorbike gloves use internal heating elements that provide consistent warmth throughout your ride. In other words, you’ll never worry about losing feeling in your fingers while riding in sub-zero temperatures ever again!

Heated Motorcycle Gloves – Are They Necessary?

Does anyone want to sit through a two-hour ride when it’s freezing cold? Nope! Thick gloves might not be enough to keep you calm and collected during harsh conditions, and that’s where heated motorcycle gloves come in handy. Heated motorcycle gloves are a pretty essential tool for riding in cold weather.

These hand warmers are usually made with soft breathable materials and last up to 10 hours, so you can feel the difference without dreading being stuck with a dead battery halfway through your trip. The best part? Most heated motorcycle gloves can be worn over your regular motorcycle gloves, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort, durability, or protection for warmth.

The best heated motorcycle gloves feature a durable water-resistant outer shell, are made of weatherproof materials and feature adjustable temperature control.

Types of Heated Motorcycle Gloves

There are 4 main types of heated motorcycles gloves on the market today:

1. 12V Heated Bike Gloves

12V gloves are the most common, and for a good reason. They offer the most power and durability for the price. If you don’t know what I mean by that, let me try to explain: 12V summer motorcycle gloves are simply more powerful than 7V or 5V ones. That means that they can heat up faster and stay hot longer than their lower-voltage counterparts — and it also means they will cost you more money! But if you want something that will last through numerous winters on your ride, this is one of your best bets.

It all has to do with how much voltage goes into heating up each glove (or jacket) you buy. The higher the voltage rating, the better it performs over time, and yes, this does mean 12V ones will be more expensive than 7Vs or 5Vs!

2. 7V Heated Bike Gloves

7V heated cruiser motorcycle gloves are a great option for those on a budget. The 7V technology is less powerful than the 12V and 15V options, but it still provides you with plenty of warmth. However, if you have never used heated gloves before or are not used to wearing them in cold weather, then you may find that they do not provide enough heat for your needs.

If you do decide to go with 7V heated motorcycle gloves, then we recommend going with something like this pair of armored waterproof winter motorcycle gloves by Alpinestars. They offer decent protection from the elements while still providing adequate warmth thanks to their built-in heating system. This system can be powered by either 4 AA batteries or via a USB cord if you can access an outlet near where your bike is parked at night time. So that means no more freezing cold hands after riding around town all day during the winter months!

3. Dual-Heated 7V / 12V Heated Bike Gloves

A pair of dual-heated gloves can be used as both 7-volt heated gloves and 12-volt heated gloves. Dual-heated motorcycle gloves can be powered either by your motorcycle’s battery or by small portable 7v batteries hidden in the gauntlets of the gloves.

4. Heated Glove Liners

Heated glove liners are made up of a thin textile shell, which is designed to be worn over your favorite pair of riding gloves, and a thin fleece liner. The warmth provided by these heated gloves is meant to keep your hands warm while you ride.

A 7V or 12V battery powers the heating elements inside the liner, which heats up when switched on through an on/off switch in the cuff area of the liner (the same place where you would wear your watch). The battery can be removed from its pocket in order for it to be recharged using its own charger or another compatible one.

The benefits of using heated glove liners include:

  • They are lightweight and flexible, so they feel like regular riding gloves without adding bulkiness; and
  • They allow users to adjust how hot their hands get by simply turning off their heat settings at any time during their rides as needed (e.g., if they’re too hot).

What Do These Heated Motorcycle Gloves Have in Common?

  • They are waterproof;
  • They have thermal insulation;
  • The gloves are breathable;
  • They come with a battery pack; and
  • They feature heat control.

Top 5 Picks for the Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Here are our 5 best heated motorcycle gloves:

1. Highway 21 7V Radiant Heated Gloves

The Highway 21 7V Radiant Heated Gloves are a great pair of gloves for your motorcycle. They feature a water-resistant outer shell, so you don’t have to worry about them getting wet in the rain. They also come with waterproof zips, so you can adjust the temperature of your gloves easily while riding.

The inner lining is comfortable and soft against your skin, making it easy to wear gloves all day without feeling any irritation or discomfort. The built-in LED light on the back provides visibility during nighttime rides, so you’ll never get caught out in the dark again! These heated motorcycle gloves also offer reinforced palms for extra grip when riding through slippery conditions like snow or mud (or even if it’s just cold out) and are considered among some best motorcycle gloves with palm sliders.

With breathable mesh panels, including the ILM Air Flow Leather Motorcycle Gloves, that allow air circulation throughout your hands when wearing these heated motorcycle gloves, they’re perfect for any type of weather conditions.! You’ll be able to ride safely no matter what kind of weather Mother Nature throws at us this winter season!

2. Alpinestars HT-5 Heat Tech Drystar Gloves

The Alpinestars HT-5 Heat Tech Drystar Gloves are a great option for those who want the warmth of heated motorcycle gloves without the bulkiness. The gloves feature a waterproof and breathable Drystar outer shell, with a softshell inner liner and brushed tricot inner liner to keep your hands warm. You’ll hardly even know you’re wearing them, so they’re great to wear while riding in cold weather or when you need some extra protection from wind and rain.

The HT-5 also comes equipped with Alpinestars’ thermal reflective lining, which helps reflect body heat into your hand and increase warmth by up to 40%.

3. Hotwired 12V Heated Gloves

These gloves feature a waterproof and windproof outer shell, allowing you to ride in any conditions without fearing grip loss on your handlebars. The perforated outer shell allows the gloves to breathe, which keeps them from getting too hot and sweaty during use.

The Hotwired 12V Heated Gloves are powered by a removable battery pack and a 12V heating element. You can charge the battery pack via USB or cigarette lighter adapter plug (vehicle not included), so you’re never far away from getting back out on the road after running out of juice!

4. Gerbing 12V Vanguard

The Gerbing 12V Vanguard is an electrically heated motorcycle glove that’s waterproof, breathable, and has a very comfortable fit. The grip on the palm of this glove is made out of vinyl, which is pretty common in heated gloves as it helps prevent sweat from building up inside your waterproofed gear. It also provides good traction while riding as well as protects you from road rash should you slide off your bike while wearing them.

The knuckles on these work well because they’re padded to protect against impact during crashes or falls while wearing them – but they don’t feel bulky or awkward when gripping handlebars or other parts of your motorcycle!

They’ve got reflective material sewn into the back of them so that cars can see you at night. However, I do wish there were more reflective features on this pair, like maybe some strips across the back for extra visibility at night (they do have some reflective stitching along seams near where fingers meet palm).

5. Joe Rocket Burner Lite

The Joe Rocket Burner Lite gloves are the best heated motorcycle gloves for cold weather riding. They’re waterproof and windproof, so you won’t have to worry about getting wet or cold while you ride your motorcycle in inclement weather. They also come with a 12V heating element that will keep your hands warm during those chilly mornings and evenings in the fall and winter months.

The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, which means that once you’ve charged it up at home, you can take these gloves wherever they need to go — they don’t take up much space in your bag at all! Plus, this type of battery has no memory effect: if you charge it before going out on the road (or just plug it in overnight) and then unplug it before using them again, there won’t be any negative side effects — it’ll still work as well as ever! So the only thing left to do now is trying them out for yourself!

Conclusion – Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves

The best heated motorcycle gloves will keep your hands warm and dry even when the weather outside is cold or wet especially rain gloves keep the hands dry while riding even in the extreme rain conditions. But always check the manufacturer’s instructions before using any heating system, as improper use could lead to an accident.

I hope this guide has helped you find the best-heated motorcycle gloves for your needs or at least provided some useful information about what features to consider when shopping for them, including factors like durability, heating capabilities, and the availability of lightweight gloves options.. You will want to take these on your next trip.. I’ve been using heated gear for decades, and I’m happy to share my knowledge with others who are looking to keep their hands warm on the road.

If you want more information about these gloves or other types of gear, please feel free to contact me.