10 Best Motorcycle Seat Cover Review Guide

Updated May 2022


D’COR Visuals Team Geico Factory Seat Cover

Riders know how important it is to maintain control of their bike and the Factory Reinforced D’Cor seat covers deliver the ultimate in durability and performance. Sewn in-house at D’cor, each seat cover is constructed from 12oz Hi-tac rubberized vinyl with seven ribs for extra traction in muddy or wet conditions. This highly durable, yet lightweight construction offers unprecedented traction and was developed with feedback provided by factory race teams like Geico Honda and Star Yamaha Racing. Each seat cover is also sewn with a nylon thread that increases durability and adds to the overall strength of the cover.


  • Constructed from 12oz Hi-Tac rubberized vinyl
  • Highly durable, yet lightweight
  • Seven top ribs for extra traction in wet conditions
  • Nylon stitching provides great durability
  • Offers improved grip over most OEM covers
  • Offered in various colors to match your bike
  • Made in the USA


Saddlemen Universal Seat Rain Covers

These black nylon covers are polyurethane backed for water resistance. They feature tabs sewn into the main cover that insert between the seat and body panels to ensure a secure and tight fit, even in heavy winds. They are easy to install and compactly fold away.


  • Solo Seat without Backrest- 26” long x 14” wide  
  • Two-Up Seat without Backrest- 35” long x 18” wide
  • Two-Up Seat with Backrest- 38” long x 14” wide
  • Touring Seat with or without Backrest- 38″ long x 18″ wide

Note: Touring Seat covers include a Tour-Pak rain cover. Solo and Two-Up Seat covers include a storage bag. 

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Mustang Solo Seat For Harley

Mustang brings much-needed comfort and style to those stuck on a factory saddle. These solo seats are wide and deep, made for miles of comfort.


  • Good looks of yesteryear
  • Made in the USA

Note: Image depicts driver and passenger seats together – Mustang Solo Passenger Seat is available separately.


Mustang Tripper Pillion Seat For Harley

Mustang brings you a nice, low profile passenger seat to keep the person behind you happy while not compromising the style of your bike. Good looks balanced with long-road comfort.


  • Complementary rear seat to the Mustang Tripper Solo Seat For Harley
  • Durable cover with comfort foam interior
  • Easy installation
  • Made in the USA

Note: Image depicts driver and passenger seats together – seats are sold separately.


Airhawk Dual Sport Seat Pad

The last mile can feel as good as the first, thanks to Airhawk. This pad is designed for the more narrow front of dual sport/adventure seats, and fills the gap when the medium is too wide and the small is too long. Don’t let an uncomfortable seat beat you up. Riding on air will mean that you will have more energy when you arrive. 

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Airhawk offers a lifetime warranty on cell pads to be free of defects in materials or workmanship.


  • Arrow front to match the seat profile of most Dual Sport Bikes
  • Front of the DS Seat Cushion has been tapered down and away from the rider’s groin area to minimize unwanted pressure
  • Not just for Dual Sport Bikes, it works well with those hard to fit seats where the Airhawk Cruiser Medium and Airhawk R are too wide, and the Airhawk Cruiser Small is too long
  • Poly Mesh cover
  • Dimensions: 11.5″ Deep x 11″ Wide


Mustang Wide Touring Seat

The deeply contoured front bucket is complemented by the passenger seat that angles forward to support the rider’s back. Premium-quality expanded vinyl cover for offers a clean, smooth look, while built-in steel support wings in the passenger seat for strength and comfort. The optional backrest, available on some models, features ample adjustability, ensuring you can dial in your perfect riding position. 


  • Deeply contoured front bucket; passenger seat angles forward to support the rider’s back
  • Premium-quality expanded vinyl cover
  • Built-in steel support wings in the passenger seat
  • Removable contoured driver backrest pad (applicable models)
  • Backrest folds completely forward for ease of getting on motorcycle
  • Backrest pivots to match your back angle
  • Rounded thumb screw adjusts backrest forward and back up to 2″ while you are seated
  • Backrest easily snaps into four height positions
  • Made in the USA


Mustang Super Touring Seat For Harley

If you like to get to the hotel and get to bed, a stock seat is no problem. If you have plans to experience the night life at your destination, however, you might want to consider a seat that will leave you the energy to do so! Get there sore or get there happy and ready to keep going. 


  • One-piece, super-comfortable touring design provides the rider with the fullest, most comfortable seat possible
  • Sits the driver 1 3/4″ further back than the stock seat
  • Thick, comfortable foam sits rider higher than stock seat
  • Vintage seats have smooth covers; Regal seats feature tufted buttons
  • Made in the USA

Note: The Driver Backrest is available separately.


Mustang Tripper Fastback Seat For Harley

The Tripper Fastback offers a super-clean, custom style, cut low for the rider with good back support. The seat is tapered in back but still offers a reasonable degree of passenger comfort with a traditional look.


  • Offers a super clean, custom style
  • Cut low for the rider with good back support
  • Tapered in back but still offers good passenger comfort
  • Expanded vinyl cover
  • Made in the USA