Motorcycle Muffler – How to Make It Louder [Video Guide]

how to make a motorcycle muffler louder

The motorcycle muffler was designed to reduce the noise that accompanies the engine’s combustion process. However, it seems that manufacturers have been one-sided in their production ethics. They’ve considered the majority of people that frown on noise. And have neglected the needs of performance fanatics who enjoy the rumbling sound of the engine. If you’re one of those, this article is good news. After reading it, you’ll finally be able to ride adventurously like your favorite movie character.

We’ve outlined four common methods that can make your motorcycle muffler louder. Depending on how loud you need the muffler to be, you can apply as many as you want. These methods include buying a new muffler, investing in an aftermarket exhaust, replacing your ignition, and fixing your carburetor.

Buy a New Muffler

This is usually the first and most common alternative to an existing muffler. There are different types of mufflers available. The one to buy depends on several things like your motorcycle type, engine, present exhaust, etc.

If you’re going with this option, you should consider consulting a professional. If you don’t, you could buy one that is worse than the present one your motorcycle uses. However, straight mufflers are your best bet when considering a replacement. They increase the sound and your motorcycle’s performance as well.

Invest in an Aftermarket Exhaust

This is another upgrade that can change how your motorcycle sounds. Your motorcycle’s original exhaust is designed to control the release of gases from the combustion process. While this is good for pollution control, it’s not necessarily healthy for the bike. The right aftermarket exhaust will allow exhaust gases to escape the engine freely. Your engine will be able to breathe more, thereby maximizing its full potential.

One thing to know before buying an exhaust is that automobiles are pretty selective of exhausts. Not all aftermarket exhausts will work well with your motorcycle’s engine. Therefore, you’ll have to consult a professional or an auto shop for recommendations on what exhaust to buy. If you’re careful enough to pick the right one, you’ll increase your muffler’s sound and your engine’s power.

Replace Your Ignition

You may not know it, but the ignition your motorcycle uses has a significant impact on its sound. It is one of the elements that determine the strain and kickback of the engine. With ignition systems, it’s all about the timing. You can get an aftermarket ignition whose timing synchronizes with your engine. So when you start your bike, the response is neither too slow nor fast but sharp. A good aftermarket ignition can even increase your bike’s power.

Fix Your Carburetor

If you’re using a carb bike, you must know how vital the carburetor is to the bike. It powers the combustion process with a proportionate amount of air and fuel. If your carburetor is larger, it will affect the combustion process. And in turn, give the exhaust more work and make the muffler louder.

If you have already bought an aftermarket exhaust, you should complement it with this. However, be sure your new carburetor has an approximately 80% volumetric efficiency.

What to Consider Before Making Your Muffler Louder

how to increase the volume of a motorcycle muffler

We all have different tastes and preferences. Starting from the food we eat, clothes to wear, religion, and sexual preferences. This has made society become a very diplomatic place to ensure the survival of all.

Motorcycles have evolved over the years. There were days when the mufflers were just an accessory and didn’t curb much sound. These days, you can barely hear any noise while riding. However, before you go back in time to get the thrill of motorcycle sounds, there are things you should consider. They are:

1. Volume of Sound

Manufacturers initially placed your motorcycle’s muffler there to eliminate engine noise. This is because motorcycles are very loud. As a matter of fact, much louder than cars without mufflers. Their engines are built for performance. Therefore, they emit loud sounds and concentrated gases as by-products.

If you’re serious about getting the sounds back, consider how loud you want it. Just as removing your muffler totally would be deafening and unadvisable. Same way, buying the wrong aftermarket muffler can be more than you bargained for. Tune your muffler only to the right amount of sound that will be tolerable to your ears.

2. Where You Live

The laws bind everyone, from your bike manufacturers to you, the rider. Another reason bikes are equipped with mufflers is to abide by the rules guiding noise pollution in many places. These rules vary by state or country. While some countries firmly frown on any kind of noise, including automobile noise, others permit a certain degree of it.

Before you proceed to replace or increase the volume of your muffler, check with your state rules. Consult professional technicians in your locality to know what to do precisely. This is very important if you don’t want the cops on your back 24/7. If you become tagged as a constant offender, you could end up paying huge fines.

3. Performance of Your Engine

The exhaust system, including the muffler, affects your engine’s performance. As we mentioned earlier, exhausts and mufflers are no longer accessories. They are now carefully tailored according to the engine’s needs and specifications. This is why not every muffler is suitable for your bike.

If you buy the wrong one, the performance of your motorcycle could reduce. Your engine could begin to backfire and suffer cold air reversion problems. This will lead to other malfunctions in major systems of the bike, like the ignition. Make sure you assess your bike critically before attempting to increase your muffler’s sound.

4. The State of Your Health

Increasing your muffler’s volume does not come cheap. There are consequences to it — consequences your health may not handle. Motorcycle exhaust systems keep harmful gases away from you. Altering the muffler means you’re modifying a significant part of the exhaust system. Therefore, an increase in sound could increase the release of toxic gases.

If you’re asthmatic or have other health conditions that frown at smoke or loud sounds, you’ll need more care. Only make upgrades that you can tolerate. Before all, your health comes first.


We all know how thrilling that deep motorcycle sound can get. And the vibe it can add to our adventure. Maybe at some point, you’ve even thought of going back to your old Harley-Davidson to feel that adrenaline rush again. However, you won’t need to anymore.

With the methods above, you can get your muffler louder in no time. One thing, though: you should consider all the factors listed above when making your decision. That way, you won’t have any regrets later.