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Motorcycle Eye Protection – Do You Need It? [Safety + Tips]

do you need eye protection on a motorcycle

According to a recent study, nearly 5,000 motorcycle riders are killed on US roads each year, confirming that motorcycle riding on national highways is dangerous. Despite these dangers, most of us have little choice but to use the road — whether as a passenger, driver, or commuter in a public vehicle.

Protection and safety when riding a motorcycle are provided by your wit, discipline, experience, and motorcycle gear versus the protection and safety when you are in a car, truck, or bus. If you want to stay safe while riding, you need to have a quality helmet, jacket, pants, boots, and eye protection. 

The Need for Eye Protection When Riding

When you’re motorcycle riding, you are exposed to whatever is in your environment: dust, pollen, flying insects, birds, bird poo, debris, snow, rain, and many others. All these elements can impair your vision, cause you to lose focus, and result in an accident if you’re not careful. Having said this, having eye protection while riding makes sense. 

Do you need eye protection on a motorcycle? Yes, you need eye protection when riding, especially when it is required by law. But regardless of the law, eye protection is a necessity when riding.

Eye protection is mandatory in 22 states and exempted in 23 states when your motorcycle has a windshield. If you live in this group of 23 states, you must have a windshield at least 15 inches high.

What Type of Eye Protection Is Recommended?

When riding your motorcycle, you need to have proper eye protection. The most common type of eye protection for motorcycle riders is sunglasses. Sunglasses provide good vision while offering protection from the elements. However, other types of eye protection can be worn by motorcycle riders. These are visors, goggles, and glasses:


A clear visor can be found in most full-face helmets. You can get a dark visor if you frequently ride in the daytime. The sun’s glare and harmful UV rays can be mitigated with a visor. Additionally, some helmets come with a dual visor where the second one is retractable and already tinted. 

Glasses and Goggles

Most motorcycle glasses and goggles help protect the eyes against UV rays, wind, and debris. The sunglasses will suffice if you’re running around town and at low speed. However, goggles are highly recommended for high-speed rides such as motocross, touring sports, or ATV rides. 

Eyewear for Motorcycle Riding – Things to Look For

As a motorcycle rider, you must be protected against various hazards. We all wear the proper gear, use the best helmets, and are always cautious of other vehicles on the road. Still, many riders overlook having the appropriate eyewear for riding.

Motorcycle sunglasses shield your eyes from dust, harmful sunlight, and wind. There are numerous excellent motorcycle glasses on the market. Decent motorcycle glasses are necessary to use a helmet without a windshield.

Here’s a rundown of things you should look for in a good pair of motorcycle glasses:

1. Prescription

Prescription glasses aren’t just a requirement when driving. You need them when riding your motorcycle too. So, before you ride, talk to your optometrist about swapping out the regular lens of your glasses or goggles with the ones prescribed for you. 

2. Polarization

When choosing motorcycle glasses, polarization is essential. A decent pair of sunglasses can provide a clear and sharp vision of the road and surrounding vehicles. It is possible to cut down on the glare that comes from a car’s windshield or a wet road with the help of a pair of lenses. Extra clarity on your motorcycle can help you avoid danger.

3. Foam Padding

The padding will add comfort to motorcycle glasses. Without foam, the wind will push your glasses into your face. The foam can also be used as a lock against debris. The foam between the glasses and your eyes makes it hard for debris to reach you.

4. Strap Compatibility

Because strong winds can lead you to lose your motorcycle riding glasses, this is especially helpful for people who wear open-faced helmets. When you are not riding, the best models have a removable strap. 

5. Photochromic or Transition Features

These features are good for daytime and night rides. The photochromic lens becomes darker and stays clear when exposed to UV light. It means you will have clarity at night and glare and light protection during the day. The disadvantage of these types of glasses is that they do not go as dark as other types of riding glasses.

3 Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses

1. Choppers Night Driving Riding Padded Motorcycle Glasses

These Night Driving Riding Padded Motorcycle Glasses by Choppers are great at reducing glare and improving visual clarity when riding at night. Although not polarized, this model can filter light, thus reducing glare when riding during the daytime. 

The only disadvantage is that they don’t come with a strap but are clipped securely on the side of your head. Plus, they are padded, so riding with them is comfortable.

2. Bikershades Motorcycle Polarized Sunglasses

This pair of Bikershades Motorcycle Polarized Sunglasses are made from super-durable polycarbonate material. They can fit different types of faces but is flexible enough to return to their original shape. The in-laid foam is comfortable and helps shield your eyes from debris. The Bikershades Sunglasses is also sweat-proof and polarized, so it’s effective in reducing glare. 

3. Global Vision Kickback Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses (3 Pairs)

The Global Vision Kickback Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses comes in three pairs: clear, smoked, and yellow lens. They are made of shatterproof polycarbonate lenses for maximum eye protection. They also have UV400 filters to protect you from harmful UV rays. Other features include rubber ear pads for all-day riding comfort, scratch-resistant coating to protect the lenses from wear and tear, and vented EVA foam padding for comfort and protection from wind and debris.


So there you have it, 3 of the best motorcycle riding glasses you can buy. I hope this list has helped you choose the best motorcycle glasses for your needs. If you are going on a trip see our packing list here.. Also, please let us know if you have additional suggestions.