Motorcycle Covers – Are They Worth It? [Benefits & Tips]

are motorcycle covers worth it

Maintaining your motorcycle doesn’t have to be a hassle. You are busy in the hustle and bustle of life. A lot is going on, but you can manage. Let’s start with the basics. But, first, get a suitable motorcycle cover! 

So, are motorcycle covers worth it? Yes, if you want to protect your motorcycle from the sun’s harmful rays and harsh weather conditions, it would be great to purchase a high-quality cover. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are keeping your motorcycle indoors or outdoors. A suitable cover can keep your bike safe from dirt and debris. Read on for more information. 

Do You Need a Motorcycle Cover? 

should you cover your motorcycle

You may worry about the price of the motorcycle cover, but it’s okay. Some things in life are worth the investment, and a motorcycle cover comes under that list. Just because your friend doesn’t own a motorcycle cover doesn’t mean you need not purchase one. Owning a motorcycle cover means you can enjoy numerous benefits such as: 

#1. Keeps Your Motorcycle Safe from Water Damage 

A motorcycle cover will keep your vehicle safe from water damage. If it’s raining, your motorcycle will be safe and sound. You don’t want your motorcycle to get wet when it’s raining outside, especially if you live in areas where it rains a lot.  

#2. Provides Protection from Dirt and Debris 

When you are keeping the motorcycle outside, it’s exposed to dirt, and thus, you can expect more damage. However, using a cover means your bike will be safe. On the other hand, leaving your motorcycle dirty is prone to damage and rust. Therefore, it’s best to clean your motorcycle whether you use a cover, but it will keep your bike safe. 

#3. The Cover Is Suitable for Harsh Seasons 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter. You can use a cover to keep your motorcycle safe. A motorcycle cover is suitable for every season. However, you need to invest in a quality cover. A cheap motorcycle cover is of no use! So do your thorough research before making the final purchase decision. 

#4. Provides Protection from the UV Rays 

If you park your vehicle in a sunny spot, harmful UV rays will fall on it. Thus, a motorcycle is susceptible to more damage. But, again, using a cover will help. There could be an impact of the UV rays on your motorcycle’s paint. UV rays can also affect rubber and plastic. Using a cover for your motorcycle also means protecting it from rusting. 

#5. Keeps Your Motorcycle Safe from Thieves 

Thieves in the area could be keeping an eye on your motorcycle, so using a cover can be your best strategy. It would be out of sight when you cover your bike every day. Who would want to waste time looking at what’s under the cover, especially when they risk getting caught? 

In simple words, when you plan on maintaining the durability of your motorcycle, it’s best to use a cover in the first place. 

When to Use a Motorcycle Cover? 

when to use a motorcycle cover

You must use the motorcycle cover from day one! It means that as soon as you buy the motorcycle, it’s time to invest in a suitable cover for your motorcycle at the same time. Always keep your motorcycle covered if you park it outdoors. It’s equally important to use a cover when storing it inside. 

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It’s fine when you can’t use a cover on lazy days, but usually, it’s best to keep it covered. It’s all about maintenance, and the more effort you show, the better it will be for your motorcycle. 

Consider the following:

  • Make sure you are covering your bike on a sunny day. 
  • Don’t forget to use the cover when it’s raining. 
  • When it’s snowing, it’s best to bring the motorcycle inside the garage, but you can cover it too! 
  • If you plan on going on vacation, cover your bike and keep it inside the garage. 
  • Cover your motorcycle on a windy day, but cover it correctly. You don’t want to cover to scratch the bike during a windy day. 

Learn the best way of using a motorcycle cover. You must cover the bike correctly to make the most of it! 

How to Find the Best Cover for Your Motorcycle 

how to find the best cover for your motorcycle

There are various tips to keep in mind when buying the cover for your motorcycle, such as: 

Cover Material 

Make sure the motorcycle cover has material of good quality. You can opt for the water-resistant material as you don’t want the motorcycle to get wet in the rain. Many cheap covers are available on the market, but you need to find the best. Look for water-resistant instead of waterproof as such material will help in repelling the water. 

You can also look for the material that’s UV resistant. Check the product details of the motorcycle covers for more information on the material. The better the material, the longer it would last! 

Find Reviews Online

If you are purchasing the motorcycle cover online, it would be good to look for the online reviews. Past users leave these reviews, and their experience would give you an idea of what to expect. Thus, looking at the reviews will let you know whether to buy the cover or not.

It’s also suitable to ask for recommendations on social media. There are forums where you can discuss what type of cover would suit your motorcycle. It’s better to do your research before the final purchase decision. 

Find the Right Size 

Another thing that you need to consider is the size of the motorcycle cover. You need to invest in the correct size. Find the size that perfectly fits your motorcycle. Take necessary measurements. 

Tips to Keep in Mind for Your Motorcycle Cover 

tips when using a motorcycle cover

It’s a hassle to focus on the overall motorcycle maintenance, but the least that anyone can do is invest in a cover of suitable quality. Keep the following tips in mind when using a motorcycle cover: 

1. Always Clean Your Motorcycle

Even though you are using a cover for your motorcycle, it doesn’t mean that you would stop cleaning it. You must clean your motorcycle to maintain its durability. A cover can provide the added benefit of protection, but you still need to play your part and work on the overall maintenance of your motorcycle. 

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2. Find Covers That Are Easy to Use 

Aim for motorcycle covers that are lightweight and user-friendly. Also, don’t forget to cover your motorcycle as the cover may blow away on a windy day. Reading online reviews or asking other users can give you an idea about the durability and use of the motorcycle cover that you are interested in buying.

3. Invest in the Best 

The motorcycle covers could be on the expensive side, but you can quickly compare the covers available online. So opt for the one that’s budget-friendly but has excellent reviews at the same time. Try finding the best cover for your motorcycle. Take your time, or you can join forums where other bikers talk about motorcycle covers for your bike model. 

4. Find a Safe Parking Spot With or Without a Cover 

Always find a safe spot for parking your motorcycle, whether you park it indoors or outdoors. The cover must not damage the motorcycle as using such a product adds a protective layer. Even if you plan on parking the motorcycle in your garage, there is no harm in covering it! 

5. Keep an Eye on the Motorcycle with Cover  

Even though you will be using the motorcycle cover for protection, it’s best to check up on your bike. You don’t want the cover to cause any scratches when the wind blows too hard. The cover will move, and it may cause a scratch on your bike. However, your motorcycle will be on the safe side when you clean it time and again. 


Why Use a Motorcycle Cover Indoors?

It’s best to use a motorcycle cover indoors to be on the safe side. When you are using a cover indoors, it can protect your vehicle from any potential scratch or damage. You may not want to use it, but it’s for your good. 

Where to Buy the Motorcycle Covers?

You can check the nearest department stores. However, it’s best to buy it online if you know the right size. Also, reading the online reviews from other customers can help. Plus, you can compare the price and may even get a promo code to get the best motorcycle cover at a discount. 

Do I Need a Motorcycle Cover?

It’s not a compulsion — it’s your choice. But it’s best to use a cover for your motorcycle to keep it safe and in top-notch condition for a long time. It may sound like a hassle, but it’s not, as you will be able to keep your motorcycle in good shape. 

Who Should Use Motorcycle Covers?

Anyone who owns a motorcycle must use the covers. The goal here is to keep your bike safe and sound. So when you want to protect your motorcycle from dirt, debris, and harmful effects of sun rays, it would be best to use the motorcycle covers. 

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Is It Okay to Get a Waterproof Motorcycle Cover?

waterproof motorcycle cover

Yes, but you can aim for a cover that’s water repellent. Look for the product details to get more information on the motorcycle cover. The goal here is to keep your motorcycle safe from the water. 

How Do I Find the Best Motorcycle Cover?

For example, when buying the motorcycle cover, make sure you get the best fit. It’s vital to get quality material. The motorcycle cover must protect your bike against dirt and debris. It has to be waterproof and must protect your motorcycle against the sun’s harmful rays. The best motorcycle cover will last longer, so look for the signs of durability. Also, the best covers are preferable, so you will see most customers buying or recommending them! 

Can I Use Any Cloth to Cover My Motorcycle?

It’s best to use a professional store-bought cover for your motorcycle. The purpose of such products is to keep your motorcycle safe. Using any cloth means moisture may build up, or there could be a leak or damage, and the cloth won’t be able to provide the protection your motorcycle deserves. 

Why Not Leave Your Motorcycle Outside Without a Cover?

Leaving your vehicle outside without cover means letting the sun impact the body of your motorcycle. In addition, the grip, handles, plastic, etc., on the vehicle can fail and crack because of excessive heat. Rain can affect the electrical parts of your motorcycle. It won’t be ideal to leave your motorcycle without a cover when you are parking it outside.

How to Know Which Motorcycle Cover Is Best for My Bike?

You have to see the reviews available online. There are also buying guides and video tutorials to point you in the right direction. Nowadays, it’s easy to find relevant information as there are product ratings that tell you whether a specific product is suitable for your use or not. Also, you can create a poll on social media and see what people have to say about the motorcycle covers. 

Can a Motorcycle Cover Cause Scratches?

It may cause scratches if you leave the motorcycle with the cover unattended for many days. Using a motorcycle cover doesn’t mean that your motorcycle is safe for life — you need to put some effort and clean the bike regularly. It would be best if you worked on maintaining your motorcycle to prolong its life. 

Wrapping It Up 

Yes, motorcycle covers are worth it! It will be a practical decision if you want to maintain the look of your motorcycle and prolong its durability. First, invest in a cover of high quality. Then, find the correct size to make the most of it. The motorcycle cover needs to be durable and budget-friendly, and it has to be easy to use. 

Now that you know that a motorcycle cover is worth it, it’s time to get one today!