10 Best Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Review Guide

Updated May 2022


Stockton Grime Minister Chain Brush

In the face of grease, grime and all that is sinister – administer the Minister. Exorcise the grease demons from your chain and banish grime back to the primordial ooze from whence it came. Say your prayers, mothergunker – it’s sludgement day!


  • Makes chain cleaning a snap
  • Three-sided bristles allow you to easily attack grime from all sides
  • Increases chain life
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness


S100 Total Cycle Cleaner

If you’ve been cleaning your motorcycle with a bucket of car suds or a quick detailer, chances are you been missing the most important and threatened places on your bike…those hidden nooks and crannies where dirt can hide. Why isn’t that OK? Dirt traps moisture and the moisture can’t dry out. The result is corrosion, rust and tarnish and you can’t even see it happening.

S100 Total Cycle Cleaner works differently by creeping to find the hidden soils you can’t see, then penetrating and loosening them so a sharp stream of water can remove them. The result is a bike that is clean everywhere, not just where can see. Simply put, it’s better for your bike. 


  • Advanced motorcycle cleaner removes dirt, chain lube, road grit
  • Will not harm finish
  • Simply spray-on and hose-off


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S100 Wheel Cleaner


  • Spray-on formula with up to 50% more power than the competition
  • Removes brake dust, road soils and chain lube
  • Spray the wheel, then hose off


Muc-Off Chain Brush

Keep your motorcycle’s chain, links and rollers spotless and running smooth with the multi-faceted, ergonomically shaped Chain Brush from Muc-Off.


  • Multifaceted
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cleans chain sides simultaneously
  • Made in the USA


Muc Off Chain Cleaner

Muc-Off Biodegradable Motorcycle Chain Cleaner has been specifically formulated to quickly and safely remove dirt, lube and heavy chain grime using advanced solvents. Its unique formula breaks down oil and grease to leave the entire chain sparkling clean and contaminant free. 


  • Rapid grease shedding formula
  • Water soluble and biodegradable formula
  • Suitable for standard O, X and Z-ring chains
  • Safe on rubber, metal and carbon fiber components
  • Watermelon fragrance


Muc-Off Motorcycle Pressure Washer Bundle

Introducing the World’s first pressure washer designed and built purely for cleaning both bicycles and motorcycles. The Muc-Off Pressure Washer Motorcycle Bundle includes all you need to get your machine back to that factory fresh look while also looking out for those delicate bearings, surfaces and suspension parts. Muc-Off’s all-in-1 bundle features three lances to cater for specific cleaning needs, as well as a Snow Foam Lance to transform your bottle of Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner into the ultimate dirt destroying snow foam.

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All you need is a power source and water supply and you’ll be able to give your pride and joy the ultimate deep clean it deserves!


  • Pressure Washer rated at 1015psi
  • 30 Liter Pressure Washer Dry Bag
  • 3x Cleaning Lances
  • Snow Foam Lance fits directly onto the top of your bottle of Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner, Muc-Off Nano Gel Concentrate or 1L Snow Foam meaning no additional bottle is required to mix or dilute
  • 1L Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner
  • 1L Nano Tech Concentrate
  • Motorcycle Chain Cleaner
  • Motorcycle All-Weather Lube
  • Motorcycle Protectant
  • 2x Luxury Microfiber Cloths


The Grunge Brush


  • Enables you to clean your chain with ease
  • 3-sided bristles allow you to clean all 4 sides of your chain and the long bristle side lets you clean other parts of your bike like sprockets and wheels
  • Regular component cleaning prevents premature wear and tear on chain and sprockets which assures smooth operation of the drive train
  • Bristle blocks are adjustable to accommodate all sizes of chain


Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner

The Muc-Off Powersports Drivetrain Cleaner is a great product to keep chains clean and keeps you going for miles. This biodegradable spray removes all chain oil and wax residue preventing slips and gum ups.


  • Can be used on all motorcycles, quads, ATVs and UTVs
  • Suitable for standard O, X, Z ring chains
  • Fast and effective grease cutting formula
  • Removes all chain oil and wax residue
  • Eliminates drive chain contaminants
  • Biodegradable
  • Ideal for use with chain cleaning devices
  • Trigger spray included for easy application
  • Deep cleans all drive chain areas in seconds
  • Safe on metal components, hard plastic, rubber and seals
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Muc Off Motorcycle Protectant

A high concentration of PTFE helps prevent dirt adhesion between washes. Motorcycle Protectant has been developed so it can be used all over your bike, and has an after wash corrosion inhibitor which drives out moisture and leaves a non-sticky protective layer smelling of fresh vanilla. It’s safe to be used on the frame, chain, metal parts, plastics, rubber and of course the paintwork itself.


  • High performance formula leaves dry, non-sticky protective film
  • For use after washing to drive out excess water
  • High concentration of PTFE prevents dirt adhesion
  • Makes an ideal winterizer
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Fresh vanilla scent