10 Best Motorcycle Back Protector Review Guide

Updated May 2022


REVIT Seesoft Back Protector Insert

The revolutionary REVIT See Soft CE-Level 2 back protector is designed to absorb multiple impacts without compromising on comfort, ventilation or freedom of movement. The highly impact-resistant blend of Nitrille and Polynorbornene rubber results in a memory foam that is multi-impact rated and CE Certified to the highest level of prEN 1621-2:2010 level 2.

In the case of severe angular impact, the individual Memory Foam layers will shift relative to one another, resulting in impact dispersion over a larger effective surface area and therefore minimizing the energy that is transmitted to the spine and back. The Seesoft back protector performs extremely consistently in all weather conditions and is unaffected by temperature ranges from -4° F to +104° F (-20° C to +40° C).

Most REV’IT jackets are designed to accommodate a Seesoft CE Level 2 back protector insert. Newer jackets will have a marking on the protector pocket that indicates the matching type and size of the protector.

For additional information, please see the Seesoft Back Protector Insert Fit Chart or follow the sizing in the description on the product’s page.


  • KN105 – 370mm L x 215mm W (14.6″ L x 8.5″ W)
  • KN106 – 385mm L x 235mm W (15.2″ L x 9.3″ W)
  • RV03 – 420mm L x 195mm W (16.5″ L x 7.7″ W)
  • RV04 – 460mm L x 215mm W (18.1″ L x 8.5″ W)
  • RV05 – 500mm L x 230mm W (19.7″ L x 9.1″ W)
  • RV06 – 550mm L x 245mm W (21.7″ L x 9.6″ W)

Note: Install in your jacket with the black side facing your back.



Alpinestars Nucleon KR-2i Back Protector Insert

The Alpinestars Nucleon KR-2i Back Protector Insert fits Alpinestars jackets with insert pockets and delivers CE Level 2 impact protection.


  • CE Certified Level 2 (EN1621-2:2014)
  • Lightweight, flexible PU injected impact foam
  • Contoured for anatomical and adaptive fit
  • Perforated for breath-ability and comfort
  • Channel ventilation system for optimized airflow


  • Women’s Stella Jackets:
    • 36-38 or XS-SM: Small Nucleon
    • 40-50 or MD-3XL: Medium Nucleon
  • Men’s Jacket:
    • 44-50 or XS-MD: Medium Nucleon
    • 52-64 or LG-4XL: Large Nucleon


  • SM – 15″ L x 8.75″ W
  • MD – 16.75″ L x 9.75 W
  • LG – 17.75″ L x 10.75″ W


Icon D30 Back Protector Insert

An advanced, patented polymer, CE-rated D3O impact protectors are the latest advancement in protective armor. D3O® impact protectors utilize intelligent molecules that lock together on impact. Because of this, the impact protector can be made thinner and lighter, making a jacket more comfortable and easier to wear. However, this decreased size does not come at the expense of impact protection.

Will fit any ICON Jacket that was originally equipped with ICON Dual Density Back Pad. The shape is slightly different, but the D3O Back Insert will fit into the Jacket’s Back Pocket.

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  • CE Level 1


  • Men’s: 15.75″ H  x 10.375″ W
  • Women’s: 14″ H x 9.5″ W 

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Dainese Pro-Armor Back Protector

Constructed of expanded nitrile rubber in a unique open diamond lattice, the Dainese Pro-Armor Back Protector is designed to achieve CE Level 2 protection with maximum airflow and minimum weight and bulk. A segmented design incorporates 5 flexible sections for best adherence to anatomic curvature of the back and excellent longitudinal flexion. The soft nitrile material itself is able to bend laterally while ergonomic, adjustable straps and x-shaped lumbar band ensure the protector moves in unison with the rider, making the Dainese Pro Armor Back Protector one of the most comfortable standalone back protectors available.


  • Back protector certified to CE Cat. II EN 1621.2/2014 Level 2

Ergonomics and Comfort:

  • Expanded nitrile rubber
  • Thermoplastic bearings
  • Removable and adjustable lumbar band
  • Removable straps
  • 4 bearings with 5 degrees of movement
  • Longitudinal stretch and bending
  • Rotational stretch
  • Lateral bending
  • Dynamic thickness
  • Anatomical shape on both directions
  • Perforated structure

Sizing: Choose the Type based on your Shoulder to Waist measurement, then choose your Size based on your Waist measurement.

  • Short Type: 39cm-46cm (15.4″-18″)
  • Long Type: 46cm-51cm (18″-20″)
  • SM/MD: fits up to 38″ waist
  • LG/2XL: fits up to 48″ waist

Note: Image is the Long Pro-Armor Back Protector.



Sedici Aria Pro Back Protector Insert

The latest development from Sedici, the lightweight, flexible Aria Pro back protector is CE Certified Level 2 protection. Contoured to fit and move with the spine while offering the best Level 2 impact protection, it couldn’t be easier to install this upgrade into garment pockets provided on all Sedici leather and textile jackets. Molded to allow maximum airflow in high density, impact absorbent materials, the Sedici Aria Pro perfectly provides for rider comfort and safety the latest CE specification.


  • CE certified Level 2 EN1621-2:2014
  • Contoured for comfort and fit
  • Perforated for breathabiltiy


  • Size SM is recommended for all Women’s jackets and Men’s jackets up to EU size 40 or XS-MD
    • Size SM measures 22.4cm W x 38cm H (8.8″ W x 15″ H)
  • Size MD-LG is recommended for Men’s jackets EU size 42 and larger or LG-5XL
    • Size MD-LG measures 25cm W x 42.5cm H (9.8″ W x 16.7″ H)
  • Men’s Sedici Alexi 2 Mesh and Men’s Sedici Garda Waterproof Jackets:
    • All sizes require the Size SM Aria Pro Back Protector


Alpinestars Nucleon KR-CELLi Back Protector

The Alpinestars Nucleon KR-CELLi Back Protector, constructed of a polymeric material blend, features a triple segmented back shell plate which creates the perfect balance between energy absorption and force dispersion. The ergonomic design of the Nucleon KR-CELLi, in tandem with the horizontal flexion grooves, allows it to contour to the natural curve of the back to provide a fit that molds to a variety of riding positions.

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  • Triple segmented back shell plate constructed of a polymeric material blend
  • Unique cell micro-structure designed for advanced energy absorption, adaptivity, maximum breathability and air flow
  • Ergonomic protection plate contours to the natural curve of the back
  • Horizontal flexion groves for an adaptive fit in different riding position
  • Airmesh on the body side of the protector offers maximum breathability
  • CE Level 1 protection


  • Women’s Stella Jackets:
    • 36-38 or XS-SM: Small Nucleon
    • 40-50 or MD-3XL: Medium Nucleon
  • Men’s Jacket:
    • 44-50 or XS-MD: Medium Nucleon
    • 52-64 or LG-4XL: Large Nucleon


Joe Rocket Speedmaster 2.0 Back Protector

To achieve maximum protection without sacrificing mobility, the Joe Rocket Speedmaster 2.0 replaces rigid plastic with a combination of 3D sculpted and articulated high density foam armor, impact and shock absorbing ventilated foam backing, slim sculpture design and ample adjustability; making this one of the most comfortable and non-restrictive back protectors available today.


  • CE Level 2 approved (EN1621-2)
  • 3D molded, articulated, high density, foam armor (no rigid plastic) for unrestricted movement without sacrificing protection
  • Impact and shock absorbing, high density foam backing
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps with 2 pivot points for added mobility
  • Double, ultra-wide adjustable waist straps for a secure fit
  • Lightweight and breathable ventilated honeycomb design for added heat and humidity dissipation
  • Slim design resulting in an extremely mobile, non-restrictive fit


Dainese Manis D1 Back Protector

Ideal for road or track use, the Dainese Manis D1 Back Protector offers CE level 2 impact protection, articulated external plates and comfort padding.


  • Back protector certified to CE – Cat. II – EN 1621.2/2014 Level 2

  • Articulated external plates with controlled mobility, made of polypropylene with perforated and corrugated structure.
  • Inner core in perforated Crash absorb
  • Localized comfort padding

Ergonomics and Comfort:

  • Back protector with 4 degrees of freedom:
    • 1 – Longitudinal stretch
    • 2 – Longitudinal bending
    • 3 – Torsion
    • 4 – Lateral bending controlled by special tensioners
  • External perforated plates
  • Crash Absorb perforated absorption material
  • Reduced contact area


Sizing is dependent on both torso length and chest circumference. Height is measured from your shoulders to your natural waist, which will determine which Type is necessary. Chest circumference is measured at the widest point around your chest, usually just under the arm pits.

Shoulder to waist length determines Type:

  • Type 49  14.5″-16.5″ (37cm-42cm)
  • Type 55  15.75″-17.75″ (40cm – 45cm)
  • Type 59  16.9″-18.9″ (43cm-48cm)
  • Type 65  18.1″-20.1″ (46cm-51cm)
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Chest circumference determines Size:

  • Size SM  35.8″-38.2″ (91-97cm)
  • Size MD  38.2″-40.5″ (97-103cm)
  • Size LG  40.5″-42.9″ (103-109cm)
  • Size XL  42.9″-45.3″ (109-115cm)


  • Adjustable and removable straps
  • Adjustable lumbar strip with double VELCRO® brand closure

Note: Depending on size, Back Protector will have more or fewer segments than image shown.


Alpinestars Nucleon KR1 Cell Back Protector

The Alpinestars Nucleon KR1 Cell Back Protector uses Cell Technology for a lightweight back protector with plenty of flexibility. Add the KR1 underneath your race suit or whatever gear you’re running for a full coverage back protector that straps to your body.


  • Cell Technology back protector is constructed from a high performance polymeric material blend for optimized flexibility and excellent weight saving properties
  • Developed in three waist-to-shoulder dimensions in order to cover all body sizes
  • Extended lower back protector offers more protection to the rider
  • Highly perforated for maximum breathability and ventilation
  • Horizontal flexion grooves for an adaptive fit in different riding positions
  • Adjustable and detachable elastic shoulder straps via a snap fit system for greater comfort
  • Compatible with the Nucleon KR-C chest protector by removing the adjustable straps
  • Compatible with the Nucleon KR-TB tail bone protector for extended lower spine protection
  • Height adjustable kidney belt featuring dual hook and loop closure system for easy, secure closure
  • Soft Bio-Foam padded chassis for maximum comfort
  • CE certified to EN 1621-2:2014 Level 2


BMW Back Protector

Th BMW Back Protector can be worn under any jacket or race suit. It covers a larger area of your back than protectors that are integrated into jackets.


  • Optimum protection reduces the risk of injury
  • NP2 back protector made of flexible polyurethane foam, anatomically 3D pre-molded
  • Pocket made of Cordura with polyester inserts and Lycra
  • Extremely good impact absorption properties
  • Amply sized shielding for the spinal column, shoulder-blades and the kidney area
  • Very good air permeability and air circulation
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and kidney belt
  • CE Level 2


  • SM: For heights up to 5’8″. Length of back protector is 18″
  • MD: For heights up to 5″11″. Length of back protector is 18.5″
  • LG: For heights up to 6’2″. Length of back protector is 19.5″
  • XL: For heights up to 6’5″. Length of back protector is 20.25″