Motorcycle Alarms – Are They Worth It? [Types & Video]

are motorcycle alarms worth it

Got your dream bike? But it will be a shame if your newly bought bike gets stolen, right? This is why you need to invest in making your bike secure. If you’re wondering if motorcycle alarms are worth it, continue reading as we are going to explain everything you need to know about this security system.

What Type of Alarms Work With Motorcycles?

Are motorcycle alarms worth it? The use of motorcycle alarm systems isn’t always a bad idea in some situations. In some cases, however, adding a third-party alarm system can actually cause more harm than good for your bike.

Motorcyclist safety features, such as an immobilizer system, are becoming common on modern motorcycles. A good motorcycle alarm system that includes a wiring diagram for your specific model of motorcycle is the best option if you insist on installing one.

When it comes to protecting your bike, luckily, you have a few options to choose from. Below are some of the very basic types of alarm systems for motorcycles currently available on the market:

Brake Disc Alarm Locks

A brake disc lock clamp on the disc brake holes immobilizes the bike. These locks support a compact yet heavy design, especially when compared with handlebar grips and ordinary chain locks. Anyone trying to take away your bike without opening the lock will fall off, damage the bike, and ultimately hurt themselves.

Some models feature a reminder cable that runs from lock to accelerator and lets you know if you forgot to disable the lock before riding away.

Handlebar Grip Alarm Locks

These grips can be fitted on either side of the handlebar to lock grip on the front brake and throttle on one side. It also grips the clutch on another side to keep the bike from getting into gear. These handlebar grips are made with tough material. So, don’t worry. They won’t be cut through easily. These alarm systems feature a powerful siren that goes above 100 decibels.

Here’s a video showing how to properly install a motorcycle alarm, including a remote starter and immobilizer:

Why Should You Buy One?

You may wonder, “Are motorcycle alarms worth it?” Well, if you are a bike enthusiast and you pride yourself on your purchase, then you better invest some money for its security. Now we will explain why you need to buy a security alarm for your bike:

It Keeps Thieves Away

Obviously, new and higher-end bikes are more likely to get stolen because they offer better value. The goal is to keep the punks away. Pros will always find a way. Any thief will pass over any bike with worn-out tires, grips, rusty chains, and overall lack of maintenance. Also, higher-end brands are more prone to get stolen. 

Locking your vehicle will act as a deterrent as no thief would want to get caught cutting through a bike, especially with secure wiring and a safety lock. Additionally, investing in a highly sensitive bike security system that triggers even the gentlest touch would make sense. This will keep your bike from getting stolen.

Added Sense of Security

Do you know the easiest way to steal a bike? Simple! Just load the bike onto a van. But what if any slightest movement can trigger the alarm? Or, better yet, what if you are able to track your bike if it gets stolen? While acting as a deterrent against theft, these added layers of security also give you peace of mind that even if your bike gets stolen, you might recover it.

What to Look for When Buying a Motorcycle Alarm?

Convinced you are better off investing in a motorcycle alarm and want to get one for your bike? We understand, and that’s why we are giving you a brief guide on how to buy an alarm and assure you get the right fit according to your needs.

Decibel Rating

How do you measure an alarm’s power and volume? Easy! You use the decibel system to see how loud the alarm can get. What type of alarm, and how loud will you choose? It depends on where you will park your vehicle. For example, if you are going to park it outside some loud establishments or leave it parked at some distance, you better get something with a high decibel rating. Anything with more than 150 will be sufficient. Anything lower than 150 will offer a lower sound level.


High sound is not the only thing you need to look for. You also need something well-designed and strong to latch on your bike if the alarm is cut off. Look for something made with durable and weatherproof stainless steel or some hardened metal that will stay intact.


Most buyers ask, “Are motorcycle alarms worth it?” because some models are not user-friendly, be it installation or daily use.  So, make sure the one you purchase is easy to use and install. Also, look for advanced features like wireless remote and Bluetooth. You should know how to operate the lock, including setting parameters, choosing the alarm ringtone, and adjusting the volume and sensitivity of the unit.

Battery Life

Look for a reliable unit that can stay on for hours before the battery drains completely. Therefore, consider how long you are going to leave your bike unattended and find a unit whose battery life will suffice. Try finding an alarm that features dry cell batteries as they take months before they drain completely.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

Black and Blue Sports Bike

The ideal place to install an alarm is on your bike’s frame, not on its wheels. Removing the alarm from the wheels is quite easy without triggering the alarm. But if you do purchase a disc or wheel lock, attach the wheel on the rear wheel because it will be hard to remove from there.

If you are putting the lock that comes with some sort of chain, check whether the chain is tight. If it hangs off loosely, this will be susceptible to bolt cutters, freeze, sledgehammer, and wedge attacks. Never leave a spare key in the trunk or forget to lock the steering wheel. It will make any thief’s day because bypassing a steering wheel lock is quite easy, and you can open a locked trunk easily with a penknife. 

So, are motorcycle alarms worth it if your bike is placed in a secluded area? Well, if you pick a good security system, it will make a lot of noise and take hours to be cut off completely, keeping your bike safe for as long as possible.