Klim Induction Gloves Review – Read Before Buying

Klim Induction Gloves

When it comes to motorcycling, having the right gear is paramount for both comfort and safety. Gloves, in particular, play a vital role in offering protection, ensuring a solid grip, and providing a layer of weatherproofing, thereby transforming your ride into a more pleasant experience.

In this review, we dive into the specifics of KLIM Induction Gloves, examining their features, performance, and the value they offer to discerning motorcyclists. From advanced materials to meticulous craftsmanship, these gloves are engineered to meet the demands of riders seeking exceptional performance and durability.

Let’s delve into the key features of KLIM Induction Gloves and discover why they are the go-to choice for riders who prioritize comfort, protection, and style:

Features of Klim Induction Gloves

Klim Induction Gloves

Here are the key features of Klim Induction Gloves:


The design of KLIM Induction Gloves combines style and practicality. These gloves have a sleek and streamlined appearance, with high-quality materials like Pittards® Armortan® leather for durability and elegant touch. They are available in different colors to suit your personal style.

The gloves feature perforated leather for excellent airflow, keeping your hands cool and dry during warm rides. They also have a secure wrist strap system for a snug fit and 3D silicone finger pads for improved grip and control.

With their stylish yet functional design, KLIM Induction Gloves are perfect for any adventure, providing comfort and protection on the road.

Comfort & Fit

The KLIM Induction Gloves are designed with your comfort in mind. They offer a great fit and are shaped to match the natural curve of your hand, reducing fatigue on long rides. With a range of sizes available, finding the right fit is easy.

The gloves are made with high quality materials that provide protection while allowing flexibility. The Klimatek™ cooling fabric liner keeps your hands cool and helps wick away sweat. The adjustable wrist closure ensures a secure and personalized fit. Overall, the KLIM Induction Gloves are designed to be comfortable, so you can focus on enjoying your ride.

Protection & Safety

Safety is paramount when it comes to motorcycle riding, and the KLIM Induction Gloves do not compromise in this regard. Their construction and features aim to provide maximum protection without sacrificing comfort or dexterity.

The gloves are crafted from Pittards® Armortan® leather, which is known for its superior abrasion resistance. This material provides a robust outer layer that can withstand the rigors of tough riding conditions. The use of this high-strength material demonstrates KLIM’s commitment to rider safety and product durability.

One of the main protective features of the Induction Gloves is the Poron® XRD® Extreme Impact Protection padding on the knuckles. This innovative material is flexible under normal conditions, but hardens upon impact to provide excellent protection. This feature, combined with the sturdy leather construction, ensures that the gloves offer substantial defense against impacts and abrasion.

The gloves also feature 3D silicone finger pads for enhanced grip and control, reducing the likelihood of the rider’s hand slipping off the handlebars, especially under wet conditions. Furthermore, the secure wrist closure system adds another layer of safety, ensuring the gloves stay firmly in place during a potential fall or collision.


Beyond design and safety features, the true testament of any motorcycle gear is its performance in real-world conditions. The KLIM Induction Gloves have been crafted not only to meet but to exceed expectations when it comes to this domain.

The gloves perform exceptionally well in warmer riding conditions due to their superior ventilation system. The perforated leather and Klimatek™ cooling fabric liner work in unison to provide excellent airflow, keeping hands cool and dry during those hot summer rides.

Another critical performance factor is the gloves’ dexterity. Thanks to the flexible Poron® XRD® padding and 3D silicone finger pads, these gloves offer an impressive level of grip and control, giving riders confidence while handling their machine.

Touchscreen compatibility is another feature that enhances the gloves’ overall performance. In today’s digital world, being able to operate your GPS or smartphone without removing your gloves is a significant convenience. KLIM has smartly integrated this feature into the Induction Gloves, further enhancing their practicality.

Durability is a crucial aspect when considering the performance of any motorcycle gear, and the Induction Gloves excel in this area too. The Pittards® Armortan® leather construction ensures the gloves can withstand the rigors of daily use and continue to perform at their peak even after extended wear.

Pros and Cons

Every product has its strengths and potential areas for improvement, and the KLIM Induction Gloves are no exception. Here are the key pros and cons to consider when deciding if these gloves are the right choice for you.


  • Superior Construction: The gloves are crafted with Pittards® Armortan® leather, which is known for its excellent durability and abrasion resistance.
  • Exceptional Protection: The Poron® XRD® padding offers robust protection against impacts, while the 3D silicone finger pads provide an enhanced grip.
  • Excellent Ventilation: The perforated leather and Klimatek™ cooling fabric liner ensure your hands stay cool and dry, ideal for warmer climates.
  • Comfortable Fit: With a focus on ergonomics, the gloves offer a comfortable fit and are available in a wide range of sizes.
  • Touchscreen Compatibility: The gloves allow you to operate touchscreen devices without the need to remove them.


  • Premium Pricing: The KLIM Induction Gloves come at a premium price point, which may not fit within everyone’s budget.
  • Limited Cold Weather Use: While perfect for warm to hot climates due to their excellent ventilation, these gloves may not provide adequate insulation for colder weather.
  • Lack of Color Options: While the design is sleek and stylish, some riders might desire a wider range of color options.

In conclusion, while the KLIM Induction Gloves come with a few potential downsides, their impressive list of pros makes them a worthy contender for any motorcyclist seeking a reliable, high-performance pair of gloves.

Comparison with other related products

There are several other notable motorcycle gloves that serve as points of comparison for the KLIM Induction Gloves. Here are a few:

  • Alpinestars SP-2 V2 Motorcycle Gloves: These full-grain leather gloves from Alpinestars offer an ergonomic design with a sporty look. They come with significant protective features like TPU knuckle protection, synthetic suede reinforcements, and foam padding on the fingers. However, they lack the superior ventilation that KLIM Induction Gloves provide.
  • Dainese 4 Stroke 2 Gloves: Made by one of the most respected brands in the motorcycle gear industry, these gloves are designed for both street and track use. They offer a strong blend of protection, comfort, and style, featuring a leather construction with reinforced palms and composite inserts on the knuckles and back.
  • Rev’It Sand 3 Gloves: Rev’It’s Sand 3 gloves are a versatile option designed for adventure touring. They combine comfort, durability, and flexibility with features like TPR flexible ventilated knuckle protection, PWR|shield at the palm, and a connected fingertip for touchscreen compatibility. These gloves offer good ventilation but not quite at the level of KLIM’s offerings.
  • Held Air N Dry Gloves: Held’s Air N Dry Gloves are renowned for their innovative design, featuring dual-chamber technology for adjusting to varying weather conditions. One chamber is unlined and perforated for excellent ventilation, while the other offers a waterproof Gore-Tex liner for wet conditions. Despite their versatility, they may not provide the same level of impact protection as the KLIM Induction Gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

here’s a table featuring some frequently asked questions about the KLIM Induction Gloves:

Are the KLIM Induction Gloves waterproof?No, the KLIM Induction Gloves are not marketed as waterproof. They are designed for optimal ventilation and cooling.
What sizes are available for these gloves?KLIM offers a comprehensive range of sizes. Check the brand’s official size chart for the most accurate measurement.
Are the gloves suitable for cold weather?The Induction Gloves are primarily designed for warm to hot climates due to their superior ventilation. They might not provide sufficient insulation for colder weather.
Do the gloves have touchscreen compatibility?Yes, the KLIM Induction Gloves feature touchscreen compatibility, allowing you to operate your devices without having to remove them.
What type of riding are these gloves suitable for?These gloves are suitable for a wide range of riding styles. They perform exceptionally well in warm to hot climates, making them ideal for summer rides, touring, and everyday commuting.
Is there a warranty on the KLIM Induction Gloves?As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, KLIM offered a warranty on its products. However, it’s best to check the most recent information directly from the brand or the retailer.
What is the main material used in the gloves?The main material used in the KLIM Induction Gloves is Pittards® Armortan® leather, known for its excellent durability and abrasion resistance.


In conclusion, the KLIM Induction Gloves are an outstanding choice for riders seeking style, comfort, protection, and performance. With superior construction, innovative design, and impressive safety features, they stand out in the market.

Despite being on the premium end of the pricing spectrum, their high-quality materials and craftsmanship justify the cost. While ideal for warm climates, they offer versatility for different riding needs. Compared to competitors, the KLIM Induction Gloves excel in ventilation and impact protection. Overall, they are a significant investment in riding safety and comfort, making them a worthy addition to any rider’s gear collection.