How To Lift Your Motorcycle With A Car Jack [ Video Guide ]

Having a tool to lift your motorcycle while you work on it is essential as it makes the whole process easier and safer. Using the tool properly means that you may not have to lay on the floor since the bike is elevated and that the bike is stable and can easily be moved.

When you talk about lifting and efficiently transporting your motorcycle, the standard tools that come to mind are a motorcycle stand, lift, or jack. Depending on what exactly you need it for, there is a wide range of these tools. However, it is no shock that humans always try to find more straightforward or more accessible alternatives to things. Essentially, your options aren’t limited to just motorcycle stands, jacks and lifts. Some people even make their stands, while some decide to go for a car jack.

Whether you decide to get a stand, lift or jack depends on what you need it for, how much space you have, and your budget. We’ll be looking at the conventional tools before looking at the alternatives.

How To Lift Motorcycle With Car Jack Video:

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Don’t Use The Built In Kickstand

Don’t listen to that voice telling you a kickstand is capable of allowing you to perform maintenance activities on your bike. To avoid about 600 pounds of steel or aluminum crashing on you, I strongly advise against relying on just a kickstand.

A motorcycle stand is a tool used in elevating and securing a bike, allowing you to work on parts of the motorcycle, such as the wheels and tires. A stand can be broadly categorized into the front, rear, and center stand, with the most common one being the rear stand (rear stands need spools specific to the bike to work.) However, there are several types of individual categories depending on the peculiarities of your bike.

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Using a Motorcycle Lift

A motorcycle lift is a lift table designed for motorcycles. There are several variations of this tool, some having the capability of lifting simple bikes while others can handle UTVs. Motorcycle lifts are huge, so they are usually used by mechanics and maybe people with big, spacious garages. However, they are pretty expensive as the average cost is around $500.

Using a Motorcycle Jack

Motorcycle jacks are an easy and economical way of suspending bikes (precisely the wheels). They might not be as stable as a motorcycle lift, but they take up way less space and give you easy access to your bike’s wheels, front and rear.

These jacks come in different forms to accommodate the peculiarities of different bikes. Some are light enough to be moved around easily, having wheels, while some are designed so they can be screwed to the ground.

Now that we have gone over the standard tools used to lift a bike, how about checking out some good alternatives?

Using a Car Jack to Lift a Motorcycle

Maybe you want to perform maintenance on your bike, but you do not have any tool to lift it. Lately, new cars come with jacks. You can use that jack that came with your vehicle to elevate your bike to get the work done.

Find a level ground or a flat surface

The essence of a flat surface is to prevent the motorcycle from falling over, which could cause damage to the bike and you. To increase the chance of safely carrying out the entire process, it is best to make sure your bike is not on a rugged surface but on a level concrete floor.
Find the best place to hoist your bike from

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This step is not easy because you may have to locate the gravity center specific to your bike beforehand.

Then, you have to carefully inspect underneath the bike to find a flat surface which will be the best part from which you can lift your bike. If you can’t find one, you can go with the metal connector for the exhaust. Once you find a suitable surface, which is usually below the engine, you can position your car jack. Do not be dismayed if it takes you a few tries to get the proper position for it.
Support the bike

The next step is to support the bike. A center stand comes in handy here. If your bike has one, you are in luck. Before lifting, you must make sure that your bike is supported. If you are relying on the center stand, you should place a piece of wood beneath it, or you could get extra hands to help prevent the bike from toppling over.

Lift the bike

It is finally time to lift the bike. Slowly, because you want to be aware of any tendencies of your bike tipping over, continue this for a while and see your bike suspended in the air. Now that everything is in position make sure the jack is tight, and begin slowly and evenly raising your motorcycle.

Other Alternatives

For other alternatives, you could try building a lift yourself. There are various reasons why people decide to build a lift themselves, it could be that they have a hard time picking the right one, they enjoy building things, or there are some special features they want their bike to have. If you fall in any of these categories, and have the time and patience, you should take a shot at building one.

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Another method people use is heaped boards. This is easier and more feasible when at least two people are involved. One person raises the bike while the other slides the board underneath. Make sure to strap the hanging part, so the bike doesn’t fall.


These alternatives have been and are still being used by riders. So, if you have to, try them out! There are standard tools to use, but if you are trying to cut costs or are someplace where you don’t have access to these tools, you don’t have to give up totally on performing maintenance activities yourself.

I hope you found this article enlightening. I’ll be glad to receive comments or any questions you have. Have fun riding!