How To Join A Motorcycle Club – Know The Facts & Prices

person near cruiser motorcycle

A motorcycle club can provide a safe space for people with similar interests to come together, talk shop, and support each other as they build a community around their shared passion.

There’s an entire community out there waiting for you to join a local motorcycle club. It’s a great way to find like-minded people and even make a few new friends. Plus, if you’re looking for a social group, motorcycle clubs have an awesome culture. They can also be a great source of business opportunities.

What is the distinction between a motorbike and a riding club?

The only difference between a motorcycle club and a riding club is that a motorcycle club is primarily composed of bikers, while a riding club is composed of bikers and non-bikers. Some motorcycle clubs also allow non-members to become members and ride on the club’s bikes. 

How do you join a riding club?

Joining a motorcycle club might be quite enticing if you enjoy riding bikes and want to ride with others who do as well. Motorcycle clubs also give you a sense of community and numerous social activities that become an important part of your life. If you want to be more active or just meet people, go to events.

How long does prospecting for an MC take?

 Some clubs will take between three and six months to a year to prospect for a new member. Once a prospective member has been selected, it typically takes about a month to complete all necessary paperwork and training, including the motorcycle and riding safety course. After a new member is accepted into a club, he or she can expect to be spending between $150 to $200 a week on gasoline. In some cases, the dues can range from about $100 to several hundred dollars per month.

Do you have to have a Harley to be in an MC?

No, a lot of the clubs have a variety of types of bikes so that you’re not limited to one type. Many MCs even have a few different motorcycle clubs at the same time, so if you’re not comfortable with one, there will be others that are right for you.

What are the ranks in a motorcycle club?

A motorcycle club is a social organization that focuses on riding and socializing. Some clubs focus on one type of motorcycle or another (for example, dirt bikes or ATVs), while others cover a broad spectrum of vehicles. Clubs are typically structured around membership, with members organized into chapters, units, and sections based on skill level or riding preference. Ranks within a motorcycle club include the President, Vice-President, Master, Captain, Chief, President-Elect, First Sergeant, Second Sergeant, Sergeant, Trooper, Aide, and Squire.

Can you make your own motorcycle club?

As with anything else in life, you must start out small. First, you need a base of people that have the same interests. Start meeting them and talk about your experiences in life so far and what you plan to do when you get your own bike. Be friendly, but not too friendly. There are different ways to be friendly, but make sure it is genuine and not fake. Once your small club has been established and you are getting to know each other, invite people over to join your club. At first, they may have reservations about joining because it is such a new idea.

What are the normal requirements for joining a motorcycle club?

To join a motorcycle club in the United States, you must be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the state in which you seek membership. You also must have a valid driver’s license and insurance coverage on your motorcycle, including personal liability insurance. You must pass a background check, and you must have a motorcycle. Some clubs have additional membership requirements, such as not using alcohol, being drug-free, having a clean driving record, etc.

Five Well-known Motorcycle Clubs in the United States

1. The Outlaws

The Outlaws are one of the biggest and baddest clubs around. As one of the infamous “Big Four” outlaw motorcycle clubs, its connection with crime runs just as deep as its connection to motorcycles. The rivalry with the Hells Angels has lasted virtually as long as both groups have existed. According to current estimates, there are around 200 chapters and several thousand members across the nation.

 2. The Pagans

Lou Dobkin created the Pagans, an outlaw motorcycle club, in 1959. In some respects, Dobkin wasn’t your average ‘outlaw,’ as he worked as a senior scientist at the National Institute of Health during the day. On weekends, though, he might be spotted racing around the motorways with his denim-clad pals. The group had evolved into the traditional large, bad outlaw gang by the late 1960s.

 3. Bikers Against Child Abuse

The Biker’s Against Child Abuse group is committed to assisting mistreated children all around the world. It pairs children with members of the club, providing them with a stable home and help if they ever need it, in collaboration with official state institutions and charitable foundations.

 4. The Iron Order Motorcycle Club

The Iron Order Motorcycle Club was created in 2004 by a group of law enforcement professionals committed to enforcing the law and supporting individuals in need wherever they were located. The images of this brotherhood of superheroes, if you will, have been carefully cultivated by its founders, and the images they projected onto the public have not been matched by reality. In fact, some of the club’s members have been charged with crimes. Despite their attempts to keep the public from knowing the truth, the allegations have not died down.

 5. The Mongols

A group of Hispanic Vietnam veterans founded the Mongols in 1969. The club began in Montebello, California’s San Gabriel Valley, and has since grown throughout the United States. There are now between 1,000 and 1,500 official members, with a few hundred in Australia. While most of the US chapters of motorcycle clubs are pretty tame, the Mongols have taken it a bit further than that. They have a black and white patch featuring a rider straddling a cruiser.


There are thousands of motorcycle clubs across the world. Each has its own specialties, rituals, traditions, and beliefs. The biggest clubs in the world are the Hells Angels, Outlaws, Pagans, and the Mongols. They all have their own reputations, and some of them have become extremely powerful in their own right.

Before you decide to join a motorcycle club, you should be aware of what to expect. The requirements for joining a motorcycle club vary from club to club, but in most cases, you’ll need to have a valid driver’s license, insurance, and a motorcycle. You’ll also need to be at least 21 years old. Most clubs will also ask you to have a clean criminal record and be drug-free.

The most important thing to remember is that joining a motorcycle club is a big decision that you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life.