How much does a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle cost? 20k Ave.

black Harley-Davidson motorcycle fuel tank

One thing is for sure, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is not cheap.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles have become synonymous with freedom and self-expression for all of us living in the western world. They make a variety of models, from cruisers to high-end custom bikes. Of course, there are also many other options, but the H-D is still the most common choice for many of us.

Cheapest Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Whether you’re looking to buy your first Harley or you just want to keep a close eye on Harley prices, this guide is for you.

Note that the word “cheap” can be interpreted in many ways, but here, we refer to it as something below $10,000. In truth, however, the price range of a Harley-Davidson is between $6000 to $44,000.

Also, please note that Harleys are categorized according to the following:

  • Street
  • Sporster
  • Softail
  • Touring
  • Trike
  • CVO

Affordable Harleys are in the Street and Sportster category. 

Cheapest Harley Davidson Motorcycle:

1. Harley Davidson Street 500 (Estimated MSRP: $6,899)

Street 500 is the cheapest motorcycle made by Harley-Davidson; this is considered an entry-level bike. Initially, it was made for the brand’s Training Academy. It featured a narrow frame, aggressive look, blacked-out style,  a height-friendly seat of 25.7 inches, and a weight of 492 lbs. It’s powered by a 494 cc liquid-cooled 2-cylinder engine, with a 6-speed manual tranny. It also has 2 piston brakes at the front and at the rear. 

2. Harley Davidson Street 750 (Estimated MSRP: $7,599)

Street 750 is considered the more powerful version of Street 500. The only difference between them is that it has a large engine, giving it a higher price tag.

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3. Harley-Davidson Street Rod (Estimated MSRP: $8,699)

The street rod has an upgraded power and performance compared to the Street 750. It has a 7849cc liquid-cooled engine with a lot of torque and power. It also has a 6-speed manual transmission and similar two-piston discs front and rear. Its suspension has an increased response handling and travel, and the seating position is upright. It has a weight of 505 lbs and a taller 29.8 inches seat height. 

4. Harley Davidson Iron 883 (Estimated MSRP: $9,999)

This H-D model is categorized in the Sporster line. It’s the most affordable motorcycle in this category and was considered the entry-level H-D bike for the longest time. It’s a newbie rider-friendly motorcycle with a low seat height of 25.7 inches and 545 lbs weight. 

5. Harley Davidson Iron 1200 (Estimated MSRP: $9,999)

The Iron 1200 is another affordable motorcycle from the Sporster line from Harley-Davidson. It’s 547 pounds (just 2 lbs heavier than the 883) and features the same low seat height of 25.7 inches. Iron 1200 packs a lot of power with its 12000cc engine, a 5-speed manual transmission, and a dual-piston caliper front and rear disc brakes. 

Thinking about getting a Harley-Davidson? Why not get a second-hand unit?

If this will be your first motorcycle and you’re just considering getting your feet wet, a second-hand H-D should be on the table. For one, the selling price is lower compared to a brand new H-D. Second, there’s always a well-maintained unit waiting to be “re-homed.” 

The significant part about owning a Harley-Davidson is that their depreciation value is slow compared to other brands. You can be assured that even a used unit will bring you a lot of miles and miles of fun on the road. 

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The Most Expensive Harley-Davidson Bikes

  • VRSC-V-Rod  ($16,995): a powerful motorcycle that took inspiration from H-D’s drag racing team. It has 115 HP, at 8,250 RPM. It is the pride and joy of Harley-Davidson as it has collected many awards for the motorcycle company. Only 11,000 units of this motorcycle were ever produced, making it rare and collectible. 
  • CVO Street Glide ($30,999): a limited edition model considered one of their hot-rod bikes. H-D only produced 3500 units of this heavily sought-after touring bike. It has a V-Twin engine, 110ci (1803cc) – the largest displacement V-Twin offered by H-D. This fully customized bike was designed with a lot of chrome and vibrant paint design to give it agility and a look of speed. 
  • El “Knucklehead” ($100,000): is a 1936 bike that influenced many cycles that followed its footsteps. They consider this the “father” of the modern Harley. This model was the first bike to use the teardrop gas tank (still used today) and the source of inspiration for the air-cooled twins that H-D still uses today. 
  • JH “Two-cam” ($150,000): the first H-D bike with a two-cam engine ridden by a customer of this kind. This motorcycle was launched in 1928 and can achieve top speeds of 85 to 100 mph. This engine was used exclusively for racing until Harley released it to the public. 
  • DAH Hillclimber ($200,000): The Hillclimber became popular in the 1920s and 1930s when it gained victories for Harley-Davidson on even hills. This bike was powered by a 45 cubic-inch overhead valve setup (which was never used on these street bike units).
  • 8-Valve Racer ($1 Million): This racer had 8 valves that helped it achieve speed. Only 20 of these bikes were ever made, and one of them is displayed at the Harley Davidson Museum. 
  • Cosmic Starship ($1 Million): This is a 6-cylinder engine installed on a unique frame design that gave it its most value. The artwork on the bike earned it the name “Cosmic Starship.” 
  • Easy Rider ($1.35 Million): This is the most expensive Harley-Davidson and is considered the most patriotic motorcycle. It earned the moniker “Captain America,” Peter Fonda’s character name in a 1969 movie. 
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Harley-Davidson is an iconic brand that has a rich history and excellent reputation. Undoubtedly, the bike you will choose is not just a motorcycle but a symbol of your identity and reflects your personality. If you’re just starting out, a second-hand unit is an excellent option to get you started. 

Suppose you are looking for a motorcycle that has a strong and impressive build quality. In that case, you might want to consider a Harley-Davidson.

What’s your favorite type of motorcycle? Is it a sports bike, cruiser, touring machine, or even a cafe-racer? Or maybe you prefer a classic American V-twin motorcycle? I’m curious: What’s your favorite bike? Tell us in the comment section.