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Heavyweight Vs Lightweight Motorcycles – Which One to Buy?

what is considered a heavy motorcycle

One of the aspects many people rarely consider when purchasing a bike is the motorcycle’s weight. Some individuals prefer heavy motorcycles, while others find lightweight motorcycles more comfortable. But between heavyweight and lightweight motorcycles, which is the most preferred option to buy? Let’s take a comprehensive look at the distinctive differences between both motorcycles.

Bike CategorySpeed (Mph)Speed (Kmh)Weight (lb)Power (Watt)
Lightweight20.8933.63Average of 400390
Heavyweight20.833.54Average of 800405
Table 1

Choosing between a heavyweight and a lightweight motorcycle depends on a rider’s preference. Both weights have their advantages and disadvantages, none superior to the other.

Lightweight motorcycles are often considered an ideal choice for motorcycle racers. They have great agility, speed, and acceleration. Heavyweight motorcycles, on the other hand, are mostly considered suitable for heavy riders. They are fitting for carrying heavy equipment and carrying multiple passengers. Let’s explore the distinctive differences between light and heavyweight motorcycles.

Differences Between Heavy and Lightweight Motorcycles

Below are some of the major differences to note between heavyweight and lightweight motorcycles:

Lightweight Motorcycles Are More Expensive

This might surprise you. Still, lightweight motorcycles are used as summer gloves and are more expensive than heavyweight motorcycles. Lightweight motorcycles deliver higher performance than heavyweight motorcycles. They are very powerful and efficient, that’s why they are used in sports. On the other hand, heavyweight motorcycles are not fast due to their heavy engines. So, lots of riders prefer lightweight motorcycles.

Heavyweight Motorcycle Maintenance Is Quite Expensive

While heavyweight motorcycles are not as expensive as lightweight motorcycles, they are expensive to maintain, and the additional cost of protective gear such as lightweight motorcycle gloves further adds to the overall expenses. They perform less when it comes to mileage and fuel efficiency, and the repairs done on heavyweight motorcycles are often extensive. When a heavyweight motorcycle falls often, it could lead to severe damage.

More Effort Is Required to Ride Heavyweight Motorcycles

Riders need to put in more effort to ride heavyweight motorcycles. Those who are weak might get tired after an hour’s ride. Since heavyweight motorcycles are heavy, they are slower on the road. Even those with the power to handle a heavyweight motorcycle need to put in more effort to manage brakes, turning, and every situation with the motorcycle.

Heavyweight Motorcycles Have Enough Load Capacity Than Lightweight Motorcycles

Heavyweight motorcycles can effectively carry loads and heavy equipment. So when it comes to handling load and equipment, the heavyweight motorcycle is your best bet. Also, if you have a lot of weight, the heavyweight motorcycle is your best choice for comfort while riding.

Lightweight Motorcycles Are Faster Than Heavyweight Motorcycles

Since they have better accelerators, lightweight motorcycles are way faster than heavyweight motorcycles. One of the major components that makes heavyweight motorcycles slower than lightweight motorcycles is their heavy engines. Lightweight motorcycles have lighter engines on them.

Heavyweight Motorcycles Can Be Very Challenging to Park Than Lightweight Motorcycles

The weight of heavyweight motorcycles is annoying when you attempt to park them. On most occasions, they do fall. Once a heavyweight motorcycle falls to the ground, it could lead to many internal damages that could require maintenance. On the other hand, lightweight motorcycles are easy to move around and park.

Lightweight Motorcycles Can Be Used for Easy Maneuvering Than Heavyweight Motorcycles

One of the major setbacks of a heavyweight motorcycle is that they are challenging to maneuver. When you’re taking a heavyweight motorcycle for a long ride, you’ll use brakes more instead of maneuvering. This can be strenuous for riders. Lightweight motorcycles shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve got the muscles and the strength. They are effortless to maneuver. You’ll surely enjoy yourself while doing so without stress.

Who Needs Heavyweight Motorcycles?

red touring motorcycle

Heavyweight motorcycles are best suited for fat and tall riders. The space of a heavyweight motorcycle can accommodate tall and fat people while giving them the freedom to ride. These people also have more physical strength, which is required to be able to ride this motorcycle.

Heavyweight motorcycles can carry more load thanks to their loading capacity. So if you’re the type who is constantly moving around with many loads, you would need a heavyweight motorcycle. Heavyweight motorcycles can accommodate two riders comfortably because the seat is wide enough.

So if you would love to carry two people on your motorcycle comfortably, get a heavyweight motorcycle. If you are looking for a cheaper bike option, you should go for heavyweight motorcycles.

Pros of Heavyweight Motorcycles

  • Great for tall and fat people
  • Ability to withstand the wind
  • Less expensive
  • Large loading capacity
  • Accommodates two individuals comfortably

Cons of Heavyweight Motorcycles

  • Lacks agility
  • Not exciting to ride
  • Falls while parking
  • Expensive to maintain
  • Difficulty in maneuvering
  • Moves at a slow speed

Who Needs Lightweight Motorcycles?

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All riders need lightweight motorcycles because it allows them to carry out every function efficiently. They have a high acceleration, easy maneuvering, and the ability to save fuel. They are easy to ride, so it would be best to start with a lightweight motorcycle if you’re a beginner.

Lightweight motorcycles are also best for racers in sports. They need to ride fast to win, and lightweight motorcycles are the best for the job. Lightweight motorcycles are also great for people that ride long distances.

Pros of Lightweight Motorcycles

  • Fast brakes
  • Better agility
  • Highly fuel-efficient
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Exciting for riding
  • Comfortable for long-distance rides
  • High acceleration

Cons of Lightweight Motorcycles

  • Not efficient for carrying loads
  • Not the best option for tall riders
  • More expensive
  • Less space for two passengers
  • Not as stable as a Heavyweight motorcycle.

Final Thoughts

To answer the question: “Heavy vs. lightweight motorcycles: which one to buy?” A rider’s personal preference comes into play when it comes to choosing between a heavyweight and a lightweight motorcycle. Both weights have their benefits and disadvantages, and neither is better than the other.

Heavyweight motorcycles are slow, and they accelerate slowly due to their large load capacity. The lightweight ones are relatively fast and great for racing. In the end, it all depends on your specific need and preference.

We hope that this article will serve as a guideline to help you choose the best motorcycle and make the right purchase decision.