Expensive Motorcycle Jackets – Are They Worth The Money?

are expensive motorcycle jackets worth it

Motorcycle riding is a dangerous activity that must be done with care and preparation to prevent injury and even death. So, to the question – are expensive motorcycle jackets worth it? The answer is YES. Expensive motorcycle jackets are absolutely worth it!

An expensive, well-padded, quality-made motorcycle riding jacket is nothing compared to your life’s worth. You aren’t just investing in riding gear to look good. You’re doing it because you are prepared for the possibility of an accident. You’re doing it because you want to live longer and enjoy the wonderful world of motorcycle riding. You are doing it because your loved ones are waiting for you at home.

What Features Should a Motorcycle Jacket Have?

Every motorcyclist needs protective gear whether they’re doing it for recreation or as a means of transportation. Helmets, jackets, boots, and gloves are some motorcycle safety gear that can keep riders from getting hurt badly in an accident.

Motorcycle riding gears are a vital part of the motorcycle rider’s life. They protect the biker’s shoulders, chest, and back from impact with objects and help cushion the organs inside the body. So, the rider’s safety on the road depends on knowing what to look for in a good motorcycle jacket.

1. Thickness and Armor

When it comes to riding gears, you get what you pay for. As a result, a cheap jacket is likely to be of poor quality. Quality motorcycle jackets should have standard body armor to protect the back, spine, shoulders, elbows, and forearms.

These jackets don’t have much protection to shield your body from the elements. If you need something safe and sturdy, look for jackets of 1.5 mm thickness. The thickness of your jacket is a factor that can affect its ability to protect your skin in an accident.

2. Air Vents and Linings

Motorcycle jackets usually have high-quality linings that keep the rider warm in cold weather. The lining is removable so that riders can wear the jacket in warmer weather.

If you ride motorcycles, you should wear motorcycle rain jackets with zippered air vents that allow airflow inside the jacket. This will keep you comfortable during a ride.

3. Fitting

Your motorcycle jacket should fit comfortably like Cruiser Motorcycle Jackets but not so loosely that it restricts your movement or ability to breathe freely.

A loosely-fitted jacket will prove useless during a slide. That means it will leave your skin exposed and possibly leave you bruised.

This advice applies to every piece of clothing that goes over your body. Make sure it’s comfortable when you’re standing and sitting.

4. Zippers and Seams

Your leather jacket’s seams should be on the inside to avoid leather damage in the event of a fall. The seams will burst open on impact if they are not overlaid or stitched. Zippers should be easy to close and open, as well as weatherproof.

5. The Fewer Panels, The Better

Jackets with fewer panels are less likely to burst in an accident. Smaller individual panels make the jacket susceptible to damage and expose your skin in the event of a crash or slide.

Reasons Why You Need to Choose a High-Quality Motorcycle Jacket

A better way to look at this is that the lesser features on a jacket, the lesser it will cost. High-quality motorcycle jackets are usually costly due to their premium features. Some of the best reasons to get quality jackets are listed below:

1. It Can Protect You

Although higher-quality leather is usually more expensive and heavier than lower quality ones, it is designed for riders’ safety.

Most vehicles find it hard to spot motorcycles when they are out on the road at night. This is why, in jacket design, visibility is a critical factor. Most motorcycle jackets come with reflective material that enhances the rider’s visibility to other motorists and these are good motorcycle jackets for tall riders.

Also, most motorcycle jackets have waterproof liners that prevent water from entering the jacket, making it more comfortable to use in the rain. GORE-TEX or entrant-coated jackets are typically more expensive than other jackets but are the best for riding when it rains.

2. It’s More Durable

Before purchasing a leather jacket, it is critical to determine your budget. While cheap leather is more likely to fall apart, a more expensive jacket that fits properly will make your riding experience more comfortable. With cheaper riding jackets, there may be a need to replace them after a short period, leading to increased costs in the long run.

3. They Are Eco-Friendly

Most people don’t know how leather is made. They assume it’s only a natural process. Actually, leather is made by tanning animal hide. Several methods also exist. Chrome tanning and vegetable tanning are two of the most popular. Chromium salts are used for tanning leather in chrome tanning.

In leather manufacturing, vegetable tanning is still the most commonly used process. It is considered more environmentally friendly than chrome tanning because it is less expensive and takes less time to produce.

If you want the best quality leather, vegetable tanning poses a lesser risk to people with chemical sensitivities.

5 Highly-Recommended Motorcycle Jackets

To help you decide on the perfect riding jacket for your bike, we’ve put together a guide to the 5 best motorcycle jackets.

1. Spidi Allroad H2Out Jacket

It’s a three-in-one jacket designed to be worn during the colder months. You can also quickly adjust the Allroad H2Out Jacket to fit throughout all seasons. The best jacket for staying warm and dry must have numerous ventilation flaps, a layered construction system, and a PU-coated polyamide Tenax fabric as the outer shell, which provides moisture protection.

Protecting yourself from falling while riding is not easy. Many things can go wrong with your body in this situation. Still, a shoulder and arm protection device is a good solution for you. This product can guarantee maximum comfort while providing the highest protection level possible.

Spidi has created an ADV jacket with a carabiner attachment, neoprene collar inserts, waterproof pockets and zippers, a magnetic neck closure, hydration system compatibility, and the ability to connect to or pair with Spidi’s matching Allroad pants.

2. Dainese Carve Master 2 D-Air Gore-Tex Jacket

Dainese has been making some of the best riding gear in the world since 1972, and the Carve Master 2 D-Air Jacket is no exception. This is a GORE-TEX rain jacket. It is constructed from Mugello fabric, the company’s proprietary micro-nylon and elastomer material. This fabric features a fully waterproof and windproof membrane.

The jacket has various climate features to keep you warm even when it’s cold outside. It has numerous zippered vent flaps and a removable thermal collar and liner. What truly distinguishes this jacket is the use of Dainese’s cutting-edge D-Air smart wireless airbag system, which can detect and deploy in just 30 milliseconds.

3. Merlin Chase Jacket

The best modern cafe riding jackets incorporate a retro vibe but are still built to current safety standards. Merlin’s Chase Jacket is an excellent example of that.

The sleeves on this black and brown two-tone leather jacket have CE Level 2-certified armor to protect your elbows and shoulders. Also, the sleeves hold a spine protector, which is sold separately. The jacket is rugged, abrasion-resistant, and made of 1.2 to 2.3mm cowhide leather. It has four (external) zippered mesh pockets that you can open to let heat escape, including accordion panels for a maximum range of motion.

A removable 100-gram thermal liner makes this jacket at least three seasons friendly. It has a black satin lining, vintage-look snap-studs, and is lined with color-matched accents. It also has YKK zippers throughout to ensure it keeps its quality.

 4. Alpinestars Oscar Charlie (Tech Air) Jacket

One of the most famous café racer motorcycle jackets is the Alpinestars’ Oscar Charlie. It’s a cool-looking jacket, but its main draw is its excellent fit, finish, and styling.

The Oscar Charlie is a retro men and women motorcycle jacket that combines the timeless style of a vintage riding jacket with the latest safety technology. It has a full-grain leather shell with pre-curved construction that conceals the company’s removable Bio Light elbow and shoulder armor. It has a slot for Astar’s Nucleon back protector. Finally, it’s compatible with Alpinestars’ Tech-Air wireless smart airbag system.

This jacket has two red-striped sleeves and an Oscar patch on the chest. When you wear it, you can see its unique airbag-light feature.

 5. REV’IT! Stealth 2 Hoody

REV’IT! ‘s Stealth 2 Hoody is an excellent technical jacket that provides any modern rider with the correct elements to keep warm in the coldest conditions.

This military-style jacket has a classic look, but its technical features keep you safe and warm. The jacket has a Cordura stretch denim shell, backed by a laminated Hydratex 3L Pro membrane and polyamide overlays covering the elbows. It’s made of PWR Shield, a proprietary blend of polyethylene, polyamide, and aramid fibers that provides surface and material abrasion protection. This PWR Shield is an excellent material for making slide-proof jackets.

Additionally, this jacket is equipped with a detachable thermal liner, belt loops, a connection zipper (to connect to riding pants), and laminated reflective sections.

Final Words

Investing in expensive motorcycle riding gear is an investment in your life, hobby, or sport. Sure, you’ll have to spend a little money, but the benefits are great. For example, the proper riding gear can make your ride more comfortable, enjoyable, and safer. Having proper riding gear can also make you look cooler and help you stand out from the crowd.

But make sure that you’re buying a quality jacket. You want to buy one that will last you long, fit you well, and keep you warm and dry. I hope this article helped you understand why investing in a quality motorcycle jacket is an essential step in your motorcycle riding journey.

So, what do you think? Is there something else you’d like to know about motorcycle jackets? I’d love to know in the comments section below.

Until next time, ride safe and happy!