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Does Riding a Motorcycle Burn Calories? 600 Cal. Per Hr.

Man in Black Helmet Riding a Motorcycle

It’s one thing to enjoy something in life, but it’s another thing entirely when it becomes beneficial to your health. And that’s what we’re going to talk about here today.

Yes, riding a motorcycle can help you burn calories. You can burn upwards of 600 calories per hour, equivalent to a 30-minute jog.

How does riding a motorcycle burn calories? At 600 calories per hour, riding a motorcycle can be an excellent way to lose weight. However, the amount of calories you burn during any physical activity isn’t guaranteed due to factors like your weight and metabolism.

How does Riding Burn Calories?

As a rule, the more calories you eat, the more calories you burn while exercising. However, since your body doesn’t sweat on your motorcycle, there’s not much calorie-burning effect.

You don’t just passively sit on your motorcycle as you’d at home on your couch. Each time you ride your bike, you activate a set of muscles in your body. There is much more to this than just your lower back, hips, and legs.

Using an off-road riding style will help you burn calories and shed pounds. When the terrain changes, you’ll have to move and adjust your body, and your legs will get a workout as you do so.

Is fitness a requirement in motorcycle riding?

Not necessarily. You can ride a motorcycle if you can swing your leg over it. Of course, if you’re serious about burning calories and being fit, nothing beats active sport and exercise. 

Being a fit rider helps a lot. When you’re on a bike, you form what they call the “rider’s triangle.” This triangle comprises the rider’s seat, handlebar, and footrest points. Sitting on the motorcycle the right way puts your feet below your elbows while your hands are above, giving the triangle an upward angle. 

Why is this relevant? Two things:

  • it affects how you feel while riding, and
  • it helps determine how you fit. 

Bigger or taller riders on a small motorcycle create a lopsided triangle, making riding uncomfortable, if not almost impossible. One thing for sure, though, you do not need bulging muscles if you plan to ride a motorcycle. 

Will you develop muscles while riding?

To build muscles means to adhere to a strict workout regime and a well-disciplined diet. It also means getting the proper load of protein. However, if you take riding seriously, you’ll notice that you’ll be growing muscles in some other ways. 

Although riding a motorcycle is a passive activity, you grow your muscles, albeit slowly, when you’re riding. The proof of this is in the body sore you wake up to the day after (similar to how your body feels after working out). The longer the ride, the better the exercise your body gets. 

Motorcycle riding as a stress-relieving activity

Stress is a normal part of life. Our ability to handle it is key to our overall well-being. When you ride a motorcycle, you’re essentially venting your stress, so it’s one of the best stress-relieving activities. 

A motorcycle ride is also one of the most calming activities you can engage in. It takes your mind off your problems and focuses on your surroundings, giving you the feeling of freedom.

You get to spend quality time with your friends and family as an added benefit. Definitely a great way to unwind after a stressful day.

Post-long ride back pains

Riding a motorcycle is difficult on your back. You can’t do much the next day because you’re in so much pain. Could it be the pain is from something else?

We don’t know precisely how motorcycle riding contributes to achy backs. But if you have an achy back, motorcycle riding may be the cause. Some types of motorcycles are harder on your back than others.

Besides the bike type, your posture is also essential in your pain levels. When you lean forward on your bike and twist your body to turn or maneuver, you’re not giving your back any good treatment.

When riding your motorcycle, it’s essential to keep your head, neck, and back in a solid and healthy position. Don’t lean or hunch, and stay as straight as possible. Shorten your ride distances if you’re still having pain in your lower back.

How to burn more calories while riding?

Riding a motorcycle burns a significant amount of calories, but if you want to get the most bang for your weight loss buck, here are some suggestions.

Riding off-road on a dirt bike makes it easier to burn many calories. So here’s the trick: look for hard places to ride – if you want to burn as many calories as possible to lose weight.

Do not worry about being less active when riding. Remember that when you move your body, you burn the most calories. If you move your hands and feet together, you’ll burn more calories than if you only move your legs.

An exciting and effective way to get in shape is to compete in a motorcycle race, which requires intense physical exertion to keep up with the bike’s rapid speed. This also burns a lot of calories because of the effort it takes.

There are times when it’s appropriate to ride for more hours (in addition to getting a great workout). If you ride your motorcycle for a short distance at a time and often, that will burn fewer calories than if you ride for a long distance and seldom.

Exercise should be fun and burn more calories than you’re eating.


There are many reasons to ride a motorcycle, but we want to keep it simple. You can ride a bike for safety, health, fun, travel, and many other reasons.

As long as you follow the tips we’ve provided, you’ll be able to burn more calories while riding a motorcycle, and we can’t deny this.