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Does It Get Hot Inside a Motorcycle Helmet? [Effects + Tips]

does it get hot in a motorcycle helmet

Wearing the proper motorcycle helmet can mean the difference between life and death. We also know that it can mean the difference between a pleasant and an unpleasant ride. We have tips to help you find a safe helmet that fits as you search through the many online and in-store options.

Does it get hot in a classic motorcycle helmet? Yes, it does! That’s why selecting a certified motorcycle helmet is critical to help you feel comfortable during your rides and keep your head in one piece.

This article will describe what makes a motorcycle helmet hot, choose the fitting helmet for you, and which helmets we believe will give you the most comfortable ride even in the summer heat.

What Does the High Temperature Do to the Helmet and Its Wearer?

The average temperature at sea level is 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit), so if you’re on a bike and wearing a helmet, you will feel that it’s warm inside your helmet. Under the summer sun, the temperature can be anywhere between 22.2 degrees Celsius and 56.7 degrees Celsius — the hottest temperature ever recorded in California. If you’re wearing a full-face helmet and riding from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, you will feel the heat through your helmet.

It’s Humid Inside

Humidity is uncomfortable, no matter what your situation is. When you are riding under the sun’s heat, humidity causes the buildup of moisture inside your helmet. If your helmet is not properly ventilated, you may experience the perennial problem of your visor fogging up, causing you to be blinded by your own sweat. If you ride at night, your visor will also be more likely to fog-up because of the humidity caused by your body heat against the cooler temperature of your helmet.

It Makes You Sweat

Sweat has the greatest impact on the life of your helmet. Sweat is composed of water and a small percentage of salt and fat. This may seem harmless, but if left unattended, it can weaken the inner fabric of your helmet lining. Now, combine that with bacteria that live on your skin. What you get is a foul-smelling, dirty helmet. 

You can minimize the damage to the inner fabric by wearing either a bandana, a skull cap, or a balaclava. More importantly, the best way to preserve the fabric of your helmet is to wash it regularly. Using helmet disinfectant sprays that clean your helmet also helps maintain a good minty smell. 

How to Keep a Cool Head When Riding in the Summer Heat

wearing a bike helmet in hot weather

Don’t worry! Even if you wear a full-face motorcycle helmet, there’s a way to keep your head cool. 

1. Choose the Fitting Helmet

Choosing the fitting helmet means keeping your location’s average temperature in mind. The helmet has to be the right fit, made from quality material, and designed with vents that will help air circulate inside it.  

2. Maintain Your Helmet

Like it or not, this is crucial to keeping your head cool. A clean helmet is easier to ventilate and cool. It will help reduce the buildup of sweat inside the helmet, which can cause fogging. I recommend using minty helmet sprays. In my experience, it’s better than using regular disinfectant sprays.

3. Open Your Visor Slightly

The motorcycle helmet’s visor protects your eyes from flying debris, dust, rain, snow, and insects. You can keep your visor ajar when riding through hot weather to let air in and help your helmet get adequately ventilated. It’s highly recommended to use the best motorcycle helmets for hot weather while riding in the hot conditions. 

4. Choose to Ride During Cooler Hours

It’s always a good idea to ride during cooler hours. The sun will be out there, and it will be hotter. It will be more challenging to keep your helmet cool. The best time to ride is when the sun is not directly overhead, or at least not when it’s the hottest.

5. Wear a Balaclava or Bandana

Wearing a bandana, skull cap, or balaclava will keep your sweat at bay and help you feel cooler. 

6. Hydrate

Being exposed to direct sunlight results in sweat, which means you’re losing water quickly. Drinking more water is the only solution to help your body retain more water. It will assist your body in cooling down and maintaining a healthy temperature. So, stop and drink water every hour if you’re on a long ride.

7. Wear Sunglasses

Besides the tinted helmet visor, sunglasses are another way to keep your head cool. They block the sun’s rays, and they will help you to stay cool.

 Top 3 Recommended Helmets During Hot Rides

1. HJC i10

I would recommend the HJC i10 to anyone looking for a good-quality, low-priced helmet. It is a well-thought-out product that looks good and will last a long time. It has excellent value for the money.

This helmet has a nice brow vent designed to keep your face cool. The chin vent is designed to move a ton of air. It is, in my opinion, one of the best-performing models in the entire line. HJC changed the nose bar on the i10 from the previous model. As a result, the fit is more comfortable, and the seal is better.

2. AGV K3 SV

Look no further if you’re searching for a helmet to get you through a hot weather ride. The AGV K3 SV is perfect for super hot days. The chin vent works with the massive air vent at the top of the helmet, allowing air to flow through freely. The circulated warm air is then pulled towards the exhaust vents at the back of the helmet. 

Although it’s not the quietest helmet available, the beauty of the K3 is that it manages ventilation without too much noise. 

3. Shoei RF1400

The Shoei RF1400 helmet is the predecessor of the extremely popular RF 1200. It has a new venting system that allows tons of air to flow through the inside of the helmet, making it perfect for riding in hot weather. There is a large scoop-like vent at the top and two chimney vents alongside it, and all that air is channeled through three airways and the static vent under the spoiler.

Final Words

I know there are a lot of motorcycle helmet brands out there. I hope this article helped you make an informed decision. I’d like to know which brands you guys prefer and which ones you don’t like. Feel free to comment below.

Happy riding!