Can You Ride a Motorcycle While Pregnant? Safety First

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Motorcycle riding has its own set of risks and measures to be taken. However, pregnancy and motorbike rides are two different things.

Many people have different beliefs about motorcycles, from them being death machines to only being as dangerous as the rider. On the other hand, Riders argue that you should always ride cautiously around other cars, even if it means riding slower than you would in traffic.

Some women love to ride motorcycles during pregnancy. While others don’t like riding motorcycles because they think it might be harmful to the baby. Either way, safety is the number one priority for riding a bike.

Unfortunately, this argument is not the best one. More motorcycle-related injuries and deaths result from these incidents than auto accidents.

When can I ride a motorcycle if I’m pregnant?

You should always consult your doctor before riding a motorcycle. He will tell you whether it is safe to ride a bike. If he says that it is okay, then you can go ahead and start riding.

If the doctor does allow you to ride, do know that riding a motorcycle is a good form of exercise for you and the baby.

For your safety, however, it’s better not to ride a motorcycle in the third trimester of your pregnancy, as you may be more likely to lose your balance. 

If you ride your motorcycle when pregnant, you risk injuring yourself and your unborn. Therefore you should be extremely cautious and keep the bike in storage for at least nine months.

The dangers of riding a motorcycle

Motorcycle riding is inherently dangerous; that’s why the DMV requires riders to have a license and be physically able to take the rigors of being on two wheels. Pregnancy, in itself, could be very sensitive. A woman or the unborn infant could experience many complications during the pregnancy that may cause serious harm.

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In short, although you can ride a motorcycle in the first trimester of your pregnancy, it doesn’t mean you should. 

Of Pregnancy and Motorcycles

The mother and baby need to be taken into consideration during pregnancy. Women planning to become pregnant must know that some activities can be harmful to their unborn child.

As a rule, doctors tell expectant mothers not to ride a motorcycle while pregnant. The chance of falling and harming oneself is far too great. Even though some women claim to be able to ride their motorcycles safely into their second and third trimesters, a sudden fall from your bike or being hit by another vehicle might easily cause injuries to your body, stomach, and placenta or even result in premature delivery.

You should also note that the further along the woman is during her pregnancy, the more dangerous an accident could be to the baby. 

Sitting on a motorcycle when pregnant

If you want to ride a motorbike while pregnant, you must bear a few things in mind; leaning forward is a no-no and keeping your body straight is critical in avoiding back pain.

But things do get complicated during pregnancy time. Many working women don’t have any other option without a scooter or bike to go to the office. So the question arises of riding a motorcycle is safe during pregnancy and, if it is, how to sit correctly on the bike during pregnancy time.

Riding a bike is safe as long as you are in the early stages and take proper protection with changing your sitting pattern. Bikes don’t have seatbelts or bodies like cars, so you are more exposed to road bumps and sudden hard brakes.

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Pregnant women should keep these tips in mind when getting behind the wheel.

1. Wear a Helmet/Protective Gear: Wearing a helmet is the most critical thing you can do before riding a bike, regardless of whether or not you are pregnant. The helmet will protect you from head crashes, and the other protective gear will protect your body from injuries.

2. Don’t use the Kick Starter: Using the Kickstarter is equivalent to hard labor, which could put your pregnancy at risk. If required, get assistance from a friend or family member.

3. Check your speed: Pregnant or not, regulate your speed for safety. Besides, it’s not recommended for a pregnant woman to ride fast. Ignoring this simple reminder could put you and your unborn child at greater risk. 

4. Don’t go for long rides: Even the most physically conditioned riders get tired during long rides, more so if you are pregnant. The prolonged sitting position will hurt your back and increase your stress level. 

5. Avoid stop-and-go traffic: Motorcycles are heavy. Therefore, the more you are in a stop-in-go situation, the more you have to exert effort to control your bike as you are idle. This repeated strenuous activity could pose a danger to you and your child.

6. Slow down on humps: Humps are there to slow you down. Passing over one at high speed will result in a strong bumping shake resulting in a miscarriage. 

7. Remind yourself to take your medicine and stay hydrated: Being hydrated is paramount during pregnancy. So, when taking pregnancy medication, pack a water bottle and stick to your routine.

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8. Ask for help/Receive help: If you’re riding in a group, don’t hesitate to let them know you are pregnant. You’ll find that most people will be happy to give you any help you need once they learn that you are with a child. 

9. Avoid riding frequently: It’s highly recommended that you stay at home, take care of yourself, and rest. Going out of a two-wheeler often is not suitable for you and the baby you are carrying. If you are employed, take maternity leave. 


Pregnancy is a beautiful time to be with your family and enjoy the company of your loved ones. 

Riding a bike during pregnancy is safe, but it’s not without risks. The most essential thing is to stay secure, calm and follow these instructions to keep you and your baby safe and healthy.

It is a common misconception that riding a motorcycle or scooter is unsafe for pregnant women. Riding a bike is safe as long as you start off slowly and take precautions, such as adjusting your sitting pattern.

In addition, be sure to ride with your doctor’s advice.

Thanks for visiting today. Ride safe!