Can You Ride a Motorcycle In The Rain? [Video] See How

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As with most things in life, there are no absolute rules for motorcycle riding. It’s all about finding the proper level of skills, experience, and equipment to ensure a safe and fun ride.

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Can you ride a motorcycle in the rain?

Yes. But it’s a terrible idea.

The best piece of advice you can get for riding in the rain is to avoid it entirely. But if you really need to ride, don’t worry about it, just go ahead.

It can be dangerous to ride a motorcycle with rain in the air. Many factors can affect the visibility and handling of your bike, so use these few tips to ride safely in the shower.

Preparation is the key to safety

While the simplest way to avoid motorcycle accidents is to just not ride your motorcycle in poor weather, there are other measures you may use to protect yourself. Using apps such as the Weather Channel can help you better identify when rain is coming so you can avoid riding your motorcycle during those times! 

Before you ride your motorcycle during bad weather, make sure you wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing, such as leathers and boots.

Visibility of your visor

When your head is inside a helmet, the last thing you want to have to happen is water damage to your visor. It can cause it to get ruined and fog up, making it difficult to see what’s happening ahead of you.

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It’s important to note that any protection device will not do a great job in all conditions. While it’s true that a dark shield will increase visibility, there is a risk of being blinded. A clear visor will give you better visibility. Still, because it tends to fog, it’s advisable to use a pinlock. However, you should always wear eye protection no matter what. It’s recommended to have both a dark shield and a clear visor.

The Right Gear Makes A Difference

A waterproof rain suit is a great way to keep yourself safe if you have to go out in the rain. A good suit should protect you from all-weather elements, including wind, water, and cold. Gloves are also an essential piece of clothing that will help protect your hands as they maneuver the bike.

To avoid rain getting into your gear, you must bring a waterproof bag to carry your extra clothing and other items. It is essential that this bag is fully waterproof and will not let water get inside.

Check your ride

Pre-ride and post-ride inspections are an essential part of a motorcycle rider’s life, regardless of the weather, the length of the ride, or the kind of ride.

I have you to ride in inclement weather; it’s essential to take the time to inspect your motorcycle and make sure that it’s in safe working order before heading out.

Keep your chain and rear tire clean if you are riding in wet weather. The oil from the chain can get into the tire’s tread and cause traction problems. If you notice a problem with your chain, you should pull over and check it.

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The pre-ride inspection is an essential step in the inspection process. If you are taking a long ride, you should check the following:

  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated. If they are not, you may be risking an accident.
  • Check your lights and make sure they are working.
  • Check your exhaust pipe for leaks.
  • Check your saddle and make sure it’s not wobbling.
  • Check your mirrors and make sure they are clear and working.
  • Check your battery and make sure it is in good condition.
  • Check your motorcycle’s air filter.
  • Check the fluids and make sure they are all at the proper levels.
  • Check your oil levels.
  • Check your oil cap and make sure it is on correctly.

Be Visible

If you are riding a motorcycle in the rain, it’s critical to make sure that you are visible to other motorists and pedestrians. Wearing brightly colored gear, such as a luminous vest or jacket, is the best method to do this.

If you have an LED light on your bike, make sure it shines bright and visible at a distance of at least 50 meters.

Also, you have to be aware of the road and other motorists and pedestrians. When riding, ensure that you are on the right lane and that no cars are coming in the opposite direction.

Be smart and ride defensively

It’s a good idea to be smart on the road and observe defensive riding techniques while riding a motorcycle. The risk is heightened if visibility is poor and the weather is terrible.

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Besides wearing appropriate clothing and equipment, it’s important to make sure you ride defensively. This means you should ride in the right lane, always keep a safe distance from other vehicles, slow down and be aware of your surroundings. If you need to swerve, turn, or stop, make sure you signal your intentions to other motorists and pedestrians.

Remember, the weather and visibility conditions can quickly change, so you must stay alert.


Riding a motorcycle in the rain can be a lot of fun., but it’s important to be smart and aware.

If you are riding in the rain, make sure you wear the appropriate clothing and equipment. 

Also, make sure that you are riding defensively and aware of the road and other motorists.

Remember that the weather and visibility conditions can change quickly. Be alert and ride safely.

What was the worst condition you have ever ridden in? Let us know in the comments.