Can Wind Push Over A Motorcycle? [ Video] Stop Damage

According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), 5014 motorcyclists died in 2019. 

Can wind push over a parked motorcycle? Yes, it can, especially if the wind is above 30-35 mph. However, it also depends on the motorcycle’s weight, wind speed, lean angle (the angle at which you lean your motorcycle at corners while turning), the way you park your motorcycle, and more! 

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You will wear your helmet, be sober, and follow the safety guidelines on the road, but you may prefer to ride on a windy day, which is the biggest mistake if the wind is above 35 mph. 

If you’re among the ones who think it’s safe to ride on a motorcycle even when it’s too windy, we are here to change your mind. 

Read on for more information. 

When Is Wind Safe for Your Motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle on a windy day may seem easy, but things can take a toll on you and your favorite vehicle. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Consider the following: 

  • According to National Weather Service, when the speed range for wind is between 25-31 mph, it’s hard to use an umbrella as the wind starts getting strong. 
  • Between 32 and 38 mph, it’s hard to walk against the wind. 
  • Things get serious between 39 and 46 mph as the twigs break off the trees. 
  • You can experience some structural damage between 47 and 54 mph. 
  • The structural damage gets serious at an average of 59 mph, and it’s widespread at an average of 68 mph. It’s a hurricane situation at an average of 78 mph. 

So, keeping in view the speed range, it’s safe to say that you are safe below 25 mph. But, again, it’s best to check the weather conditions in your state before heading out on the road. Your safety counts! 

What Happens If Your Motorcycle Is Heavy And It Is Windy Outside? 

The weight of an average motorcycle is around 400 pounds. If your motorcycle is heavier, it will require more wind force to blow it away. However, it also depends on how you are parking it. Plus, the wind speed matters a lot. 

You may own an adventure bike between 500 and 650 lbs, or it could be a chopper that’s up to 720 lbs. 

Strong winds (59 mph) can cause the trees to uproot, so the chances are that it can also knock over your motorcycle. 

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Is Your Motorcycle Safe In Parking? 

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Tons of things may come to your mind when you safely park your motorcycle in the parking lot but is it safe! 

Let’s find out. 

Think about it: 

  • Wind can easily blow a lightweight motorcycle as there is no anchor to support it. So, tying your motorcycle to the ground can help, but you have to be smart and find the perfect spot.
  • Try parking your motorcycle in your garage or a safe spot where the wind can’t damage it. 
  • If your motorcycle gets a parking spot by the wall, it can help. But there is no guarantee if the winds are too strong.
  • For the kickstand, you have to see in which direction the wind is blowing and adapt accordingly.

Tips to Consider When Wind Is Against Your Motorcycle 

Riding a motorcycle during harsh weather conditions is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, you need to be aware of the safety precautions if you need to travel or arrive at your safety spot. 

Consider the following:

  • According to Peterson’s Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, you must always wear the right gear when riding the motorcycle. 
  • It’s best to leave loose items or bags behind when riding in strong winds. 
  • Make sure you know how to ride in extreme weather conditions. Refresh your riding skills if you have recently moved to an area with strong winds!
  • Learn to combat crosswind as it’s dangerous. It’s best to go in the wind’s direction and shift your weight on the side. 
  • Maintain your speed and ride low when the wind comes from the front (headwind).
  • During tailwind, adjust your speed as per the traffic conditions. 

When you are a new rider, you may not know the dos and don’t. It’s best to be aware of the weather conditions of your area. As there is a saying that goes, prevention is better than cure. 

Why Riding A Motorcycle In The Wind Can Be Dangerous? 

Riding your motorcycle in the wind can lead to severe consequences, especially if the wind blows above 60 mph. 

When you are riding on the road, it’s just not you. There could be other riders and car drivers on the road. Strong winds can affect other vehicles on the road, which will make it harder to continue for the rider. You have to be mindful of your riding techniques under such conditions. 

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Also, it’s not just above wind pushing over the motorcycle, but there could be objects, for example, rocks, dirt, and bags, that can lead to an accident. When the rider suddenly gets hit by a foreign object, it would be hard to manage the situation under harsh weather conditions. 

It’s vital to wear the right gear when riding a motorcycle, especially during windy days. But, of course, being an experienced rider, things would be different. You can handle the situation, but it will be harder to manage for the new riders. So it’s vital to brush up on the skills of riding a motorcycle. 

If you have recently moved to a place where the speed range of the wind is on the higher side, it’s time to brush up your riding skills. Take some lessons to be on the safe side. It never hurts to learn something that can save your life. 


How to stop a motorcycle from falling over in the wind?

The best thing is to park your motorcycle in a safe spot. Keep it inside your garage or find a safe area that can help keep the motorcycle safe. The goal is to make your motorcycle more stable so that it doesn’t fall over. Depending on the direction and speed range, you can adjust the kickstand too. 

What to do if the wind blows the parked motorcycle? 

If you wake up and find your motorcycle knocked over by the wind, inspect it thoroughly even when there are no signs of damage. There could impact the handlebars, mirrors, brake pedals, and more. In addition, the damage can be expensive as you will need to do the repairs. You can expect the annual maintenance cost of a motorcycle to be up to $1000 per year, so throw the repair cost on top of it, and it will be costly! 

Can wind push a motorcycle over while riding?

Yes, a strong wind can push a motorcycle, especially if it’s a crosswind. The crosswind flows from different directions, so you are unsure where the wind is coming from, and thus, you have to adjust accordingly. For example, when the wind is from the left direction sticking your left knee out can help. When the wind is from the right, shifting your weight in that direction can help. You have to try and see what works best, but you must be careful when driving in harsh weather. It’s about your life! 

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Is it okay to ride a motorcycle when it’s too windy?

No, it’s best to stay indoors. However, if you have to go to work or have an unavoidable situation, you must follow the safety precautions. You don’t want yourself in a challenging situation, so it’s best to avoid riding. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the weather conditions of your area before you head out and start your day on a motorcycle. 

Why does the wind blow the motorcycle? 

Strong winds can uproot trees and can even damage the infrastructure so that it can affect your motorcycle too. But, it depends on factors like the weight of the motorcycle. Lightweight motorcycles are an easy target. The angle at which you park your motorcycle, how strong the wind is, and more! It’s best to learn the correct technique for parking. 

How to know if wind can blow your motorcycle? 

When you are indoors, it’s hard to gauge the situation, but you need to keep an eye on your motorcycle. If you observe objects flying in the air, for example, rocks, dirt, and other things, then it’s best to put your motorcycle in a safe spot. Also, you can check the weather conditions and prepare for the day. It’s best not to leave your motorcycle outside where damage is possible. Safety precautions in advance will help keep your motorcycle safe and sound during windy days. 

Final Words 

Can wind push over a motorcycle? Yes, wind can push over a motorcycle, so you have to be careful when the wind is too strong. It’s best not to ride your motorcycle in harsh weather conditions. Also, it’s vital to find a safe parking spot or keep your motorcycle in the garage when it’s too windy outside. Finally, always wear the right gear and follow the safety rules of the road. 

Your life matters!

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