Can a Motorcycle Fit into a Truck Bed? [Bike Types + Video]

can a motorcycle fit in a truck bed

If you’re wondering what a truck bed is, it’s the cargo bed or tonneau on the back of a pickup truck. Can a motorcycle fit in a truck bed? The answer is yes — a motorcycle can fit in a truck bed. It all depends on the motorcycle you own and what type of truck you have.

First, let’s take a look at the types of motorcycles and know which ones can fit in a truck bed.

3 Types of Motorcycles

types of motorcycles

For those who are unfamiliar with motorcycles — and even for those who are — it’s important to know that there are three types of motorcycles: cruiser, sports bike, and off-road.


Cruisers are typically large motorcycles with plenty of horsepower and slow speeds. They appear like the kind of bike that could tear up a gravel road or a motorway.

Sports Bikes

Although smaller than cruisers, sports bikes are still larger than most automobiles and trucks. They’re more maneuverable than cruisers, and their engines enable them to go at faster speeds than cruisers.

Off-Road Bikes

Off-road bikes are built to ride through hard terrain and are intended to be taken off paved roads and onto dirt pathways or even through dunes.

Now let’s talk about trucks!

Trucks and Motorcycles

Trucks have various shapes and sizes, including cargo trucks, pickup trucks (with beds), van-style vans (with rear doors), and flatbed trucks (which have beds). They’re available in many sizes, depending on how big your motorcycle is or how compact you want it to fit inside its allocated vehicle type.

Motorcycles are smaller than automobiles, trucks, and SUVs. When folded, many motorcycles are tiny enough to fit into the bed of a pickup truck.

So, is it possible to transport a Harley Davidson Sportster 883 in a pickup truck? You should be able to move your bike with ease if your vehicle is large enough. In certain cases, you may even be able to travel two at once.

How Do You Know If a Motorcycle Fits a Truck Bed?

To begin, take measurements of your motorcycle’s length and width. Then, figure out how long and wide your truck bed is. Your motorcycle must fit into those dimensions. If it doesn’t, you’ll either need to invest in a new truck with a larger bed or find another way to carry your bike (like putting it on a trailer).

Next, determine how far away your truck’s tailgate is from the cab. This will determine how much room there is in the back compartment for loading stuff without banging them against other objects.

Finally, inspect its tires for any damage or wear that may render them inappropriate for driving on unpaved terrains — like dirt roads or trails through forests when there are no paved roads nearby — as these conditions can easily destroy them while being carried in this fashion.

Getting a Motorcycle into the Back of a Truck – Different Methods

A motorcycle can be loaded into the rear of your truck in a few different ways. You can load it alone or with the help of friends, or you can utilize a ramp or lift to get it in.

Secure the motorcycle with tie-downs and straps once it’s where it needs to be, so it doesn’t move about during transport!


Ramps come in many sizes and designs, from foldable aluminum models to permanent steel ramps that are used for loading boats and other heavy equipment.


Motorcycle lifts come in several types, including steel, plastic parts, and aluminum struts. Before purchasing either type, speak with your dealer to ensure that it is properly sized for the weight capacity and dimensions of your motorcycle when placed into its shipping crate (if applicable).

Motorcycle lifts, like automobile or truck lifts, employ both hydraulic fluid and compressed air to lift and lower the motorcycle. A motorbike lift typically has a lifting height range of 2 – ½ inches to 30 inches.

Using a Ramp or Lift – The Best Way to Load a Motorcycle Into a Truck

A ramp or lift is the best technique to put a motorcycle into a truck. This not only makes loading and unloading much safer but also reduces the chances of your bike being damaged while being transported. Most auto parts stores sell ramps for around $100, but if you plan on doing this frequently, it’s worth the extra money to get an aluminum-reinforced variant that will last longer.

If you don’t have access to one of these or want something more portable, there are models available online with features like adjustable heights and foldable designs that make them easy to store when not in use (a great option if space is limited).

Lifts are more expensive than ramps (beginning at around $200 in auto shops and about $500 online), but they’re also more secure because they prevent your motorcycle from shifting while driving. They’re great if you’re short on space because they take up less space than other vehicles; nevertheless, they can be too heavy for some people because lifting large goods necessitates reaching underneath them first before pushing upwards to their destination (which could result in injury depending on how heavy it is).

Here’s an eight-minute video on how to load a motorcycle into a truck:

Motorcycle Ramp – Fixed or Portable

A motorcycle ramp can be either permanent or moveable. Portable ramps can be utilized in a variety of vehicles and are easier to store than fixed ramps. Both types of ramps serve the same purpose.

Secure the Bike Once It’s in the Back of the Truck

You’ll need to secure your bike once it’s in the vehicle. Tie-downs and other straps can be used to keep the bike from shifting on its own. If you’re using a motorbike jack, lift the back of your car first so you can simply secure the front end of your motorcycle. Before driving away, double-check that everything is secure — you don’t want any components to fall off while you’re driving!

Transporting Your Motorcycle in a Truck Bed – Advantages & Disadvantages


It’s simply more convenient to transfer your motorcycle to your truck bed.

  • You won’t need a second driver to transfer both your motorcycle and truck to the same location.
  • You don’t need to hire a vehicle service, which can be expensive, depending on the distance to be transported.
  • You’ll be confident about the safety of your motorcycle while in transit.


  • You will need to invest in ramps and lifts and other accessories like straps to put your motorcycle in the truck bed. But if you have a neighbor or a friend that could lend you these things, then you’re good to go!
  • In addition to fitting your motorcycle into the truck bed, having dents and scrapes on your truck over time will be an issue. 
  • Loading and unloading your motorcycle on your own might be difficult. You should think about bringing a friend with you. 

It will be more difficult to put your motorcycle into the bed of a truck if it is strong and heavy. So, before you decide to load your motorcycle into your truck bed, think about a few things that will make your life easier.


There are many ways to get your motorcycle into the back of your pickup truck. Make sure you have help and take safety precautions when moving your bike. You can transport your motorcycle safely in the back of your pickup truck with the correct equipment and assistance.

  • To load and unload the bike, make sure you have a ramp or a lift. If your vehicle lacks a liftgate or tailgate, a trailer hitch cargo carrier can be used in place of a ramp.
  • Seek assistance when loading and unloading the bike so that neither of you gets injured while transporting it.
  • Once your motorcycle is within the truck bed, be sure you have a secure place to store it (i.e., not on top of other items).
  • Selecting the appropriate ramp or lift will ensure that your vehicle is not destroyed and that no one is injured as a result of their misuse (e.g., trying open-top pickups without ramps).

Finally, it comes down to the size of your motorcycle and the sort of vehicle you need to transport it in. 

Most full-size pickup trucks, as well as many of today’s tiniest trucks, can accommodate a motorcycle in their beds. Naturally, certain motorcycles will be easier to load than others, and some loading techniques will be more effective than others. However, there are methods to fit them all in.

It’s time to get out and enjoy the open road — now that you know a motorcycle can fit in a truck bed and the methods on how to secure your bike properly.