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Best Paint Type & Brands for Motorcycle – Durable & Low Cost

Which paint is best for motorcycle

The type of paint you use for your motorcycle can make it look excellent or bad. If you use the wrong paint or rush the painting process, you might not like your motorcycle look. Therefore, it is essential that you get the proper paint to make your motorcycle look fantastic. However, there are numerous options to pick from. This can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first experience.

We will discuss the 6 best motorcycle paints today to get you started. After that, we’ll give you our pick for the best one we have used.

6 Best Motorcycle Paints Available in the Market

1. Dupli-Color Paint-Shop BSP200

which type of paint is best for motorcycles

Dupli-Color Paint-Shop paints are professionally graded. These paints are produced with better and high-quality materials than other paints. They have numerous advantages. For instance, these paints are made and packaged pre-thinned. Hence, they have no ratios to determine thinning. It is incredibly straightforward to use. You just need to put the paint in a spray gun and do the job.

Additionally, it is more cost-effective to purchase this than rattle spray cans. It is important to note that you might experience some difficulties using professional-grade paints if you have no technical qualifications in painting. You must follow all the prep processes before using the paint on your motorcycle. If you don’t, you might be disappointed. The paint may come out wrong and start peeling off in no time. You may lightly coat your motorcycle several times to have an excellent finish.


  • Packaged pre-thinned from production (ready to use)
  • Professional-grade paint
  • Nineteen colors you can pick from
  • When you consider the long-term benefits, these paints are more affordable than rattle cans.


  • You must be a technical professional before doing adequate prep work and finishing.

2. VHT Black Satin ESP903007 Engine Case Can Paint – 11oz

If you want reliable paint that can tolerate heat and chemicals or paint for motorcycle engines or engine accessories, VHT Black Satin Paints are an excellent choice.

They are produced using urethane and ceramic resins. They also have numerous features and advantages. These paints have exceptional chemical and heat-resistance properties, making them reliable and durable. VHT Black Satin paints can withstand up to 550°F heat. These paints preserve your engine and engine accessories from chemicals, corrosion, rust, and salt spray.

VHT Black Satin paints are high-temperature paints with satin finishes. They are produced for the engine cases of two and four-stroke motorcycles. If you use them on your motorcycle, they will never flake, peel, or crack. They are also straightforward to apply. These paints dry to touch in 30 minutes and dry completely in one hour. However, you need to have some technical skills, such as priming, preparing, and coating, before using VHT Black Satin paints.


  • Chemical and heat resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Factory match colors
  • Dries easily


  • You must have some technical experience to use them.
  • You have to prepare VHT Black Satin paints carefully and ensure proper curing and cohesion to avoid disappointment.

3. ColorRite Yamaha Motorcycle Spray Paint

best motorcycle paint

ColorRite produces ColorRite Yamaha Motorcycle Spray Paints. They are OEM paints that are in 11 oz cans. To use this paint, you don’t need to do a clear coat process. All you need to do is apply the paint directly to your motorcycle. This makes the paint quite comfortable to use.

These paints are also cost-effective, and they save time. We recommend this product if it’s your original motorcycle color. You can also use it if you recently changed your motorcycle’s color to this color.

You have to ensure you know the particular name of your paint. If you don’t, make use of a paint selector. This is to guarantee accuracy, particularly for touch-ups. You must ensure the area you touch looks like the rest of your motorcycle.

A ColorRite Yamaha Motorcycle Spray Paint package contains one factory-matched paint can, one can of base coat, and an aerosol of clear coat to ensure a durable finish.


  • Great for touch-ups
  • No need for a clear coat before you can apply the paint
  • Highly durable
  • These paints are cost-effective and save time
  • Excellent color match to OEM


  • This paint requires some technical expertise before you can use it.
  • You have to get confirmation from the manufacturer to know if it’s your color.

4. House of Kolor Red Shimrin BC11

These paints are aerosol sprays that are decreased by adopting Medium Reducer, particularly RU311 (at the ratio of two to one). You can find these paints in coarse or refined metallic. These paints are considered universal base coats — you can use them as a foundation to execute whole body jobs or as final finishes. The chemical properties of these paints make them top coated using acrylic lacquer or urethane enamel.

These paints are produced to act as co-polymers urethane systems. They have lacquer attributes yet they can still function as urethane. So, in one product, you will get lacquer and urethane. These paints are produced using high-quality pearls and metallic base coats to give them exceptional intensity.

The manufacturer uses organic pigments in the production of these paints. Organic pigments are better than oxides. They provide full coverage in four coats if you use the proper ground coat. Also, they dry incredibly fast. If you want to DIY, get familiar with the basics.


  • These paints dry fast
  • Excellent color
  • They can be used for final finishes and as basecoats
  • They come ready to use


  • You must have some technical experience before using this paint.

5. PJ1 – Black Gloss Epoxy Paint 16 (Aerosol)

best paint for your motorcycle

These popular paints are incredibly tough and durable. They are the perfect paints for vehicles and motorcycles. They also come in 12 oz cans. So, as you buy more cans, they become more cost-effective. Also, it is straightforward to apply the paint. You can easily wash off parts that are dirty when you use these paints, needing only water and soap. These paints preserve your motor perfectly because they don’t peel, chip, or rub off.

Additionally, your motorcycle will be protected from rust and corrosion when you use these paints. They are ideal for touch-up jobs and painting motorcycles.


  • Safeguards your motorcycle from corrosion and rust
  • Highly durable
  • Paint doesn’t peel, chip, and rub off quickly
  • It has a high gloss finish


  • Painting requires technical skills
  • Only applicable if you want black color paint. You have to order other colors from the manufacturer.

6. PJ1 Wrinkle Black Spray Paint 16 – WKL 11 OZ (Aerosol)

PJ1 Wrinkle Black Spray Paints are produced for motorcycle components that require texture coatings. These motorcycle components include engine cases, cylinders, and more. They can resist heat up to 500° F, making them highly heat-resistant paints. The application of this paint is simple and easy. You can be assured to have a tough texture finish on your component. These paints are also highly durable. They prevent scratching and do not chip off.

Furthermore, you can easily wash off mud and dirt with soap and water. Ensure you heat your motorcycle component after applying this paint at a low temperature. This will ensure a uniform texture. Buy more than one pack to save money.


  • This paint is resistant to heat
  • Highly durable
  • Available in other colors
  • Exceptional textured finish
  • It is easy to maintain after applying. It won’t scratch or chip.


  • Not available to other countries
  • You need basic painting skills before you can use it.

Motorcycle Paint Buying Guide

motorcycle paint buying guide

Giving your motorcycle a new cool look isn’t complex if you use the correct paint. Here are what you would need to consider before buying a motorcycle paint:

  • Decide on the depth of color you want on your motorcycle. You have to look for specially formulated paints that offer rich, authentic, and deep colors.
  • You also have to consider how often you would apply coats on your motorcycle. We advise you to go for paints that erase flaws with a few coats. Self-priming paints can do this perfectly, although they can be a little expensive.
  • Finally, ensure that the paint you’d go for can withstand getting always cleaned without peeling or chipping. Generally, your motorcycle will be easy to clean if the finished look of the color you used is shiny. So the shinier the finished look of the paint, the easier it is to clean your motorcycle.

Which Paint Is the Best?

Without any doubt, the Dupli-Color BSP200 chain of paints is incredibly popular. We would recommend this paint to anyone looking for quality and durability. And the reason why the company stands out is simple. They offer numerous color options with their paints. Above all, they have been consistently producing high-quality paints over the years.

Final Thoughts

Painting your motorcycle is more than just applying a coat of paint. You have to ensure you have the proper equipment and the right paint to get the job done. Fortunately, you can get the appropriate paint for your motorcycle with the highlighted recommendations in the guide.