Best Motorcycle Gloves – Top Rated


We looked at things to consider when choosing a motorcycle glove for a great riding experience in the preceding section. We have decided to take this post a notch forward by putting out 11 of the best motorcycle gloves on the market.

When it comes to quality motorcycle gloves, the Alpinestars SMX-1 Air v2 Gloves is an excellent choice. It is a well-built product that comes in a short cuff design. This glove features a perforated and heavy-duty mesh design that allows proper aeration for the user.

The padded fingers and knuckle protection utilizes a polymer knuckle protection system which keeps the user protected during a fall. The ergonomic design of the Alpinestars SMX-1 Air v2 glove allows the users to stretch and move their thumbs easily.

Advanced poly-blend design with foam padding allows for convenience on both the palm and thumb. Users also enjoy the hook and loop grip features for ease of usage and closure. This CE-certified Level 1 motorcycle glove also has touchscreen-compatible fingertips, allowing users to utilize their smartphone or other screen-enabled devices.



The Dainese Blackjack gloves are a retro-looking motorcycle glove designed for summertime rides. This motorcycle glove made from goatskin leather has a trendy look, making it quite aesthetically pleasing for the rider. The Dainese Blackjack glove features a leather palm reinforcement that gives the rider added protection when thrown off their motorcycle.

The soft inserts on both the knuckles and the back is a great feature for added protection. With varying sizes, the gloves are usually snug and allow for optimum airflow. Precurved fingers are also a great addition to the functionalities of the Dainese Blackjack Gloves.



Rev’It! Kryptonite GTX Gloves are premium designed motorcycle gloves for the consummate rider. This waterproof motorcycle glove makes riding all the more fun no matter the weather, and wetness is sealed out. The Rev’It! Kryptonite GTX Gloves also comes with an outer shell made from a goatskin drum dyed with a water-resistant finish. These motorcycle gloves utilize a Thinsulate G and Gore-Tex membrane to aid warmth and dryness for increased insulation.

The Rev’It! Kryptonite GTX Gloves also provide incredible breathability with Gore-Tex glove design and Gore grip technology. When it comes to protection, the glove boasts of a PWRI shell ripstop stretch covering the hard shell knuckle. This technology is also utilized in the palm region to eradicate injury during ground impact.

This premium motorcycle glove has a tri-fleece liner for users’ comfort. The glove is also made from skin-friendly materials such as polyester, goat leather, polyamide, polyurethane, and Gore-Tex membrane.



The Scorpion EXO SGS MK II Gloves are well-designed motorcycle gloves with great features to provide protection and proper coverage during a ride. This glove which is the short cuff motorcycle glove is prepared to withstand asphalt and friction that may harm your knuckles.

The carbon fiber reinforced TPU knuckle protection is one of the several features that this motorcycle glove offers to protect your hands. It is made from leather for extended comfort; the Scorpion EXO SGS MK II Gloves also utilize the Knox SPS palm sliders.

A common feature for gloves is knuckle protection in the case of a fall; the Scorpion EXO SGS MK II doesn’t fail in that aspect, as it uses the TPU finger protectors. Wearing the glove is relatively easy with the inclusion of the Velcro wrist strap, which secures the glove in place. The back of the Scorpion EXO SGS MK II Gloves is also perforated for increased aeration. Users who want to use their devices during their ride don’t need to take it off as it comes with a touchscreen compatible index finger.



Unlike the Dainese Blackjack Gloves mentioned above, the Dainese MIG C2 Gloves are of more premium design with their excellent build and structural design. The Dainese MIG C2 Gloves are pretty comfortable and can be used over a long period. It features Cowhide material that is quite resistant to wear, and alongside the synthetic suede addition, users can be sure of a lasting product.

The Dainese brand also considered comfort and ergonomics with the pre-curved finger design that allows prolonged use.

There is also an adjustable cuff strap for tightening the grip of gloves against the user’s hand. For improved comfort, there is also the use of soft inserts and mesh fabric inserts. The Dainese MIG C2 Gloves knuckle is made from polyurethane, which protects the knuckles during a fall. A drawback of this motorcycle glove is the absence of touchscreen capability.



The REV’IT! Brand is a leading name in producing top-notch motorcycle gears, and the REV’IT! Cayenne Pro Gloves isn’t an exception. This motorcycle glove is designed to give users the utmost comfort that could come from a glove. The REV’IT! Cayenne Pro glove is entirely made from goatskin leather, a comfortable and scratch-resistant material.

To further bolster the build, this motorcycle glove is drum dyed with a water-resistant finish. Ventilation is easily achievable with the perforation of the leather to allow adequate air passage. These ventilation spaces are placed at the fingers, palm, thumb, and cuff.

REV’IT! Cayenne Pro Gloves also utilize the TPU hard shell for its knuckle protection. There is also the inclusion of EVA foam at the wrist region for comfort and safety. Both the thumb and palm slider are protected by a TPU hard shell. For aesthetics and visibility, this motorcycle glove also has a reflector on the pinky finger.



The Klim Induction Gloves are a well-designed motorcycle glove that is inputted with the ability to give riders protection and comfort. It is made from goatskin leather, giving the Klim Induction gloves a heavily perforated mesh that keeps airflow at its optimum level and provides excellent abrasion.

It is designed for hot weather, and this motorcycle glove is a perfect option for new and experienced riders. The Klim-engineered rider grip was also introduced for total control of the bike. Users also enjoy a Mult-E- Touch smart device functionality that allows them to use the glove and operate their touchscreen devices.

This product features Poron XRD protection for the knuckle and palm pad coupled with the DuPont Kevlar overlay for protection while riding. It also provides for more accessibility with the Kwik-access dual adjustment.

The Klim Induction glove also has an exterior top and bottom stitching for increased longevity. The glove also uses a zipper on the side for easy wearing access.



The Icon Hypersport Short gloves are a match made in heaven for the consummate rider. These motorcycle gloves are short-fitted and stay right on the wrist for increased snugness, and it’s great for summertime. The leather of the Icon Hypersport Short glove also has perforated ventilation panels, which gives increased aeration. This glove’s articulated fingers also come in handy for the rider with its outseam finger design.

The Hypersport Short glove also comes fitted with a tough AxSuede Laredo, which gives abrasion-free functionalities. Its knuckles plates are coated with TPU and polycarbonate for added protection alongside its wrap-around wrist plate made with TPU. The Hypersport Short glove gives users the freedom of convenience with its floating knuckle and D30 underlay. The gloves also come in 4 color variants to suit customer’s preferences.



Riding during the cold season can’t be any better than with the Hotwired 12V Heated Gloves for motorcycle riders. This sophisticated motorcycle glove has been designed to withstand harsh conditions as it comes with an inbuilt heater. The combination leather used on the motorcycle glove makes it tough and durable as liners are being used.

The 600D textile fabric is used alongside the waterproof membrane, hence making the glove waterproof. Concerning the heating system, the Hotwired 12V heated glove uses a 3-level heat controller to stabilize the glove’s heat level.

The glove can also be used with the Hotwired jacket to achieve unison in the heat circulation. Users also get to enjoy the pull-through wrist strap to ensure more firmness and snug when using the motorcycle glove. The two-year warranty that comes with the purchase and all the premium motorcycle glove offerings make it a great choice.



The Dainese Full Metal 6 Glove is a top-quality motorcycle glove that gives the rider a great user experience. This glove provides its users with all-around performance and protection that makes usage top-notch. Made from leather, the Dainese Full Metal 6 fits perfectly in the rider’s hands and comes with great functionalities.

The pre-curved cuffs also sport an inner closure which makes wrist mobility easier and quite comfy. The palm is also protected with polyurethane inserts and a reinforced leather palm.

The knuckle and back are also shielded with carbon fiber and titanium, while external thermoplastic resin inserts protect the little finger. With several certifications to boast of its quality control, ergonomics and comfort are considered in the gloves production. Aramid stitching is used for the outer seam and provides the glove with extended longevity due to the used material.



Only a few motorcycle gloves can compete with the Knox Handroid MK4 gloves when it comes to sophistication and performance. This motorcycle glove is an exoskeletal themed glove with optimum protection for the user—the glove, which design aims to provide comfort for the users due to its unique leather. The addition of soft cowhide leather, which sits at the cuff, gives comfort during prolonged use.

The Knox Handroid MK4 glove also uses a patented Scaphoid Protection System (SPS), which protects the user during sliding and takes most of the impact. The precision adjustment lacing system; uses Knox BOA  mechanics that keep the cuff secured. Microlock knuckle protection also helps with impact during an accident as impact resistance is great.



Riding is an adventurous sport that can be fun and daring, as you and your motorcycle power through long distances. The thrill of the wind against your face and the adrenaline rush is why most people enjoy riding. Besides using your motorcycle as a means of transportation, it can be used for extreme sport depending on the kind of motorcycle you are utilizing.

However, it is expected that riding should come with ample protection gear such as helmets, backpacks, gloves, etc. These gears serve as protection for the rider and their passengers in such cases. When these gears are used, the rider is usually comfortable and confident during the trip.

A motorcycle glove is an excellent inclusion to your motorcycle gear due to the series of advantages it provides the rider and passenger. These gloves are designed to protect the rider’s hands in case of a fall and other protective measures such as protection against wind and comfortable grip of the handlebars. When used, convenience and safety are assured, and it makes the gloves a great inclusion to your motorcycle gear.

Now that we have explained the purpose of motorcycle gloves, we can see that they are essential and necessary gear when riding. However, many riders still have issues in getting a motorcycle glove that would serve their desired purpose. Motorcycle gloves come in several fashions and designs, and they provide the rider with specific functionalities and specifications based on the manufacturer.

How do we know the suitable motorcycle gloves that are best for us, and how do we choose this glove? This post is designed to showcase points that would help you select a motorcycle glove, and also, we would look at some of the best motorcycle gloves in the market.

Choosing a Motorcycle Glove

Selecting a motorcycle glove that would suit your every need can be quite tasking, especially if you are a new rider. However, it is necessary you don’t rush this process as choosing the best motorcycle gloves is what will determine if you will walk away from a crash without a single mark.

Your reason for getting the glove matter, but then there are several pointers to consider when choosing a motorcycle glove. We would break it down one at a time and help in the selection process.


Since riding can sometimes take a lot of time before the destination is covered, an important metric to consider when choosing a motorcycle glove is the gloves’ comfortability. How well the glove fits would determine the overall riding experience, and a glove that tampers with the comfortability would be a drawback. It is vital that before you purchase a motorcycle glove, regardless of the functionality and specs it offers, you should test it for comfort.

Factors such as how snug the gloves are and how well the liner is sewn should be considered. You have to consider how often you will use the gloves to determine if they would be a great option all year long, especially if you’re riding during the cold winter.

Riding with comfortable gear keeps you focused on the road and will prevent accidents. So it’s necessary, you settle for a glove that fits well and is made with great materials.


When choosing a motorcycle glove, another factor to consider is the manufacturing company’s features. Now you have to consider features such as the gloves’ protection level when deciding on your choice. Since one of the main features of a motorcycle is protection, you have to look out for the offered glove’s protection level. Carbon knuckles have become a mainstay for safety, so you may check how well it looks just for aesthetics.

Features such as the glove’s length also matter when choosing your motorcycle, as it has to fit with the overall fit of your motorcycle jack. You can also look out for the air vents on the motorcycle gloves as aeration, especially if you would be riding for long. You can also check for personalized features and specs each manufacturer offers. Once you get what you want when it comes to features, then you are good to go.

Design and Build

Buyers should also consider factors such as the build and design of the motorcycle glove when making a purchase. These factors play a vital role in the motorcycle glove’s longevity and how well it would serve its purpose—materials used in the build of the motorcycle glove matters. Looking at options such as leather and textile would play a vital role in your selection process.

These materials determine the quality and overall feel of the glove. The type of leather used in the production also matters in your choice, as leather strength differs. Now, is the design of the motorcycle chic or retro? Does the design fit perfectly with your whole ensemble? This and many more questions are supposed to be considered when making a choice.


When we talked about comfortability, we understand that size is a great determinant in your choice. If the gloves don’t fit well, then you might as well have gotten an unusable glove. An excellent motorcycle glove is expected to possess all the qualities mentioned above, but without the right size, you might as well waste your money.

Testing your motorcycle glove before purchasing isn’t a crime and should be practiced. Make sure you wear the glove and consider the fit and snugness that would make the experience worthwhile. Also, when motorcycle gloves are not well fitted or wrongly sized, then you might have the case of excess air entering your riding outfit through your arm.

Note: When determining the motorcycle glove’s snugness, it is vital to make sure that there isn’t excess material at the tip of your fingers. Also, the sleeves should be fitted and hold onto the wrist, as this ensures that the gloves remain in position when there is an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing a motorcycle glove without prior experience can be challenging, so you might have many questions that need answering. This section is targeted at answering questions that have to do with purchasing a motorcycle glove.

Why is the purpose of a motorcycle glove?

Motorcycle gloves play a vital role in the ensemble of a rider, as it plays the role of protective gear. Most times, because motorcycles go at very high speed, riders might sometimes be thrown off the vehicle. A motorcycle glove would stand as a protection between the rider’s palm, knuckle, and the asphalt. Also, gloves serve as protection against harsh weather conditions when riding. These motorcycle gloves mostly have insulators that would keep the rider warm and comfortable for the ride.

A motorcycle glove will also allow you to have a firm grip on your motorcycle even in the rain. The benefits of motorcycle gloves are extensive and must be owned by every rider.

What type of glove do I need?

Choosing the right motorcycle glove depends on specific metrics such as the purpose, weather conditions, and the preferred size. Most gloves encapsulate all the necessary properties for a motorcycle ride, but they might have slight differences.

Some gloves are best fitted for the cold season and should be worn only during such seasons due to the gloves’ heavy insulation. There are also motorcycle gloves that are short or long; these gloves are suited for different riding outfits, and you should always consider your outfits before choosing a glove.

The motorcycle gloves designed for high-intensity rides are usually well intended to feature specifications that would protect the riders in the case of a fall. The inclusion of features such as carbon fiber knuckle protection and palm sliders help protect the rider, and if you are undertaking such high-risk rides, then those types of gloves would be a great choice.

Also, ensure your motorcycle gloves are durable and long-lasting. This will prevent you from reaching into your pockets to buy another glove after every 6 months

Would buying a motorcycle glove increase the riding experience?

Manufacturers of motorcycle gloves keep trying to outdo themselves by coming up with designs that would increase the riding experience. Most gloves are designed to improve upon the riding experience, while others just serve the essential duty of protection.

Some gloves offer the option of touchscreen functionalities; others provide a waterproof membrane to keep the rider dry throughout the trip. The gloves are different in design; however, choosing a motorcycle glove that gives a great rider experience is essential.

Does an excellent fit matter in motorcycle gloves?

Of course, it does! Getting a motorcycle glove that fits is the best option for every rider; the gloves don’t get to fly off during a fall. Since a glove aims to protect the rider, a well-fitted glove would always stay on and protect the rider. Also, loosely fitted gloves will make riding uncomfortable and can cause riders to lose focus leading to accidents.

 Does the build leather matter?

The choice of leather material matters! You don’t want to buy a glove designed with low-quality material, do you? Although the choice of leather material depends on the rider’s convenience, it’s best to pick a glove made from durable material with a high abrasion level of the glove in case of a fall.


Motorcycle gloves are a great addition to complete riding gear, as they provide protection excellently. Their features and functionalities vary, but you can tell an excellent motorcycle glove by its material and protective features. This review looked at 11 motorcycle gloves and highlighted their features, pros, and cons. This guide would assist you in deciding on which motorcycle glove is best suited for you.