Best Motorcycle Backpacks for School – [ 8 Tops Picks! ]

motorcycle backpack for school

A motorcycle is an excellent way to get around if you want to commute, go to and from school, or go on a weekend-long ride. It’s inexpensive to own and maintain, making it cost-efficient for students who are in college.

If you are a student with a motorcycle, you need to make sure that your books, notebooks, laptop, and other gadgets are safe from the elements as you ride to and from school.

Are there any backpacks designed for motorcycle riding students? Yes, there are! In this article, you’ll learn what to look for in a motorcycle backpack for school and know our top 8 picks: 

  1. Alpinestars City Hunter Back Pack
  2. Kriega Max 28 Expandable Backpack
  3. Sedici Dry Bag Backpack
  4. Dainese D-Mach Backpack
  5. Icon Dreadnaught Backpack
  6. Alpinestars Charger Boost Backpack
  7. Alpinestars Tech Aero Backpack
  8. Nelson Rigg 20L Hurricane Waterproof Backpack / Tail Pack

Motorcycle Backpack For School – What to Look For

When buying a motorcycle backpack, there are certain things that you should be looking for:

1. Sturdy Construction

With an academic year lasting several months, the last thing you want is to have a bag that’s falling apart before the semester is over. You need to ensure that your backpack is sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of daily use and be tough enough for exposure to the elements. 

2. Waterproofing Quality

You can’t help but be caught in a sudden downpour being on a motorcycle. It’s better to prepare by bringing a raincoat all the time and a certified waterproof backpack that can particularly protect your laptop and other gadgets. 

3. Lightweight

Your books, notebooks, laptops, and gadgets are heavy, so you need to ensure that your backpack is lightweight, durable, and quality-made. 

4. Laptop Compartment

You need to find a bag with enough padding to protect your computer from impact (if you drop it by accident) or prevent it from getting wet (if you’re caught in a downpour).

5. Storage Space / Multiple Pockets

The more storage space, the better — this is especially important if you’re a student who has a lot of stuff to carry. A backpack with multiple pockets and compartments is ideal.

6. Visibility

Being on a motorcycle is a dangerous business. It is difficult for other vehicles to see you on the road, so every rider needs to be visible. Part of this is wearing brightly colored riding gear so other drivers can see you easily. If you have a backpack, it is the same. It’s highly recommended to have bright colors as it becomes part of your riding gear.

8 Backpack Choices for Motorcycle Riding Students

There are many motorcycle backpacks out there, but the options are pretty limited for this specific purpose. Here are some of the best motorcycle backpacks for school that you can buy today:

1. Alpinestars City Hunter Back Pack

Suppose you need a backpack that can accommodate your personal effects and electronics. In that case, the City Hunter by Alpinestars is an excellent choice.

It has a fleece-lined sleeve that can house a 15″ laptop and a dedicated pocket for your smartphone. It also has a concealed rain cover and an ultra-convenient helmet carrier, giving you a hassle-free walk around the campus. The City Hunter Backpack has a 25-liter capacity, a removable chest and waist strap, and it’s waterproof!

2. Kriega Max 28 Expandable Backpack

The Kriega Max 28 Expandable Backpack has 28 liters of storage, which means you can put your helmet inside it. Its three storage sections allow you to organize your personal effects and gadgets without hassle.

Besides your helmet, it can also accommodate a 15″ laptop, which is guaranteed to be dry no matter how heavy the rainfall is. It has an integrated waist and chest strap, and its expandable section uses a heavy-duty zipper closure. 

3. Sedici Dry Bag Backpack

This bag is ideal for every kind of ride, regardless of its adventure, and it’s packed full of riders’ features. The Sedici Dry Bag Backpack comes with a dual-layer tarp for the best wind and weather protection. It has a 25 or 40 L capacity, an integrated chest strap, waterproof, and a removable laptop compartment. 

4. Dainese D-Mach Backpack

As the name hints, the D-Mach Backpack is designed to be aerodynamic, allowing you to carry your stuff during a high-speed ride. It has a 22-liter capacity, can secure a 15″ laptop, waterproof, and features a chest and waist strap.

Its waterproofing feature includes a rain cover, zippered fleece-lined, personal electronics pocket, and hydration-ready. It is also equipped with a helmet-carrying system (via a carry strap). 

5. Icon Dreadnaught Backpack

Heavy rain is not a problem with the Icon Dreadnaught Backpack. It has a 20-liter capacity and can keep your 15″ laptop free from moisture because the top roll protects the main compartment. Its Magnetic Fidlock buckle makes using the Dreadnaught hassle-free. 

6. Alpinestars Charger Boost Backpack

With an adjustable harness and complete with a comfortable magnet closure, the Charger Boost Backpack makes for an ideal all-around backpack. It’s perfect for travels over short or long distances, thanks to its adjustable straps and lightweight.

This waterproof backpack is built for ultimate performance, equipped with a full-length rain cover, helmet carrier, and several pockets to hold all your gear. It has an 18-liter capacity and a dedicated laptop compartment, including a chest and waist strap. 

7. Alpinestars Tech Aero Backpack

Alpinestars designed the Tech Aero backpack specifically for the needs of motorcycle riders. It’s made of tough materials, includes several pockets for carrying items, and comes with a back protector. The Tech Aero bag is excellent for student commuters and weekend warriors alike.

Its native capacity is 16 liters, but it’s expandable to 26 liters. It includes a chest and waist strap, is waterproof, and has a dedicated laptop compartment. It has a waterproof fleece-lined audio pocket with a headphone exit port, heavy-duty reinforcement, YKK auto-locking zippers, a sternum map panel holder, and internal organizer pockets.

8. Nelson Rigg 20L Hurricane Waterproof Backpack / Tail Pack

Backpack-mode travel is the perfect style for traveling short distances, going on weekend trips, or if you need a bag for school. Lash your bike with the included straps, and you’re good to go. The waterproof SE-3020 Hurricane Bag will protect your gear against anything you can throw at it.

This roll-top bag from Nelson Rigg is fully kitted out with MOLLE webbing as well as multiple tie-down points. Therefore, it can be secured to the tail end of your bike. It’s super convenient because you don’t have to worry about trapped air when making a tight seal. The compression straps are adjustable to fit most hands and wrist sizes.

A 1L fuel bottle holster supports the transport of a fuel bottle and includes a convenient strap to fasten it to a motorcycle’s rear seat. If you’re looking for a durable bag perfect for your bike, you’ll love the Hurricane.

Final Words

If you’re after a quality, weather-proof motorcycle backpack that you can use to haul your stuff to school, you’ll never run out of options. Just make sure to remember the five characteristics of a good laptop bag. The eight backpacks mentioned above are highly recommended if you have difficulty choosing. 

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