Best Month to Buy a Motorcycle [Video + Price Factors]

what is the best month to buy a motorcycle

If you have saved enough cash to buy your first motorcycle or want to add another bike to your collection, you’ll surely want a great deal on your new bike! One of the best ways to get a motorcycle within your budget is to buy it in the best month. So when is the best month to strike and get a great discount on your new bike? This article will offer a comprehensive insight into the best month to buy your motorcycle!

Best Month to Buy a Motorcycle

The best month to buy a motorcycle falls within the off-season, between fall and winter. This season, from September, marks the end of motorcycle season. Therefore, motorcycles are not used frequently during this period since the riders are preparing for the upcoming winter season.

When to Buy From a Private Dealer

You can buy a motorcycle from a private dealer between September, October, November, and December. These cold months are the best times for buyers to buy a motorcycle from a private dealer.

When to Buy From a Dealership

To get the best motorcycle deals from a dealership, visit the store in February. At this time of the year, many dealers sell off the old motorcycles they have in store and are clearing out the previous year’s inventory. Since February is also the shortest month, it influences dealers to reduce their prices.

Factors That Influence the Price of a Motorcycle

There are several factors that influence the price of motorcycles. These are:

High Demand

A product in high demand will sell anytime and anywhere. For example, when a motorcycle is in high demand, the dealers know that they will sell regardless of the time or season. So there’s a possibility they won’t reduce the price.

Price of Gas

The price of gas influences the demand for motorcycles. When there is a price increase, people tend to opt for other cheaper means of transportation. During this period, motorcycles are the best alternatives. So do not buy your motorcycle when the cost of gas is high. However, you should know that increases in gas prices often occur in hot months. Gas prices always tend to go down during the cold months.

New Models

The prices of Motorcycles tend to reduce whenever new models come out. Take Harleys, for instance. So the month a new Harley Davidson model comes out becomes the best time to buy an old Harley Davidson model. In general, new motorcycle models are released by motorcycle brands in November.

High Cost of Living

One of the common factors that make motorcycle owners sell their bikes during the winter months is the high cost of living. There is a significant rise in utility bills in the cold seasons, and it has caused some motorcyclists. As a result, they go broke. Thus, they are forced to let go of their motorcycle at a reasonable price, enabling them to cover the cost of their bills.

Cost of Insurance

The cost of insurance is another factor to consider. In most areas, motorcyclists have to keep the insurance of their motorcycles all year round. So even in the period when they are not riding their motorcycle, they still have to keep up with insurance costs. Most motorcycle owners like to avoid paying for such during the winter when they can’t use their motorcycle, and the only way to cut down on insurance costs is to sell the motorcycle at a reduced price.

Resale Value

Another factor to consider is the resale value of the motorcycle. Most motorcyclists take into account the resale value in case they decide to sell their motorcycle in the future. Through this, they will get good value for their money.


With the daily increase in fuel price, more consumers prefer motorcycles for fuel economy. The motorcycle will determine its mileage too and also have an effect on the price. A smaller motorcycle with an excellent aerodynamic frame will generally have high mileage. The higher the mileage the more substantial work might be done on the engine and other moving parts. These may significantly affect the motorcycle price.


Once winter is approaching, most people without proper motorcycle storage believe it’s ideal to sell their motorcycle. Some people live in houses without a garage or driveway. It becomes difficult for such people to leave their motorcycles parked at their homes during the winter. The only option is to pay for motorcycle storage, where it will be safe throughout the winter season.

However, winterizing a motorcycle can be very costly, and so many individuals won’t be able to afford the price. Some people find a way to store their motorcycles in their homes, but it comes with significant costs. All these can make owning a motorcycle very costly. Some tend to save themselves the stress by selling their motorcycles at a reduced value.

Is There a Worst Month to Buy a Motorcycle?

While winter months are the off seasons, the warmer months are the peak seasons. The worst months to buy a motorcycle are April, May, June, and July, as these are the peak seasons. You’ll spend a lot of money to purchase a motorcycle within these months, so it’s best to wait till the off-seasons. It will help you save costs and, at the same time, get a motorcycle of your preference.

Final Thoughts

You can stand a good chance of getting a good deal on a motorcycle. You just need to know the exact period to go into the market! Motorcycle dealers are eager to sell their products in the off-season months. That’s when you can get the best deal on a motorcycle.

When the time is right, you can get a motorcycle at an affordable price. However, keep in mind that other factors also influence the price of a motorcycle. We hope this article has given you more insight as you plan to buy your new bike.

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