Best Leather Types For Motorcycle Jackets [Guide]

man riding motorcycle

Different factors help to decide on a smooth motorcycle ride. One of the factors to consider is jackets. These motorcycle jackets made of leather come with various distinguishing features and textures. When it comes to the best leather for motorcycle jackets, most riders would understand the need for an answer.
Without doubts, the most common apparel connected to riding a motorcycle is the leather jacket.

Not only do riders find it appealing, but non-riders also find it pleasing too. So much so that it made its round in the fashion trend at some point. Regardless of your ride, the best leather cruiser motorcycle jacket provide riders with enough versatility. The best leather jackets will also provide you with comfort and quality.

There is a need for a high-quality and durable leather jacket when it comes to riding motorcycles, as safety and protection are paramount while riding. Riders can achieve both protection and safety against the wind when they choose the best leather jacket.

What Should You Know About the Best Leather For Motorcycle Jackets?

The choice of leathers for motorcycle jackets can be narrowed down to each rider as they can be fashionable and protective at the same time. However, this leather can come from different sources, such as pure animal skin hides, with the most common one being cowhide. They can also come with a massive protective feature and can resist abrasions. Most of them come with armored protection coupled with durability to give riders a smooth ride experience.

With so many leathers on the market today, choosing the best leather may not be an easy task. But you don’t have to be bothered as this post will reveal the right and best leather to choose for motorcycle jackets. Moreover, these leathers are high-quality, protective, well-structured, fitting, and comfortable. They also include many other important factors to consider when choosing the best leather for motorcycle jackets.

The Best Leather For Motorcycle Jackets

As said earlier, motorcycle leather jackets can be fashionable and protective at the same time, depending on the choice of the rider. Leather jackets are also available as some best motorcycle rain jackets and have good waterproofing features. Some of the best leathers for motorcycle jackets will be covered in this article, such as cowhide, Bison, deerskin, goatskin, lambskin, and calfskin. You can choose based on the features and riding needs


Cowhide remains one of the best leathers for motorcycle jackets. Thanks to its impregnable feature; that is, it cannot be damaged as well as resist passage. Cowhide leathers are thick and strong. They also have durability, making them one of the most sought-after and widely used. Even since the 1920s, many riders have chosen the cowhide as their choice of leather for motorcycle jackets. It can resist spec of dirt and water, providing wearers maximum protection against all types of weather. When riders out on a jacket made of this leather, it feels like having a second skin.


Just like the earlier discussed cowhide, Bison leather shares the same characteristics. They are a very strong, durable, and excellent choice of material for many people when it comes to motorcycle jackets. However, Bison has a distinctive feature that makes it different from cowhide. Bison has pebbled grain, lending a rugged beauty to other jackets made of leather. Bison leather has been too choice for many riders, including artisans, as it comes with a distinctive appearance and strength.


The deerskin comes with the same durability and strength just as it is with cowhide leather. However, it comes softer and provides a lighter feeling. It is supple and smooth. Apart from being a commonly used leather for motorcycle jackets, both men and women also use it for coats, handbags, gloves, and other wearables. Deerskin leather jackets provide maximum confirmation to wear. It contours to the wearers’ form as it becomes softer each time you wear it.


The goatskin is a popular leather used by different people. Notably, the goatskin is a common leather among the US Navy and Air Force. They use goatskin for their G-1 and A-2 aviator jackets as a result of its softness and lightness, even more than the cowhide leather. It comes with top durability too. The goatskin comes smooth and supple, just like the deerskin. Wearers can feel like old favorites the first time wearing them. Thanks to its characteristics of pebble grain.


The lambskin is another great leather used for motorcycle jackets. The more you use it, the softer it becomes. Its lightweight and extreme smoothness make it a better choice for riders. However, it is much thinner when compared to other leathers, including the cowhide leather as well as providing wearers a flattering drape. You will certainly see different wearables in the market, such as jackets, high-end furnishings, and shoes carved from the lambskin. This is why many riders prefer it to any other motorcycle leather jacket.


Last but not least on the list of the best leather for motorcycle jackets is calfskin. Leathers carved from this skin come with high durability and reliable strength. It shares the same strength and durability as the cowhide. It comes with a soft feeling for wearers and offers them a lightweight feeling even when dashing along with the wind. However, the calfskin has more thickness and heavyweight than the lambskin leather. Calfskin is at once supple and smooth. Calfskin is a superb thick line and balance for those who are enthusiastic about wearing both fashionable and functional leather jackets.


Racing on a motorcycle requires having the right safety tools. And one of them is a leather jacket. Good leather motorcycle jackets will stand the test of time, providing wearers with durability and wind resistance, and are also good budget motorcycle jackets for the riders. It is also a great fashion choice. However, choosing the best ones can be difficult since they are many in the market with various pros and cons. The above leather men’s and women motorcycle jackets will not just guarantee a safe ride but also provide you with the best feeling and experience, ranging from lightweight to smooth.