Are Motorcycles Automatic? – [ These New Ones Are ]

why arent motorcycles automatic

Why aren’t motorcycles automatic? This question would’ve gotten several answers if asked about a decade ago. However, today, automatic motorcycles do exist yes. They just aren’t popular. Compared to manual motorcycles, automatic motorcycles contain inbuilt gear-changing systems that change the gears without the rider’s assistance. Of course, just like manual motorcycles, they also have pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of an Automatic Motorcycle

The Pros of an Automatic Bike

  • It enables riders to focus on the road since the gears function independently.
  • It makes it easy and comfortable for an individual who wants to learn how to ride. It also helps individuals in obtaining a rider license faster.
  • The automatic inbuilt gear changing system makes it impossible for an automatic motorcycle to stall.
  • Automatic motorcycles stop faster than manual motorcycles.
  • In case of a traffic jam, an automatic motorcycle is the best mode of transportation.

The Cons of an Automatic Motorcycle

  • An automatic motorcycle is heavier and more dangerous if it falls on an individual.
  • An automatic motorcycle consumes more fuel than a manual motorcycle.
  • Automatic motorcycles are expensive, from the parts down to the pedals.
  • Maintaining an automatic motorcycle is more expensive compared to a manual bike.

How Do Automatic Motorcycles Work?

All manual or automatic motorcycles contain parts and controls to enable functioning. This control includes:

The Throttle

This is used to control the engine speed. It is situated on the right-hand side of the handlebar. Both automatic and manual motorcycles use this control.

The Front Brake Lever

It is located on the right-hand side of the handlebar, just in front of the throttle. It is used to activate the front brake.

The Rear Brake Lever

This is located in front of the right side foot near the right foot position. It is used to activate the rear brake of the bike.

The Clutch Lever

The clutch lever is located on the left side of the handlebar. The clutch lever is used for the operation of the clutch.

The Shift Lever

This is located on the left foot position, just in front of the left side foot. It is used for shifting.

Riding an Automatic Motorcycle

To ride an automatic motorcycle, first put the key in and press the ‘ON’ button. Then, you kick up the kick-stand with your left foot. To ignite, hold both brake levers with your right and left hands and press the starter button to start the engine.

Release the brakes and accelerate steadily by slowly turning the gas handle. Immediately when movement commences, place your foot on the bike. Since it’s an automatic motorcycle, turning won’t be a problem. The front brake is more efficient for stopping.

Types of Automatic Motorcycles

Although very much alike, automatic motorcycles can be classified into three different types. They are:

1. Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles get power from the electric motor built inside the bike. This is a recent type of motorcycle that has proven quite beneficial to its riders. It’s rechargeable, so you don’t have to refuel with gasoline. Electric motorcycles accelerate fast and need no shifting. This is what makes them easy to maintain.

2. Sports Bikes

A sports bike is a type of motorcycle primarily built for performance. It is mainly made from aluminum and steel. And its braking system is very durable. It is also one of the fastest types of motorcycles that are legal.

There are many benefits you get when purchasing a sports motorbike. They have high speed — they accelerate fast and can be easily maneuvered. One disadvantage of this bike is that it’s not as safe and comfortable as others. However, if you want that thrill or rush of excitement, it’s for you.

3. Touring Motorcycles

Touring motorcycles have large displacement fairings and windshields. They offer a high degree of wind and weather safety. Their engines have a great deal of low-end horsepower. These motorcycles also have large capacity fuel tanks for long ranges between fill-ups and, above all — a comfortable seating position.

Touring motorcycles are heavier than sportbikes and enhance a smoother ride. This type of motorcycle has a storage place where riders can keep items. Touring motorcycles are mainly for individuals seeking a comfortable daily bike that can go long distances. A touring motorcycle is considered the best when going on a long ride.

Why Are Automatic Motorcycles Not Popular?

Automatic motorcycles exist, but why aren’t they popular today? There are three main reasons why automatic motorcycles aren’t popular. The reasons are speed, their high price, and the weight of their gearbox.

1. Speed

There is more powerful and effective acceleration with manual transmission than with an automatic bike. This is one of the significant reasons why automatic motorcycles are not popular — the speed is not as high as that of a manual transmission motorcycle. However, with the arrival of high-tech automatic motorcycles that can make exact gear shifts, this reason will soon fade away.

2. High Price

Automatic transmission motorcycles can be very costly. The reason is that they are advanced in technology, and everything about them tends to be unique and very conducive for human use. As demand for automatic transmission motorcycles increases, the price will eventually become standard.

3. Weight of Gearbox

This is one of the reasons why most people would rather have a manual bike. The automatic transmission motorcycle has a gearbox placed on the bike, making it slower than its manual counterpart. This weight also makes it hard to maneuver. Newer automatic motorcycle models are creatively reducing the weight of the gearbox. Therefore, this reason may soon be forgotten.

What Is the Cost of an Automatic Motorcycle?

Automatic motorcycles are good but very costly. When purchasing an automatic bike, you should know its price range before proceeding. Most automatic transmission motorcycles are up for purchase, starting from $1,500. They also sell as high as $3,500, depending on the manufacturer.


Automatic transmission motorcycles are advanced in technology and are the future of automotive travel and electric motorcycles. The main reason most people prefer manual transmission to automatic transmission motorcycles is the high price of the bike. But despite their price, they help reduce a lot of stress for the rider.

This motorcycle can be pretty pricey today, but surely, it will be easy to get very soon at affordable prices. So, next time someone asks you why there aren’t automatic motorcycles, you know what to say. We hope this article was quite helpful to you.