Are Triumph Motorcycles Reliable? Is It Worth Owning One

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Triumphs are known for their reliability and quality, but can they survive the rigors of daily commuting?

A triumph motorcycle is a unique type of motorbike. Triumph motorcycles are characterized by the following: they’re affordable, easy to ride, and known for being very good-looking. But what about reliability? This article will determine whether a triumph motorcycle is a reliable or unreliable motorcycle brand.

Triumph – A History

Triumph is a British motorcycle company established in 1983 but built on top of the long history of Triumph Engineering Company that dates back to 1884. A brand steeped in tradition, it’s easy to trace a direct line from vintage Triumph motorcycles to some models still in the lineup today.

Motorcycle manufacturers have to worry about their products’ overall reliability. The Consumer Reports study of over 11,000 motorcyclists evaluated the overall reliability of over 12,000 new motorcycles between 2008 and 2014.

Triumph scored seventh on the reliability survey in the J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Vehicle Dependability Study. While Triumph couldn’t compete with the Japanese manufacturers for reliability, they did perform better than Ducati, BMW, and Can-Am.

Triumph motorcycles are suitable for several reasons: their unique style, the security of their reliability, their smooth handling, rider comfort, worldwide dealership support, and an all-star engineering and design team.

You get true riding satisfaction from a Triumph bike. It’s an excellent value because it will have good resale value.

Why Triumph Bikes Are Good

Triumph bikes are expensive, but there’s a reason they’re considered good bikes. They offer features that most other brands don’t at an attractive price.

Triumph motorcycles are built to last, but that doesn’t mean they’re just a rehash of old ideas. They’re crafted with new engineering, better materials, and models. That allows for a vast spectrum of capabilities and styles, from the entry-level to the performance beasts.

Triumph motorcycles are very customizable. They have the OEM parts themselves for custom and upgrade builds.

You can see a lot of Triumphs on these bikes. From the engine to the bodywork, the tins to the chrome, these bikes scream Triumph.

Other reasons why Triumph Motorcycles are good

There exists a global demand for clean machines. As a response, Triumph has several plants in Brazil, Thailand, and the U.K. This expansion allowed the brand to spread the production workload, emphasizing quality assurance. At the same time, the home base in the U.K. focuses on R&D. 

Thanks to intense research and development programs and the brand’s attention to mechanical and aesthetic detail, Triumph’s products are among the most reliable.

Triumph adaptability is different than any brand out there. Their range of designs covers every type of bike I can think of. They’ve discovered a way to incorporate their unique engine design into whatever power package that matches their ardent followers’ desires, from cafe racers to cruisers, tourers, adventure bikes, sportbikes, etc.

The Triumph brand made true modern classics. The name “modern classic” was used to describe something similar to a classic but isn’t. Today, the term refers to vintage cafe racers. In particular, Triumph makes true modern classics.

All Triumph bikes are built with a variety of customized components. They’re designed to give you plenty of options for making a bike look and ride how you want it to.

Triumphs Have a Higher Resale Value

Triumph motorcycles are in great demand today because of their technology and performance. They may not have as many riders as other brands, but they hold their value well. Their style, feel, and agility haven’t changed much since the 60s and 70s. 

Whereas other brands have been struggling to find a way to keep up with trends, Triumph has been able to stick to their guns and do things their own way.

The Triumph brand is an icon for adventure bikes. They have a reputation for excellent handling, agility, and style. Their unique designs have helped to keep them going strong for decades. They are great for riding, but they’re also great for resale value.

The name Triumph means a lot to people. It’s a part of the British heritage.

A Triumph motorcycle is generally categorized into four:

  • Roadsters and Supersports
  • Adventure
  • Modern Classics
  • Rocket 3

At $22,500, the Rocket 3 is the most expensive model, while the most affordable model is the 2021 New Trident 660, priced at $8,195. 

Depreciation Value

It’s interesting to note that a Triumph motorcycle’s depreciation value is similar. So similar, in fact, that you can tell what it is year on year. It’s a little over 19% lesser than its original selling price.  Here’s a quick table:

 Model SRPResale Value
Triumph Street Triple8,8897,119

By the second year, the value drops again by 25 to 29 percent, and this will continue year on year with a 4 to 9 percent reduction rate. 

What breaks down first?

The most commonly broken component on many Triumphs is the clutch cable, which interferes with the integrity of the wiring harnesses. For this reason, the clutch cable needs to be serviced after 500 miles and then every year at least once, or every 6,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Another component of the motorcycle that deserves additional attention is the brake pads. Many older Triumphs are still equipped with only front brakes. These brakes are notorious for needing a firm squeeze to get the best results. For this reason, it is always best to replace these old and worn-out brakes before they cause more damage. It’s a bad idea to let brake pads run as low as you might.

Is a Triumph motorcycle worth it?

Triumph motorcycles are reliable enough to carry you over 100,000 miles of travel in your lifetime. Of course, for a bike to bring you to this milestone, you need to maintain it. Maintenance is the key to ensuring that your Triumph, or any vehicle, gives you a long-lasting service. 

Besides, a Triumph motorcycle can be a great value, but you can’t really put a price on peace of mind.


Triumph motorcycles have a history of reliability and style. They are great to ride, and they are also great for resale value. They are one of the most affordable, reliable motorcycles out there. 

So if you are looking for a reliable motorcycle that won’t break the bank, then the Triumph motorcycle is the one for you.